Friday, August 15, 2008

Dog day politics

For those of you who missed it, Senate candidate Scott Kleeb has a new ad up -- on YouTube at least...

As you can see, it's pretty much a repeat of his "1884" ad that he ran during the primary. From our critical eyes, here is the main problem with the spot:

His name, and the office he's running for, FLY BY in the first couple seconds, then you never see them again. You've got the "" tag, but you don't know what it is you're supposed to do at that website.

For a guy with relatively low name ID, he should be putting name and OFFICE anywhere he can. Oh, and by the way, you can't read the print on the stupid "cow brand" logo. After it's over, Jim and Judy from Omaha will likely say, "Who the hell was that?"

Then it's the standard bio stuff that doesn't do much for anyone.

The image that really kills us is:

As in, "OOOH! He's married AND has a job!"

Our question is, how come back in 2006, his "Thank You" ad didn't look like this?

Oh wait, that tag has already been taken for the 2008 campaign season. Never mind.


And speaking of Jim Esch, he has dived head-first into the Social Security issues for campaign fodder. Esch wants to raise Social Security taxes to make it more solvent, while claiming that Congressman Lee Terry is in favor of "private" Social Security accounts.

Esch appears to be stealing a page from the Ben Nelson campaign textbook. You'll remember that Nellie used this tact against Pete Ricketts back in 2006, claiming Ricketts wanted to "privatize" Social Security.

Since Lee Terry responded that "all options should be on the table," don't be surprised to see that snippet in an Esch ad, or pasted onto a water-bottle, or something.


After Gunga Jim's Big Adventure to Afghanistan, we have been sort of waiting for his BIG REVELATION to come out of his campaign website blog. Apparently we will just keep waiting. Jim's three-part travelogue contains zilch on absolutely anything of substance that he may have learned.

Here's what Jim shares from his trip:

Kabul Airport construction!

I arrived at the Kabul International Airport at 8:40 am. The term “international” is a bit of a stretch. The one and only runway is new, but the taxi lanes are in great need of repair and the grounds are unkept. There is one terminal which was built probably in the ’60s and has not been updated. Though, a new terminal is under construction.

What happens in Kabul, STAYS in Kabul!

The halls look like something from Fremont Street in Las Vegas, gaudy all glass structures with fake neon palm trees and thousands of colored lights.

What's on Hotel Cable!

While old, it is clean and the rooms are simple but comfortable. They are air conditioned with satellite television, which is mostly channels from India, a third of which are in English.

Keen Insights

The on-the-ground impression I got was that this region is in a very difficult place right now.

This is all interesting stuff to hear from your bud who backpacked across Asia -- but from a Congressional candidate? What are we getting here that isn't in a Lonely Planet series? Maybe Jim's trying to get a gig writing for "Let's Go!"

And again, let's reiterate that Esch didn't meet with any troops, and didn't meet with anyone at the U.S. Embassy. But hey, Jim gained, "first hand knowledge about the situation on the ground."

And what Jim found on the ground was a dusty gum wrapper. He put it in his pocket to show the gang at the Barleycorn...


Anonymous said...

I am just going to drag the conversation from the last post onto this one.

It appears that Jim's daddy and his campaign manager are both lying to the Press. They said he was in New York City fundraising on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. But, according to Jimmy, he was already checking out chicks-I mean the airport, hotels, and as much English speaking cable as he could find-on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we all know the truth, maybe Jim should provide us with his Flight schedule of when he left Omaha and where he flew to and when he arrived and left Afghanistan. While he's at it, he could release the actual arresting officer's report of his DWI arrest from a couple of years ago. These documents would all prove to the voters that he and his campaign staff-daddy included-are not all just a pack of liars, or as they prefer, not the whole truthers.

ASG, that thing someone wrote about pointing fingers, ditto. Go educate yourself before pointing thy fingers at others who know more about your candidate than your candidate would ever want anyone to know about him.

It is the public's right to know not only what your candidate does publicly, but probably more important is how he behaves when he thinks no one is paying attention.

