Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MJ TV: Been locked out

New Mike Johanns ad, called "Time for Action" up. See it here:

OK, we gotta be brutally honest. The second part of the ad is fine --
 Johanns has the experience of addressing economic issues and has a record of working across party lines. We're good with that.

It's the first part that made us go, "Huh?".

Johanns grabs a lock on a gate and says, 
"This is what's wrong with the economic policy we've got. It doesn't stand up for working men and women."
So...the policy is a gate and the policy is locked?
The policy is a lock and it's not standing?
There are too many chains on the policy?

OK, apparently the deal is that he is standing in front of a closed business.
It is not the side of a school. Or a prison.
So...the economic policies cause businesses to close and that's bad for working people.

In any case, the words and the images or the analogy or whatever don't exactly work here.

And who else expected him to get one of those giant bolt cutters and cut right through the lock at the end? Huh? Show of hands? OK, that wouldn't exactly be Johanns's style for an ad, but you could see it happening right? (Though people might then be asking why he broke open the school -- I mean closed business -- fence, but I digress...)

But we were fine with the rest of the ad, so there ya go.


But hey, is that Derek Jeter that Johanns is walking with in the spot?
Jeet supports Mike? Well, I'll be...

(At least it's not A-Rod....)


With the Senate vote on the bank bailout coming, Johanns, and presumably Kleeb, will be asked their positions on the vote.

We said on the House vote that Kleeb said he would have voted "No". But that wasn't crystal clear in his statement. He didn't like some provisions but still said something needed to be done. But he never really was nailed down on his position. (Imagine that!)

We will see if the press gets him to a position, beyond "present", this time.


And Nebraska's current Senators have both said that they will vote "Yes" on the Senate's version of the bailout bill.

According to the OWH:
Senator Chuck Hagel said, he understands why Americans are upset about bailing out Wall Street and called on the country's political leaders to do a better job explaining the situation.
Yeah, the country's leaders should do a better job. Like, they should find someone, maybe from the Senate Banking Committee, to step up and do it.

(Cheap shot!)

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Anonymous said...

Whats with the staring off into space with a spacy look on his face at the end, and then turning to the camera with the same blank expression. It's official. He's a robot, which means he has masters controlling him.

Chainlink Man said...

Sweeper: Be careful about making fun of a Republican, especially Johanns. You'll get run out of Nebraska on Warren buffets railroad line.

I still didn't figure out what he was trying to say. Didn't the dumbass review the commercial before "I approved this message".

Chainlink Man said...

Sorry about not capitalizing Buffet & adding the 's. I was laughing so hard at that ad that I lost concentration.

Anonymous said...

He just lost the Palin vote with this ad. NO woman wants to hear Mike Johanns tell them it's "time for action."


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I can't stomach voting for either Johanns OR Kleeb. That's going to have to be a race I either leave blank or write in my dad's name or something.

Anonymous said...

Look at 4:31! Pete Ricketts kid is already posting on Leavenworth Street!

Anonymous said...

Looking at Obamas and McCains polling is it time for the Republicans to panic yet?
Is is time for an "October Surprise?. Knowing that the right wing Republicans will do anything to deny Obamas victory?
Will the landslide take Terry and Johanns down also?
We can only hope.

Ricky From Omaha

macdaddy said...

That ad was atrocious, but you know what? I bet it appeals quite well to a large segment of Nebraska. And that particular segment happens to vote in large numbers.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but is there such thing as a Kleeb yard sign?

Eric said...

Can I assume we'll be getting a post today on Lee "The Kite" Terry and Fortenberry's necktie?

Anonymous said...

Hey Pot, it's me Kettle and that had better not have been an antisemetic remark!

Anonymous said...

Huh? Explain "The Kite" and Fort's necktie please.

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric said...

You guys don't know what a kite is? OK, I'll give you the lead from Wikipedia, but you should really learn to use the internets yourself.

"A kite is a flying tethered object that depends upon the tension of a tethering system. The necessary lift that makes the kite wing fly is generated when air (or in some cases water) flows over and under the kite's wing, producing low pressure above the wing and high pressure below it. This deflection also generates horizontal drag along the direction of the wind." In this case, it's a political wind.

And, last I checked, Lee Terry is not Jewish nor does "kite" have any antisemetic meaning that I'm aware of. I'm fairly certain you're thinking of another word entirely. Again, ask a teenager to show you how to use Google.

And, if you want to know about Fortenberry's necktie, go read the Omaha World Herald. I'm not sure that it made the print edition today, but given your track record, I'm reluctant to suggest the electronic version.

Now, don't you have some Scientologists to harass?

Anonymous said...

Eric, okay, okay....all you had to do was tell us to read Now I get what you were saying. Thanks.

In the article about Terry, when he says he might vote for the bill now because "his demands have been met." HIS demands??? Puh-leeze. He sure thinks he's pretty important out there in DC, huh? Newsflash Lee: Nobody is listening to you. No one cares what you have to say about any of this! You've already told everybody you don't know what's going on because you don't have a crystal ball. Why don't you stick with that instead of trying to act like you're making demands.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it is an entirely different word. I wish I could find all those dumb kids I went to school with and tell them that they had it wrong all those years ago.

As for Terry, it seems that he has said that Monday's Bill was a terrible Bill that was too expensive and had no support from 90% of his Constituents. The new Bill implements actions that Terry told the WH that he wanted to see in a new Bill that he may be able to support. Two of the actions the SEC could implement without costing the taxpayers a dime, why didn't they do it until the $700 billion went down the drain? The FDIC increases have passed the House 6 times, why didn't the Senate want them until now? Another one of the demands is that there is a committee review of SEC and FED actions. I refer back to, why didn't the SEC act before the House demanded them to. Is it that a ton of money from the government was easier to get than admitting you implemented a failed policy that has crippled businesses big and small from attaining working lines of credit?

In hindsight, I guess Cox figured the money wasn't going to be easier to get!