Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The worst years of his life

Scott Kleeb has a new TV spot out (at least on YouTube).
It's called, "4 years in 30 seconds".
Take a look.

A few things on this struck us immediately.
First, this tells us that Kleeb is low on cash. Not much was spent on this generic slideshow with some random song.

Completely impersonal. Nothing about Kleeb. Nothing about Mike Johanns. Nothing about Nebraska.

Just a muddled generic ad that will probably be used in a bunch of other Democratic campaigns around the country -- but this one with Kleeb's ten gallon sombrero at the end..

(Our favorite image was of the dictionary definition of "debt". It reminded us of the time Homer Simpson was working on marketing the bowling alley, and he had to look up "marketing" in the dictionary...)

(Man, if you have to look it up, you ARE in trouble...)

The next thing that struck us is, Wow, Scott kleeb certainly must live a depressing life.

He apparently lives in all black and white.
And didn't Kleeb get married and have a child during the last four years?
Where's that?
He means to tell us that the last four years were hopeless and horrible for him?
Someone tell his family.

And to the rest of you who had success and joy in the past four years?
Well you can, apparently, just suck it.



In that flurry of images from the Kleeb ad, did anyone notice this one, at about 8 seconds in:

That's right, Kleeb apparently paid $153.43 for 17 gallons of gas.  You know what that works out to kids?

$8.87 per gallon!!!

No wonder Kleeb is so distraught!  He has been paying EIGHT BUCKS for a gallon of gas!  Someone should tell him that he can run down to the Sinclair station and get it for around $3.60 like the rest of us.


A few weeks ago Kleeb was asked how he was going to win the campaign, particularly the Omaha area. His answer, Meet everyone!

So beyond his attempt to meet all of Omaha's lawyers, Scott will be making the rounds in the coming weeks to meet as many voters as he can.

Where, you ask?

Well in:
Chicago - September 17,
New York City - September 18
San Francisco - September 22
Boston - September 25
Washington, D.C. - September 26

And while he is in those cities, we are sure he will try to meet as many Nebraska voters as possible...

(BTW, Johanns - Kleeb debate at 12:15 pm (Central) today, live streaming on WOWT.com.
Or try KLIN for audio...)


Well, it is that time of year again. Yes, it's time for Yard Sign Destruction! Here is one for our collection, some artistic work done on a Lee Terry sign.

Apparently the artist believes the candidate should actually be running for Sheriff, or possibly as a boat driver back and forth on the river.

The artist also did some spell-checking on Terry's sign. We have blacked-out the change that you can be sure no longer spells ".com" or "Congress"...

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OmaSteak said...

The past 3 years have probably been very trying for Kleeb...lose a congressional race, lose drivers license and facing almost certain crushing senate race loss. Hoping for a change by way of Obama coattails was a really bad bet. Luckily, NE voters will likely be spared the prospect of Kleeb running for anything for quite a long time.

One Out In The Third said...

That was depressing. Makes me think of the Jimmy Carter years. It's about time to blow the dust off the robo-calling machine Scott.

Street Sweeper said...

Folks, be sure to read the update we just put in the post regarding what Scott has been paying for gas.

This really clears things up.

curbfeeler said...

Kleeb's new ad will appeal to all who have been evicted and are living in cardboard boxes. Plus those people who drink too much coffee will love the rapid drum beat. And Kleeb ends with his signature prozac voice that dope smokers identify with. Great ad.

Anonymous said...

SS, funny note on gasoline price.

Kleeb's real gas problem, sniffing too much nitrous oxide.

One Out In The Third said...


Good catch on your update...I too tried to scan through each frame and missed it. I went back and tried it again and saw it but could not stop to catch that frame by itself. Did it get less display time? One of them subliminal messages? Better look closer...I bet there is a frame that shows Johann's polishing store front windows in Valentine.

Anonymous said...

That video hurt my eyes.

I went to WOWT.com, but didn't see any link to streaming video of the debate. Bummer.

Street Sweeper said...

The debate is scheduled to start at 12:15, so there's still a chance.

If not, it won't be the first time...

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, did you just change the post from "noon" to 12:15?

Anonymous said...

Okay, cool, we'll see.

Street Sweeper said...

Neither WOWT not KLIN seem to be streaming. Don't know what to think...

OmaSteak said...

Here's what to think...nobody gives a crap about hearing/seeing Johanns and Kleeb debate. Johanns won't say anything other than what is in the RNC talking points and Kleeb won't say anything that makes any sense...like his daughter can have free college education when she grows up all the while Daddy is eliminating the national debt. Now just how is that going to happen???

macdaddy said...

That ad was outrageous and desperate. Obviously, living in Hastings has been hell-on-Earth. Or Kleeb may need professional help. Or a professional campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Kleeb's ad is right on. $8 bucks a gallon is exactly what the Democratic Left Wingers want. Kleeb is teliing us where he will take us. He is pointing out that we have created Hell on Earth with our environmental practices and that he promises gas prices that will end our environmental crisis.

Is there any doubt that Americans will stop driving at $8 bucks a gal?

Go Kleeb, I hope he runs more of these ads so people will really get to see what he stands up for!

Republicans will laugh all the way to 8:15p.m. November 4th at which time they will begin drinking champagne!