It is all about educating the voters, you do want educated voters at the Polls in November, don't you?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Uncle Wiggily said...

I find it breathtakingly hypocritical that Scooter is playing the "Nebraska family values" card.

Just further evidence of how astonishingly out-of-touch with heartlanders and their value system he is - does he really think we don't pay atention to his track record?

BB said...

To echo UW, does Kleeb think we are not going to look at his background? He has only lived here for 4 years and came here via Planet Boulder and the Ivory Tower of Yale. Prior to that he was raised by DoDDS teachers in Europe. Those of us who are veterans who have served overseas know that DoDDS teachers are a very left-wing group who have a tremendous sense of entitlement. And ironically, they are very anti-military. This is the clothe from which Scott is cut. Scott's cowboy outfit will not hide who he really is, which is why he is 30 points down in the polls. He will show how dedicated he is to Nebraska the day after the election when he high-tails it out of here to the East Coast after he is resoundly rejected by the voters of this state.

Anonymous said...

"Those of us who are veterans who have served overseas know that DoDDS teachers are a very left-wing group who have a tremendous sense of entitlement. And ironically, they are very anti-military."

Wow. What military base school did you go to? I went to a military base school for awhile when I was in high school and it was NOTHING like that.

BB said...

Anon @ 1:08:

Pay attention, I said I was a veteran, not a former student whose mind was polluted by those nut jobs. And as military member I experienced first hand the disdain they had for our culture and way of life.

Anonymous said...

Well, okay, I'm sure that was YOUR experience, but not everyone's experience.

Again, I went to a high school on a military base in the south Pacific, and my dh is former military. We just had different experiences than you. Just be careful with your sweeping generalizations.

Anonymous said...

Scooter the 'Boulder Liberal'
There is no way he reflects Nebraska Values!

Anonymous said...

Seriously....."Scooter" has been working in Nebraska since the mid 90's, spending 1 1/2 years on the family ranch before attending Yale, and then returning on breaks and weekends, before coming back fulltime when he decided to run for Congress. Do you guys every get tired of living by that stupid lie? Or is it just some genetic flaw with Republicans that only lies are truth in your eyes?

All the while, you back a piece of milquetoast who will do only what the party tells him to do, and who has left every job he's had before the job is done to climb the ladder. Left as Mayor, left as Governor, left before the Farm Bill was done (while recommending it be vetoed - then flipflopping as a candidate cause he knew it would cost votes to admit that part), and will probably try to be the next Republican prez candidates VP and will leave the senate before his term is up.

asecurityguard said...

Anon 1051am
On the last post i was referring to oil drilling, the 68 million acres that are available for drilling and are not being drilled, the dem bill that would have forced drilling on these lands. What the heck are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42

You mean "quitter" the way Obama tried to quit the Illinois State Senate when he ran (unsuccessfully) for the House of Representatives in 2000 ... or the way he is trying to quit his Senate seat now to become POTUS??

Is that the kind of "quitting" you mean?

One Out In The Third said...

Even though he is not the father of one...Speed Racer has two children under his roof. Why does he and Jane not include the other child in his commercials? If I were running for office I would be "family all-inclusive" step-children and all. What must be going through the other childs mind? This just doesn't seem normal to me.

Anonymous said...


Noticed that Jim E. ditched the reference to $1 drinks at his Rosenblatt volunteer appreciation night.

Smart move on .223's part.

But who's gonna drive him home afterwards?

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice on Terry's interview with KPTM on energy that he calls environmentalists "extremists"? I think he owes the people in his district that care about the environment an apology.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry also just smirks and laughs on the KPTM interview when asked about people's concerns that he is participating in a stunt and wasting energy flying back and forth to DC unnecessarily.

