Monday, January 05, 2009

JV-TV: Vokal camp comes out swinging

The Jim Vokal for Mayor campaign is on the air.

First, lets hit the two ads that Vokal is releasing today.

They start with an intro spot called, "Pretty Face". This is apparently in reference to the GQ features that Vokal was born with (har har). Take a look.

We don't mind these intro pieces, as Vokal does need to say hello to voters who don't know him yet. But we're not crazy about the idea of using his wife for the entire ad (and the corny, "Whoops, I was just getting myself some coffee, were you filming an ad?"). Who are we voting for here, Jim or Mrs. Vokal? (In the end, it's probably fine...)

The second ad is entitled "29", which is meant to represent the twenty-nine known gangs in Omaha. See it here:

This piece is really more about the message it sends than the content. (As, for one thing, it's very difficult to read the graphics at the beginning anyway.)

The Vokal campaign, and likely the others as well, know that the violence is one of the top, if not the number one issue on the minds of Omahans. The ad lets them know that Vokal is on top of it and that he's a serious candidate, right out of the box.


Of course the other fact is that Vokal is now the first candidate to hit the airwaves, and gets to have his initial message dominate the campaign -- with the Primary less than 100 days away.

And who does the Vokal camp hit here as well? Hal Daub of course.

In a release this morning, Vokal campaign manager Jordan McGrain, said:

"There have actually been fewer homicides these past six years than the six years Hal Daub was mayor. Hal had his chance to control the violence and didn’t get the job done. Jim Vokal will bring the fresh ideas and new perspective needed to get results.”

With "Vokal" adding:

“I respect Hal Daub and his contributions to Omaha, but his crime plan is eight years too late. It’s time for him to step aside and give a new mayor the chance to lead.”

And you were wondering if any punches were going to be pulled?

You will remember Vokal's manager McGrain as Attorney General Jon Bruning's campaign manager for Bruning's brief Senate run (and as our GOP convention correspondent). McGrain didn't have any problems pounding Mike Johanns back then and doesn't have any problem tossing hay makers at Daub now.

And this comes on the day that Daub will be introducing his own crime plan to the city (at 9:30 this Monday morning).

Daub may even have a more detailed plan, but will it get lost in Vokal's media campaign?

We wait to find out.


By the way, as you can see by the opening credits to the ads (which were forwarded to us by the Vokal campaign), the spot was produced by the ad firm Dresner Wickers.

They were the firm that Jon Bruning used for his Senate campaign intro ad (see it here) as well as the firm used by Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee -- with the famous Chuck Norris ad here.

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3rd floor watcher said...

Ok Tully Sylvallus....where were you over the last 8 years????? If you remember your history it was Hal Daub that ran the Murder Town Crips out Omaha and effectively tackled the graffitti problem here in Omaha. Oh its nice to see Vokal's lapdog yipping like a toy poodle trashing Republicans once again. The truth of the matter is Hal has the Republican base locked and proof is the Vokal camp going negative on Hal right out of the gate. Word on the street is Vokal has had donors already asking for their money back!!! Also Vokal's PR boys in San Franciso did a wonderful job for Norm Coleman, I can't wait to see more of their work here.

Go Hal Go! said...

Hey Jordan: If Jim Vokal is so "fresh" why then are you using a logo that is obviously just a blatant rip-off from Barack Obama?

Really, Maverick must have one heck of a creative wing if the best you all can come up with is a copy-cat logo.

Anonymous said...

Jim has had plenty of time to introduce this plan while he was a councilman! Why now? Oh yeah, he is running for higher office.

I'm not going to vote for him because all he is doing is playing politics with crime, children and this city.

Anonymous said...

All Jim has done is talk. No specifics. Hal has issued specific and obtainable goals to reduce crime.

Difference - Jim Vokal talks about the problems, Hal Daub charges forward with plans and ideas.

I would rather have a Mayor who works rather than talks and all Vokal has done is talk. No specifics, nothing. Hell you can't even get anything of substance off his website.

I'm voting Daub and from talking to others in my neighborhood, they are voting for Hal also.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. Hal Daub all the way.

Anonymous said...

Is Jim Vokal running for office or his wife?

Tom Becka said...

When the city council (meaning Frank Brown) wanted me to apologize for the discover north Omaha parody, a number of north O residents showed up for the meeting.

They all said variations of the same thing... " I may not like the way he said it, but he's right. Something needs to be done about the violence."

Vokal chose to ignore the people living with the random gunfire and the gang violence and played politics. He voted with Brown.

That was over 2 years ago. Has he presented anything to the council since then to try to stop the crime? Has he done anything to respond to the citizens who asked the council for help?

Not that I can recall.

For the record. Not one person came to the meeting to say that Vokal and Brown and co. should vote the way they did.

OmaSteak said...

Both Daub and Vokal were on KFAB this morning to talk about violent crime. Daub on-point and on-message. Vokal stumbling and bumbling as usual. Most memorable Vokal quote, "The mayor drives crime in Omaha." in reference to his lack of leadership over the past 8 years on the city council. Daub's idea of using city taxpayers money to fund private nonprofit groups in North O is ridiculous. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer money (local, state, federal) have been wasted in programs that are/were supposed to reduce/eliminate poverty. Here's a novel idea, let's stop supporting poverty altogether. No foodstamps, no ADC, no welfare, no section 8 housing, etc. Then cut taxes and let private citizens contribute their own money to those organizations which they think deserve support based upon results. As far a violent crime in Omaha goes, why won't one of these lame candidates for mayor make point #1 elimination of gangs by making constant police targets of known gang members???

Anonymous said...

What a great commercial. I'm voting for Liz Vokal!!!

RJR said...

Wow. Hal Daub's followers are out in force today with their entire campaign staff commenting. Brinker -did you write all these yourself? Jimmy - you seem to have hit a nerve at the Daub camp. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

wow anon 5:16 aka Hal's Staff

When you try to write pro candidate comments at least try to make it look like they were not fabricated by the campaign itself. Going with the old guard in Republican Politics has gotten us no where. It is time to put people in office that will not tarnish the republican name!

brinker said...

I may read these, but I don't write them.

3rd floor watcher said...

I'm not a staffer either!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a woman there is nothing pretty about Jim Vokal's face.

Anonymous said...

This is the third party guy/ban cigs/tax trans-fat/Ron Paul/crazy deranged flag and sign guy.

Does anyone know if the citizens of Omaha want to cover up gang graffiti or to "tag" the graffiti in a way that spurs a gang war so gangsters will kill each other out?

Do you think Omahans would appreciate a crazy deranged madman mayor that would encourange/entice/egg on gangs to kill each other???

Anonymous said...

The more I see and listen to Vokal and the response he gets from the public when he opens his mouth, the more I think HE couldn't possibly believe he could ever be elected. Does he have some other ulterior motive in his run for mayor? My God, if this man wins, we will know for sure the elections were fraudulent!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Liz Vokal not Jim Vokal. She wears the pants in the family.