Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Happy Winter everyone.

We start your frozen day with a Separated at Birth dilemma. What to do about Councilman and Mayoral candidate Jim Vokal?

Well, we scoured the internets and found a couple likenesses. As was the case with fellow chrome-domer, Pete Ricketts, we immediately went the Lex Luthor route, and discovered...

Jim Vokal and Lex Luthor in Smallville, Michael Rosenbaum:

But Rosenabaum didn't have the Vokal eyes, so we then found...
Jim Vokal and wide-eyed actor J.P. Manoux...

But Manoux's noggin didn't quite work. So we took the only logical route...

Jim Vokal and Rosenbaum/Manoux!


Lots of back and forth regarding the aforementioned Vokal's proposals lately. His police auditor plan is getting reviewed by many (and who made the UNO prof auditor queen-bee?).

And then there is his fairly extensive plan for the city budget.

Now putting out such a detailed document is a fairly risky political move. On the one hand you can be seen as a go-getter and planner for the city. On the other hand, you're setting out all of your specific proposals for specific criticism. But, that comes with the territory.

So we found Councilman and also Mayor candidate Jim Suttle's reaction very...curious:
I think it is out of place we have one Mayor and we have to re-enforce what the Mayor is going so the council needs be in lockstep with the Mayor and let him and his department heads do their jobs. (emphasis added)
So let us get this straight: Suttle doesn't think a City Councilman should make suggestions on how his constituents' tax dollars should be spent? What is he, a potted plant? Suttle thinks he should just sit back and go along with whatever the Mayor says? Really???

Well then look for Councilman Kookypants to propose, along with his Papal Toboggan run, eliminating the City Council all together. If they're just going to be in "lock-step" with the Mayor, why bother giving them seats in the first place? 

We know!  Convert the council chambers to a warming shed for those chilly tobogganers. (There's an idea! It doesn't have to make any sense! It's an IDEA!)


And finally we see that former Nebraskan, New Yorker Cosmic Bob Kerrey is making even more news.

After the no-confidence vote from his faculty at the New School University in Greenwich Village, Kerrey decided to take the bull by the horns and...start a blog.

No, really.

You see, that's what all those crazy-kids are into these days -- web logging, Face Booking, Twittering -- you know, internet stuff.

And his first post was entitled, "My First Post". (Why didn't WE think of that!)

But aside from all that, what really cracked us up is the aggressive use by Kerrey of his University title -- "President".

"Blogging with President Bob Kerrey"
"President Kerrey invites you to share your thoughts on the topic of the day"

My, Bob sure is an "Executive". Is he also "Commander in Chief" of the campus police force? Will he be doing fire-side blogging? Does he ride to work on "Subway One"?

(To get another view on the toned down use of titles, note those at Nebraska and Creighton.)

We all remember Kerrey's run for President of the United States. Obviously, it wasn't really the Oval Office that he wanted. He just wanted the stationery.

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Anonymous said...

You missed the obvious one -- Vokal is Mr. Potato Head.

OmaSteak said...

Spacecadet Suttle is so over-the-top in his efforts trying to lay claim to any Fahey legacy I'm left wondering if the Mayor breaks wind do Suttle's ears flap in the breeze???

Anonymous said...

SS, aren't campaigns about exchaning ideas. If so, why aren't Sam Walker's comments about Jimmy's auditor plan appropriate? He may not be the "Quenn Bee", but he is certainly could be considered an authority on criminal justice. Besides, I am not sure that you have to be a "Queen Bee" to understand that there is a rather obvious conflict of interest to have the position housed in the City's Law Department. Afterall, the City's Law Department would be responsible to represent Fire and Police personnel.

Street Sweeper said...

I don't have any problem with Walker's comments -- only that his are being addressed with a sort of "Here is the Verdict from The Impartial Expert" emphasis.

Not to mention, it's not really a "criminal justice" question. I would agree with you -- you DON'T need to be a criminal justice expert to see who the Auditor's boss would be, and the implications therein, if there are any. So let's hear from others.

I find it to be, let's say, incomplete reporting, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Vokal looks like the charachter actor Willie Garson.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I just read through President Kerry's blog and the comments left there. I actually feel sorry for the guy. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

If you want a separated at birth for Jim Vokal, go search the interwebs for an author named Seth Godin.

Anonymous said...

Suttle is starting to lose more and more of my support. I'm a life-long Omahan and proud Democrat.

William said...

Sign guy for mayor! .....because he wants to ban cigs. Smokers won't visit.....but the millions will.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I have young kids, but I think the most obvious comparison is Squidward.

As far as Suttle goes, he needs to dye the hair he has left a bright red so his appearance matches the clown that he is. Then, when he suggests things like having Budha on a saucer sled at the stadium, we know to just smile and pat him on the head.

Anonymous said...

Michael Stipe

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bob Kerry, you forgot to mention that he can look out over the water and practically see New Jersey!

Anonymous said...

Why all the wasted time and space about Vokal's looks? It doesn't really matter. What matters is his intelligence (maybe a collegedegree but no street smarts or common sense) and his ability to serve the public (hasn't done that). I guess what it really comes down to is this guy has nothing going for him.

Street Sweeper said...

What does Vokal have going for him? I would say mainly that he has the brains and political acumen to be be the next Mayor.

As far as the discussion of Vokal's looks... we here on L. St. like to have a chuckle once in a while via the Separated at Birth genre.

Lighten up, Francis.

Anonymous said...

You've got to me kidding! Let's talk about stuff that matters: SNOW REMOVAL. Jim Vokal wants to cut the snow removal budget. Have you seen the crap job they've done on the roads? Please. Let's elect someone who will get the snow out of here not someone who will cut the snow removal budget.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you talked to Jim Vokal, or listen to him talk? Brains he doesn't have - that's painfully obvious.

3rd floor watcher said...

Does anyone really think Jim Vokal has what it takes to lead this city through tough financial times!!!! Hal Daub knows how the city works and can properly balance a city budget without selling out the taxpayers down the road. All Jim Vokal did was play a shell game with the debt for 7 years and prays no one knows what the final bill is until he is elected. Question for the Vokal camp: How are you going to pay for all of the deffered maintenance and debt payments over the next 4 years??? The silence is deafening

Anonymous said...

"Release the hounds, Smithers!" Jimmy Suttle is Mr. Burns from the Simpsons!