Nice, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Scooters "Baby Momma's" older daughter's bio "Baby Daddy" won't sign a release for his little girl to be in his commercial. Whatever the reason, I find Kleeb's actions reprehensible for a blended family.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch belittled the efforts of thousands of Prolife activists in order to insult a handful of people. Many of those Prolife folks are faithful Catholics (just like his dad) and many of them are Evangelical Christians that found their way to the prolife movement through faith, education, and life's lessons (just like me). Whomever they are, Jim Esch insulted all of them.
With one phrase designed to make him look cool to a bunch of philosophical 18-20-something year olds sitting at a bar waiting for him to show up and ask for their names and numbers (and maybe sign a few press photos). I believe that this was a purposefully designed statement that he gave in his interview. I do not believe he could make these same "mistakes" in wording 2 years apart (remember he made a similar "oops" last election on Todd and Tyler) without having a deep philosophical belief in them. I wonder how his dad feels about that? Such a purposeful backing away from his Catholic faith.

What Lee Terry did in criticizing the folks that are more concerned with taking down "big business" by any means possible to further their proenvironmentalist agenda, pales in comparison. The environmentalists that he referenced do not care that once that factory ceases to exist in middle America(U.S.), their will be hundreds of head of household employees left with no way to purchase $8 a gallon gas to go look for a new job, let alone a new set of solar panels to power their home computer or electric car.

I hope Lee Terry continues to shine light on the environmentalists that would prefer to protect an ANWR moose's kitchen window view than to allow American's to control their own natural resources instead of being FOREVER reliant on a Terrorist's Country's resources.

A happy little moose and $8 a gallon gas?
A sad moose and American Energy Independence for my children and generations in the future?

This is a no brainer!!!

Go Energy Independence for America!
Go Lee Terry for Congress!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:46 -- yeah, keep drinking the koolade. You really think that drilling in ANWR equals American energy independence for your children and grandchildren? I'm not opposed to drilling in ANWR, but I'm not foolish enough to believe that by doing so we will then be "energy independent" -- problem solved!

And, Lee Terry didn't say all that you said. He said "environmental extremists." You don't get to decide who he meant when he said that. He offended me and others who actually care about our environment.

Just like you feel that you can ASSUME who Jim Esch meant when he said pro-life extremists, I get to assume who Lee Terry meant when he said environmental extremists. He meant me. And I'm offended.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are offended, because I am not. I will vote for a person that is more inclined to defend an innocent human life than one that is more concerned about a tree, a moose, or one's view from their cozy mansion along the coastal shore. Environmentalists prefer gas prices that are more than double what they are today in the U.S. because that will force people to conserve energy-everyone except the wealthy, that is. A person with 6 people in their family (immediate, extended, or foster)have no choice but to drive one of your "so called" gas guzzlers (how do you think the "BranJolina" brood gets around). A farmer or rancher(and I am not talking about a wealthy city farmer like your Ag subsidy guzzling candidate, Jim Esch)is forced to spend more $$$ to comply with environmental standards or quit farming or ranching. This is actually funny, because one would think that a real life farmer would be the poster child for the environment, yet, they have been cast as "Black Hat Villans" in the environmental world lastest flic.

You are free to choose your candidate and I am free to choose my candidate-I just choose to cast my vote with a full picture rather than a snipit of a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

"I will vote for a person that is more inclined to defend an innocent human life than one that is more concerned about a tree, a moose, or one's view from their cozy mansion along the coastal shore."

Interesting coming from the staff of a congressman who has been on the Energy Committee for the last 8 years and has collected just how many 100's of thousands of dollars from the energy companies in campaign dollars?

What exactly has Lee done to reduce the number of abortions in this country -- or even just in his district?

In contrast, Lee has been on THE committee to set our energy policies the last eight years. Look where we are today.

Anonymous said...


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development Funding

Geothermal Production Incentives
Just to name a few.

Not now or ever have been on ANY payroll for Lee Terry or any other candidate for any office. I vote and I vote informed!

Go Lee Terry for Congress!!!

PS: Where do you get your money?!

Anonymous said...

At minimum, I bet Lee Terry prays for an end to all abortion and that all unintended pregancies will result in a live birth, that perhaps, results in a successful adoption by a loving family.

Aside from that, I will have to research a few databases, but until I gain that knowledge, I am happy with the prayers.

