Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kleeb's mystery calls

A Pennsylvania company is making pro-Scott Kleeb push polls calls in Nebraska.

And Scott Kleeb claims he doesn't know anything about them.

Now there's an interesting turn.

As you probably know, a push-poll is a phone call that sounds like a poll, but adds a "message" about the opposition so that they're feeding the recipient negative information.

So it may be something like,
Q) "Are you voting for Mike Johanns or Scott Kleeb."
A) "Mike Johanns"
Q) "Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for Mike Joahanns if you knew that he always votes against Nebraska and is against health care for children?"
A) "Golly!"

Except that the more astute voter, like John Marcucci of Kennard, quickly realizes that this is a push-poll and hangs up. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is as quick as Mr. Marcucci.

So here is the kicker on this whole thing:

When asked if they commissioned this push-poll, the Kleeb campaign manager replied:

"I can't even begin to speculate as to who would conduct such research."

So a reasonably well-known push-poll company, Eastern Research Services of Springfield, PA, is making calls on your United States Senate campaign's behalf, and you have NO IDEA that they are doing it? We see. We see.

Yet just two years ago, on Election Day, the same thing essentially happened -- pro-Scott Kleeb robo calls being made. Yet that time, they were certain that their opponent was making them, and have been bitching about it ever since. Interesting, interesting.

We're not sure if the Kleeb camp thinks you are a complete rube or they themselves are completely clueless.

In any case, note that Kamp Kleeb didn't condemn the push-poll.
They called it "research".


NE Voter said...

I think is a fair poll. Mike Johanns doesn't care about kids...and for that matter the elderly, women, veterans, farmers, ranchers, Blue collar workers, White collar workers, those with HIV, Soccer moms, Hockey moms, Nascar dads, students, gays, straights, transexuals, red heads, POW's, and lastly PIT BULL OWNERS!! Shame on you Mike Johanns, I'm glad Scott Kleeb is exposing your record of hate towards these groups!!!...lol

one out in the third said...

If Kleeb could only tie his polls in with the residential roof-coating industry. His campaigns would fund themselves perpetually.

He reminds me of the guy with BO that sleeps on your couch on the weekends. Klueless.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please tie this into Scott "Robo call" Kleeb....Christmas will come early!!!

Anonymous said...


Please note that the "ne voter" poster at 12:14 is a handle-swiping imposter.

There is no substitute for the real thing.

Wake up, people!

/s Ne Voter

Street Sweeper said...

Maybe you should come up with a more original "handle". And, you know, an actual comment...

f/n/a ne voter said...

My apologies Ne Voter....I will move to Council Bluffs and be now known as IA VOTER, or Razzle Dazzle Patron. Sorry for any inconvinience.

IA Voter said...

Whoops its F/K/A The N stands for knowledge..lol

Uncle Wiggily said...

This "Eastern Research Services" is a REAL classy outfit - just the kind of operation the Kleebsky's would snuggle up to.

Check the following URL's for some graphic accounts of the scurrilous stuff they pull off.



Street Sweeper said...

Is it me, or are those complaints remarkably similar to the complaints 3rd District voters had on Election Day 2006?

And keep in mind, the Kleeb Campaign claims they know NOTHING about them...

4.0 UNL Student said...

What if the Kleeb Campaign knew about it? It would be interesting to see if voters would change their mind if they knew the TRUTH about Mike Johanns!!!

Uncle Wiggily said...


The exact same thought crossed my mind ... of course, I'm FAR too well-mannered to mention it ....

How stoopid do the Kleebites think we are?

Anonymous said...

The last person to use this kind of tactic would be Scott Kleeb. And he never said it was Smith using the tactic in 2006. Smith's campaign denied any knowledge of them or who did them (just like Kleeb says now). They never found who did it because all the numbers dead ended. You're reaching and you know it.

Pipsisewah said...

I heard the only thing new to come out of Scottsbluff is Amnesty Mike's defusing technique. If you listened to the debate, you could hear Iron Mike's voice breaking up. He was close to losing it.

I heard he smiles, turns his head at Stephanie, looks at her for 5-10 seconds, then looks back smiling. But he won't look at his opponent while they are speaking.

Kind of like a Rocky/Adrian thang. Not the other Adrian thang. Mike has never had anyone question him before, and he doesn't like it. He is gonna blow at one of these debates, and the Nebraska people will find out that Amnesty Mike does have a few issues.

Keep talking Mike. If I were your campaign manager, I would Palinize (can I copyright that) you and bring you out election day. Everytime you speak publicly you help Kleeb.

Anonymous said...

You're right about Bushanns not looking at his opponents. Kleeb and Larrick were respectful, looking at every, Mike couldn't do that - could only look at Stephanie. Even the Scottsbluff Star Herald wrote in their article:

"Johanns rarely if ever looked at the other candidates while both Larrick and Kleeb addressed each other as well as the audience and media panel."

