Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the Old...

Where will we be in 2009 without Scott Kleeb to SAB around?
Well, in any case, we have one last Separated at Birth for Mr. Kleeb sent in by a reader...

Post-losing-election, salt-and-pepper bearded Kleeb and post-losing-election, salt-and-pepper bearded AlGore.


We have heard from outgoing Omaha City Council President Dan Welch, and it doesn't sound like there is going to be any announcement today -- despite his repeated statements that he would announce his decision on a Mayoral run by the end of the year.

But he still has a few hours left.

We've been informed that he has been talking to a prospective, and well-known, campaign manager. We've been told that he has an organization ready to roll if he pulls the trigger. And we've been told that he'll have enough cash pledged to jump in the race.

And in Joe Jordan's recent report, Welch stated that "voters tell him they're not happy with the three who are running".

Sounds like a campaign to us.  But there are still plenty of factors to keep him out -- the biggest being: Can he beat the other three?

Looks like we'll have to wait until next year to find out...


The Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year will be up around 11:00 am (CST) today.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

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3rd floor watcher said...

Welch hiring a Lincolnite with a losing record will only help Hal Daub. Hal has secured the republican base and Jim and Dan can chase after the scraps. Is anyone Bowling with Blumenthal and Vokal

Anonymous said...

To Jon Blumenthal and Jim Vokal: Bowling for Dollars on New Years may raise a 100 bucks. What campaign genius thought that one up???

Moral Majority said...

Well you see, Mike, this guy comes up and hands me a cool G in an envelope, and see, I know who he is, but it wasn't really his money see, and well I just put fifty dollar donations in the names of the Musketeers and Boys to Men and you see..............

Just when I thought Iron Mike and his staff didn't have the brass to make it, they surprised me and proved they do belong in DC after all.

Jerry Odom said...

Old with the Old how fitting..

It is time for new ideas, a new way of doing things; it is our time to change the tide. WE DESERVE BETTER. It is time for government to adapt to the will of the people; it is time for a different way. It is our time to realize that we can not continue to repeat history over and over again and we must break the cycle, I offer a new era of common sense leadership. A vote for Jerry Odom is a vote for real change. A vote for Jerry Odom says we will no longer stand idle by again and let this happen any longer. It is time to realize that we are better together and united we will stand. To solve these problems.