What has Jim Esch done to reduce the number of abortions in this country, or any other?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're amazing and really, practically god-like, with your ability to guess what Lee Terry prays about. {insert eyeroll here}

My guess is that Lee Terry prays (and prays a lot) that the people in his district don't see through his act and see what kind of a doofus he really is and still vote for him.

It'd be a shame for him and his wife to have to go back to being "regular" people and see that they really don't have any friends. People just pretend to like them because of his position. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, I should pray for you.

Anonymous said...

bb is right. More than a few civilians who get paid by Uncle Samuel are leftwing leaners. If they were't, they'd be getting paid a lot less for risking thier lives in uniform.

Righties tend suffer for freedom while Lefties tend to suck from the government teat. Both think what they are doing is patriotic service. Sucking teat isn't that.

Left wingers are piglets who think they are lions. Freedom produces them like warts. They are just there.

Anonymous said...

Righties suffer for freedom? God, that's funny. Is that before or after they stop telling you what to do?

Anonymous said...

Esch Trolls--incoming again!

Pelosi is changing her tune on allowing a vote on drilling.


Because of the pressure and publicity the House R's brought to the issue with their rump House sessions.

Big thanks to Terry et al.

Esch clowns look foolish, again.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi's radio address opens the door to a vote.

Thanks Lee Terry and the other R's who brought the pressure!

While Terry is getting things done (through two quick trips back to the House floor), Esch does nothing other than waste jet fuel to wander around Kabul for a few days.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Righties tend suffer for freedom while Lefties tend to suck from the government teat. Both think what they are doing is patriotic service. Sucking teat isn't that.

Left wingers are piglets who think they are lions. Freedom produces them like warts. They are just there.

Oh for Christ's sake! Did your mother drop you on your head when you were born or has your years of alcoholism finally eaten away your brain?

Hundreds of thousands of Democrats (lefties according to you) died in all the wars to defend your right to be such an idiot. Republicans do not have a monopoly on patriotism you freaking jerk!

As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that during WWII (since FDR was elected, re-elected, re-elected and re-elected again, there were probably a lot of Democrats around in those days) a much higher percentage of Democrats fought and died for your freedoms than your dear Chickenhawk leadership in this current administration ever could have.

I'll show you some REAL war heroes that are proud to be Democrats. Show up in the alley at 8:00 and we'll knock some sense into your obviously inbred brain. Of course you are such a chickenshit that I doubt you'll show. A big mouth doesn't make for a big man.

Samuel said...

anony 12:20: to be pleased that you have offended someone does not make you the Christian that you profess to are nothing more than a hypocrit.

asecurityguard said...

Anon 8:10
That kind of hypocrisy rules the republican religious right. Picking and choosing when and how to be a Christian allows them to chastise everyone who disagrees while in their own minds (and the minds of the likewise brainwashed)maintaining an air of superiority. Welcome to the theocracy that is America.

asecurityguard said...

Let me know what alley and I got your back.

Dan O said...

Right on BTO!!...can I come too? It will be so much fun!

iwantmysuvnow said...

You think that publicity stunt actually made Pelosi change her mind? Give me a f-ing break.

What made her change her tune were the polls. 70% of America wants a vote on drilling. She could see the writing on the wall.

Lee Terry had NOTHING to do with that!

You kool-aid drinkers are just silly to think that Lee had anything to do with that.

Anonymous said...

And, I ask again, what has Jim Esch had anything to do with?

iwantmysuvnow said...

Well, what did Lee have to do with Pelosi bringing drilling up for a vote? Was it him? Was it the American people speaking with one voice?

If you think Lee is the reason you are a doofus, just like him!

Anonymous said...

Pelosi was on a book tour when she was on Larry King (and ever other interview she gave during her August vacation) and revealed, after much prodding by the host, that sure, drilling is an option. Do you really think that the media would have stayed on her and other Democrat "leaders" if the Republicans in Congress were not putting so much public opinion pressure on the media and the Dems? The people of this great country noticed the Republicans standing up for them and decided that they could stand up for themselves. Say what you want, but Pelosi would not have caved if not for the public opinion generated by the media frenzy over the Republican Leadership taking a stand in Washington while Nancy Pelosi was out trying to sell her book.