Chuck D. said...

TO--- Ne Voter

You forgot to mention the MJ would vote to take the secret ballot from the hard workers of the US. Oh!, Oh! ---- Hold it, it was Kleeb that prostituted himself for a fist full of dollars in return for promising to throw Nebraska workers under the bus by taking their precious vote.

No wonder Kleeb is a poster child DailyKOS and MoveOn.org!!!!!!!!

macdaddy said...

I get a kick out of the references to Bushanns. You do realize this is Nebraska, don't you? Bushanns isn't an insult. We like W. But it is so very clever. Must have gotten a lot of yuk yuks over on Daily Kos.

Pipsisewah said...

If everyone loves Bush Light so much, how come everyone is looking to "distance" themselves from him? Iron Mike did use him early in the year to bring in a lot of change, but he won't even admit he knows the man, now.

Gotta love your new girl. Now its coming out. She opposed the Bridge, after being caught on tape supporting it. (That's my money, give it back). She never sold the jet on E-bay. In her own church she is seen giving a talk on Iraq. (It's Gods war and he is directing us) Can you say Christian Jihad, or the Crusades? And last but not least, the team of GOP mercs have arrived to stop the Troopergate. Suddenly the open, transparent investigation is not so open. Her staff is refusing to testify under direction from the GOP boys. She is definitely Republican.

Sorry Sara, you are not Vice President, yet. You will have to answer to subpeonas. Maybe you can get a job on Northern Exposure re runs next year. The smoking gun is yet to come.

If she was BO's running mate, the Unleavenedworth operatives would be having a shark fest.

macdaddy said...

You're calling Palin a hypocrite for doing the right thing about the bridge? I wish more politicians were hypocritical like her. As for the jet, she never said she sold it on e-bay. She said she put it on e-bay. As for Troopergate, do you think a state trooper who tasered a 10 year-old should be fired? Yes or no? Maybe he could come by and taser one of your relatives for the heck of it. And if his boss refused to fire him, what should have happened to the boss? Allowed to go on his merry way as he let the department run amok? I honestly can't believe the Left is now sticking up for out-of-control policemen.

If this is all you've got, you might as well just follow Obama's kindergarten antics and start calling her names. It's just as effective and more befitting your level of maturity.

Anonymous said...

Esch View, Roll back the Bush tax credit. This means your child tax credit will be reduced to $500 per child not the Bush plan and current tax break of $1000 per child. Way to go Esch, take money out of the hands of the people who need it most. I don't know about everyone else but I like the extra $500 back in my pocket.

Just as Esch said, we have to pay for it somehow, well that means you lose your tax credit. Great plan Esch, way to think it through!

Any other great economic plans Esch?

Anonymous said...

Well, $500 back in your pocket now at the expense of your children's and grandchildren's futures? We're in debt way past our eyeballs, and I for one don't want to just think about myself and screw my children's lives 10, 20, 30 years from now. Nice family values you have there.

We need to do something to stop this insanity, and I'm glad to see Jim Esch actually talking about some real solutions rather than Lee Terry only saying what he thinks the most people want to hear all the while knowing he won't actually do anything to help anyone or this country.

Right Wing Professor said...

Getting back to the subject, KLIN in Lincoln covered the push-poll story extensively this morning, with both hosts (who are by no means conservative) slamming Kleeb for his failure to condemn the calls.

Looks like Sweeper broke another one.

Bridge to Nowhere said...

Any truth to the rumors Jane Flemming Kleeb is shoping her resume in DC and New York? Maybe after Scott's November loss he can move to New York and the Omaha city council can name a bridge after him too!!! Guess who can be a prof at Kerry's New School.

lnk said...

Another poll is out showing the momentum of the McCain/Palin ticket.

Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll has it very close and within the MOE. Still--

McCain 47
Obama 46

macdaddy said...

And that poll probably didn't cover Obama's latest speech (the pig speech) where he referred to Palin having 5 kids and wondering how she does it when only 2 kids tire him and Michelle out. So pretty much every time Obama criticizes Palin, it highlights yet another of his many deficiencies. Now why should we vote for him again?

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

Very interesting read on NNN about the guy Lee Terry picked to represent him in this campaign, Dave Boomer.

Very enlightening on just what kind of person Lee Terry is. Everyone is judged by the company they choose to keep.

pipsisewah said...

I've got to sit down macdaddy. All of your spin is making me dizzy. This gal sells cars from both sides of the desk. What she said, what she really said, what she meant to say, what you heard her say, and the truth. The best thing is, all of this is coming out, and no one is talking about her family. Everyday will get worse for her. When the cue cards are gone, and she is on her own, the hottie reformer might not be so hot, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pipsqueak,

And what kind of a reformer is Biden? What kind of a reformer is Obama if the company he keeps is a 30 year "same as it ever was" (Talking Heads-"Stop Making Sense") entrenched Democrat?