And, again, I ask, WHAT HAS JIM ESCH EVER DONE??? Oh, wait, I forgot, he went to Afghanistan and lied to the Press and said he was in New York.

Anonymous said...

Prior Anons--Esch trolls:

You've already lost the debate over drilling, so please go back to attacking each other on NNN.

Pelosi flip-flopped because of the pressure her caucus members got from constituents.

Plus, the great press the House R's got for the rump House sessions. Both played a big role.

So, while Terry is helping bring pressure on the D's, Esch insults pro-life families by calling them extremist and then slinks out of town to wander Kabul.

Face it, Esch looks like an idiot, again.

lnk said...

I wonder what Esch thinks of Pelosi's cave-in to reality on drilling.

Is dad gonna issue a statement on this Monday or go on camera?

Anonymous said...

Brian Osborn--looks like you need to apologize again--the same way you did last week.

Ever think of taking some anger management classes?

lnk said...

Robynn Tysver nailed it this a.m.

The story was about a consultant who lied to her about his connections to the Kleeb campaign.

Here's the bigger story though--the D's apparently lack $$$ for the coordinated campaign.

Sorry, Esch--the DNP is throwing you overboard just like the DCCC.

Sounds like the consultant, Mike Lyon, has trouble telling the truth. In that case, he'd fit right in with your campaign. Why don't you hire him?

lnk said...

Anonymous 11:21--you asked "what has Jim Esch had anything to do with?"

Well, the legal system for one.

And, the federal farm subsidy program for another.

Other than that, not much.

We are coming up on Labor Day--I really think Esch's campaign is in worse shape that his 06 run.

Second-time candidates sometimes do better but, usually, they peak in the initial run and end up doing worse. That's Esch in 08.

Anonymous said...

How much in 'loan repayments' has Jim now taken?

I hear it is $20,000.

True? Let's get a straight answer from Dad Esch.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get how he is taking loan repayments (which are legal, legitimate and I don't have a problem with)from a campaign committee that he closed as a ruse to hide donor information from his Primary Election opponent, Richard Carter.

Anyone with any understanding of political campaigns and federal election financing, will tell you that there is no need and that it is actually unwise to close out a campaign committee. They can stay open forever and if, in the off chance that your Party takes pity on you and your unwise loans to your campaign, you get donations at some later point, then you can repay yourself.

Esch closed his committee, reopened a new one-with no debt!-gave the FEC the wrong contact address for communication and reporting purposes, failed to indicate what election he was raising money for, and then quietly inserted his previous committee's debt into his new committee's report after he had already filed a couple of new reports. After all of this report shuffling, then he started taking loan repayments from the new campaign committee because his financial disclosure finally got filed and proved that he can't afford the lifestyle he lives. At best this is sloppy as hell, and at worst is probably against the law.

Let's suffice to say that Jim Esch is not going to be in favor of NNN's efforts to reform Campaign Finance and make all donations more transparent. But, I bet if you asked him to take a position, he would point a finger at Lee Terry and accuse him of trying to hide donors and then never answer the question about his reporting problems.

Again, I ask, WHAT HAS JIM ESCH EVER DONE!!!???, other than set up an Old Fart with a Young Chick.

Anonymous said...

Prior anonymous--the fact is, the D's made a poor choice in the May primary.

Even Dad Esch would have been a better candidate--Vietnam veteran, successful businessman, articulate on TV.

Jim's major failure is he just doesn't know how to manage anything. Their campaign has burned cash and they aren't going to be able to do much more than a very late and modest TV buy.

Anonymous said...

The other thing that Jim Esch has done is to burn his "Green Campaign" promise that he made at UNO. Plastic bottles of water (whether they were smaller than 2 years ago or not)are not environmentally friendly or in line with conserving energy.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 10:02,

I'll take anger management classes AFTER I kick the asses of those that make such brainless claims as Anony 1:57 has.

Democrats have been just as patriotic, just as hard working, just as civic minded as any Republican ever was. To say otherwise is absolute idiocy.

I am a proud Liberal Democrat. I am also a veteran and a working class stiff. I am not a latte-slurping elitist, I don't own an SUV, and I don't live on the coast. Such pigeonholing of Democrats is just plain stupid.

I would be just as amiss were I to call every Republican a Chickenhawk coward, tax avoiding, lucre seeking, bathroom stall, toe tapping, closeted homosexual.

How I long for the days when we were all Americans and Faux Noise hadn't poisoned the pond with its falsehoods and phony insinuations. Back then Americans were, as a whole, smarter. They though for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Them were the days before the internet!

Wishful Thinker

BB said...

Damn BTO! I thought you libs were supposed to be all passive, anti-violence, can't we all get along?, give peace a chance types. And here you are threatening violence because you are frustrated with the debate. I don't blame you, if I had to defend such horrible candiates I would be just a frustrated. Probably best if you just take some prozac and stay off the blogs for a while. Clearly it has unbalanced you.

givemelobster said...

Well, I don't think the R's candidates are much better. Too bad, we don't have better choices for Senate and House.

Anonymous said...


Another 'home run' for Jim.

While Terry was at the St. Stans festival shaking about 1,000 hands (smart move Terry, to position yourself right at the church's entrance for the food), Jim was nowhere. MIA, again.

I guess Jim must be traveling again. Is he in Tbilisi?

Anonymous said...

Good job Congressman Terry!

The informational House sessions this month were a major reason Pelosi felt the heat!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Bite me BB brain.

As you can see, I don't fit the ready made mold you'd like to cast every Democrat in. Each and every one of us is different. There are those that follow, in lockstep, with the dictates of our leaders - and there are those of us that question authoritarians.

And since you can't read, let me spell it out for you with building blocks and funny pictures. My comments had nothing to do with our candidates, but you obviously didn't get that through your Limbaugh addled mind. Just keep repeating the same old trite phrases you've been told to say and follow the lemming tail that is in front of your nose over the cliff.


So Terry was 1st in line for the freebie food, eh? I could make a snarky remarky, but I'll just let you imagine what it might have been.

ptg said...

I went to the air show at Offutt AFB Saturday. Outside the Bellevue gate I saw a cat standing by the side of the road waving a sign. I thought it was some hippie war protester but it turned out to be an Esch sign he was holding over his head.

BB said...

As much as you try to distinguish yourself, your anger and self-righteousness call you out as a typical liberal. Have fun stewing in your hate. The only person it is hurting is you.

Anonymous said...

Alright then, I'll make a "snarky remarky" to you.

BTO, why don't you get up off your fat a** and go to a church festival where you will discover that nothing is free but the good conversation and the political stickers and everything is about fundraising for the church.

Great food, great fun, grat people and outdoor natural lighting. You ought to try it sometime, BTO.

Was that "snarky" enough or shall I try again?

iwantmysuvnow said...

Thank you for serving our country BTO. Even though we might disagree 99% of the time. Thank you for serving our country.

From one veteran to another.

Brian T. Osborn said...


You've distinguished yourself as a typical RL dittohead. You obviously allow other to do your thinking for you.

Maybe you didn't notice, due to the blinders, but I didn't call out every Republican for being a mindless dolt, just those like you - those that can't see a Democrat for what they really are, only what Rush tells them to think.

anony 8:07,

Try a little bit harder. That one didn't even tickle. Hustle your scrawny a** off to the confessional and beg forgiveness. Maybe Jesus will give it to you, I won't.

Anonymous said...

Not a Catholic, no confessional. But I am sad that I can't be as "snarky" as you. I'll just have to settle for being more informed at my pilling place, than you.


Anonymous said...

Man, don't you just love when Republicans pull the, "I'm more Christian than you" tactic? And I'm a Republican. I just can't stand the holier-than-thou segment of our party.

lnk said...