Is Michelle Obama a worthless mother for working while her children are so little? Is Obama a terrible father because he has spent the last 3 years campaigning for Senate or the WhiteHouse? When was the last time that Obama or Biden actually went to the store for their wife-not to campaign, but pick up a box of cereal and milk for breakfast, hoping that no one would see them so they could get home to help put the kids to bed?

And lastly, if I hear another person accuse Governor Palin of "forcing" her daughter to marry the boy that got her daughter "knocked up", I might go postal! A commitment is the best gift those two can give to their child. He is not a boy, but obviously a man for stepping up to the plate. Lastly, OBVIOUSLY, Governor Palin cannot MAKE her daughter do anything, or she would not be expecting a child rather than picking out her homecoming dress. It looks as though the couple actually love each other and want to offer their child the best that life can give.

Leave the Palin Family out of it and focus on the actual candidates.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it's you repugnants that keep talking about the daughter. You really are drama queen, aren't you? For most people I know the only question that came out of that is what does Sarah Palin think about abstinence only education now that she has a front row example of how it failed.

And you want to go on about Biden being in washington a long time. Well, look at McBush. He's been there just as long. You think he will suddenly change his spots, but it ain't happening, and it's coming out more and more every day that Palin is fluff with an even worst god complex than Bush had! When she's finally forced to answer real questions rather than read off a telepromter, she will fall on her face.

macdaddy said...

To suggest that the Right is the only group still talking about Palin's family is beyond obtuse. Even The One Himself mentioned her family yesterday.

Pipsisewah said...

I said, "no one is talking about her family" But it is quite obvious the Repubs have to keep it going. You just can't let it die, can you? More importantly, you'll have to get the last word in and bring it up, again.

Anonymous said...

The difference between McCain and Biden is that Biden has been a lapdog for your Party and McCain has been a pain in the ass for ours. McCain almost cost himself this nomination by bucking his Party whenever he felt like it. He decided to throw long and go for two and is now leading in the 4th quarter.

Name a time when Biden has ever bucked his Party and other than when Obama chose Old Whitey over the Clinton's Old Lady, when has he ever been brave enough to buck the Democrat Party.

Hope and Change has effectively been stolen from you. Are you pissed, Pipsqueak?!

Anonymous said...

McCain APPEARS to have been the "maverick" while voting over 90% of the time with George Bush (his own admission!). So, you were saying?

And last time I checked, Obama is running for President, not Biden. And it would be Biden that could be President in a crisis on day one, no Palin - no wonder they keep protecting her from having to answer any direct questions!

Pipsiewah said...

Am I pissed? Not hardly. I just watched SP fly into Alaska on the McCain/Palin jet. There wasn't a flag painted on it anywhere. ANYWHERE!! Nor did I see a flag anywhere on SP (super patriot). No flag!!! My God!! Does that mean she's a muslim? Does that mean she's not proud of her country? It certainly did when BO didn't have it on his lapel or jet. I'm going into political withdrawal. What are the Republicans thinking? No flag!! I can't wait until she says the Pledge of Allegiance. I bet she puts a pause between "one nation, under God". There is no break in it!! We are "one nation under God" Is she being blasphemus of our Pledge? Plus I'm sure Anon 5:36, knows that phrase was added by the Knights of Columbus in the Cold War of the early 1950s. More meaningless fodder for you to get worked up over.

These are trivial little issues that will keep you pinhead sharp. Simple things amuse simple minds. I know that you will be amused, and spend the next week investigating these claims, or then again you could just lie, and hope that repeating your lie enough times will make everthing you say the truth.

If you would have asked McCain what change was two weeks ago, he would have said the money he left for the waitress. He can't say it enough, now. The honeymoon is over SP, welcome to the world of Sex, Lies, and Videotapes. Two out of three aren't bad, I could care less about her sex life. In another week, the American public will be tired of you saying, Well, yes I did say that on tape and in church, but I am being misquoted.

A dog that craps fast, doesn't crap long. OOPS, no reference to Sarah, Obama, or McCain, since McCain used the lipstick on a pig joke in public last year. Now Obamas a plagarist!! I gotta go, it just never ends.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely say that Pipsqueak is pissed!

Pipsisewah said...

I'm not pissed. I was in awe listening to the Repubs in one voice at their convention yell "drill, drill, drill!!" I was moved to tears by SP telling her Alaskan supporters it was time to drill, and build that big pipe line to sell high sulfer crude to China.

But now, I'm in shock, no wait, I'm in total surprise to read that the people in charge of goverment oil leases are involved in a lease for sex, for cocaine, for money, for power deal. The Repubs and big oil want some time to do an impartial investigation,(post election). It just keeps gettin better!! Drill baby drill...I hope she's on the pill.

Even SP might lose some of her "me time" in the press over this. I feel so much better.