'House to rethink drilling, Pelosi says,' New York Times, Sunday, August 17, 2008, Carl Hulse:

Paragraph 5:

"The decision came after growing anxiety among Democrats that Republicans were scoring politically with their call for a vote on offshore drilling. Though Congress is on its August break, a rotating group of House Republicans has rallied daily on the House floor, demanding that Ms. Pelosi call lawmakers back for a vote to allow oil companies to pursue offshore resources."

OmaSteak said...

Esch and Terry will be "debating" on Friday 08/22/08 on KFAB during the Scott Voorhes show. I hope Esch is prepared to answer some tough questions about his campaign and personal finances. Leavenworth Street is read by the KFAB folks and SV has already mentioned his interest in how Esch supports himself, etc. Should be very interesting hour.

Anonymous said...

Man, don't you just love when Democrats pull the, "I'm more Athiest than you" tactic? And I'm a Democrat. I just can't stand the more non-believer-than-thou segment of our party.

Pol Observer said...

KFAB debate!!!! Note to Lee. Do not give Jim a letter at the debate with an appointment for a drug test. He is prepared for that one!!!

Anonymous said...

Jim is prepared for another drug test challenge? Does that mean he was a "good boy" during his vacation in the "Land of the Poppy"? Or, has he just been drinking vinegar?

macdaddy said...

Wow, I go away for a week and look what happens: a NE Dem Party Official starts threatening people with violence and demeans homosexuals! Jim Esch is actually going to debate Lee Terry! Everything seemingly is spinning out of control!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anony 7:04,

OK. I figure that was a Freudian slip, but really . . . what kind of pharms do you get at your "pilling" place? bb recommends Prozac®.

* Offshore drilling will have as much near-term effect on the price of gas as a Constitutional Amendment against flag burning will have on protecting our country's social fabric.

Onany 9:32,

Nice try at sarcasm, but seriously, Republicans have no monopoly on religion, just as they have no monopoly on patriotism. The percentage of God fearing Democrats is just as great, if not greater, than that of Republicans.

Actually, I see Jesus as one of the greatest Liberals of all time. When the people were thirsty, He gave them something to drink; when they were hungry, He fed them; when they were sick, He healed them; when they needed forgiveness, He gave up his life for them. I don't recall Him ever asking anyone to pay Him for all those services. Some Republicans would probably call Jesus a Socialist, if not a Communist.

I knew a Catholic priest in Italy that pointed out to me that Communism and Communion are derived from the same root word. "Just some food for thought", he said.


The spin you put on things is going to make you even dizzier than usual.

asecurityguard said...

BTO you reminded me of a good song from the old days. In the Crosby Stills Nash and Young live album "Four Way Street' there is a song by Steven Stills called 49 reasons. One of the lyrics he sings is "Jesus Christ was the first non-violent revolutionary". Excellent song, and an excellent group.

macdaddy said...

And Nancy Pelosi just said that Obama is a blessing from God so I guess that proves your point! BTW, does such a statement from Nancy Pelosi scare you? Of course, I think Obama is also a blessing from the Republicans.

Brian T. Osborn said...


From our first breaths we are ALL blessings from God . . . then we spend our lifetimes trying to mess it all up. Some seem to excel at that, you know which ones I think they are.

One Out In The Third said...

I read the posts here and it leaves me wondering what's going to happen at the conventions if they are like it is here. One question...Will the Republicans also have a temporary jail and law enforcement convergence like Denver?

As much as I have no confidence in McCain and I feel most conservatives are looking the other way...I am thinking the Dems are really doing a number on themselves...and are killing their party without any outside help.

Another song of the 60's was Eve of Destruction...except this time it's "the western world it is explodin'..."

macdaddy said...

If we are all blessings from God from our first breaths, maybe you should ask Obama why he voted against the Born Alive Act?

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Act that he said he supported while in the Illinois Legislature? Didn't I also hear that he told the folks at the Saddleback Forum that the most dissappointing thing he has every done was vote to support the War? Did the Illinois Legislature really take a vote on whether the U.S. should go to war? He definitely did not cast that vote as a U.S. Member of Congress. He wasn't even there then.