Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Johanns towers in latest poll

Rasmussen Reports has the latest poll in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race, and it's more good news for Johanns, and of course, very bad news for Scott Kleeb. Here are the numbers:

Johanns 60%

This is a net increase of 16% for Johanns from the May Rasmussen poll. It is in line with the recent poll commission by the leftist blog Daily Kos, which showed Johanns ahead 58%-31%. From Rasmussen:
Johanns leads 59% to 33% among men in Nebraska and 61% to 33% among women.

He earns support from 84% of Republicans in the state, 21% of Democrats, and 57% of unaffiliated voters.

Kleeb’s support comes from just 69% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans, and 33% of unaffiliated voters.
Johanns's favorables are up 8% from last month.
Kleeb's are down 6%.

You may note that Bob Kerrey has given his support to Kleeb recently.

One would imagine that with these numbers, Cosmic Bob's endorsement of Kleeb will have about the same effect that it had for Hilary.

(Btw, the Plains Feeder has an excellent post on Kerrey's Folly.)


The same Rasmussen survey shows Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman with a "good" or "excellent" rating from 70% of those polled.

Just 6% say he's doing a bad job.


As noted above, Johanns leads Kleeb 61% to 33% among women.

Maybe the ladies find the "Hot Rancher" to be just a little too macho?
Well, this sign-off from Kleeb in a recent "live blog" could melt those female pro-Johanns hearts:
Thank you all...I have to go since I promised my wife I'd take her to Sex and the City tonight and it's starting in four minutes!
(And the male vote for Johanns rockets to 98%!)


asecurityguard said...

YEA! Im no. 1!!! Nothing to surprising here, basically the same poll numbers from the recent Daily Kos. The real election numbers will be closer, i think alot of repubs are gonna be staying home this year.

Gerard Harbison said...

You think they went to Sex in the City because Kleeb's wife wanted to go?

You're kinder to him than I would be.

ptg said...

Perhaps The Klub thought Sex in the City was a metrosexual flic.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with being Metro.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets insinuate things about Kleeb that aren't true and ignore that it IS true for a particular western-state Congressman. God knows we're Republicans and we have no desire to focus on reality, only on the petty stuff. And the meaner and more false the better.

Street Sweeper said...

I'm not sure what you're getting at, but the quote in the post comes from Kleeb himself.

And use your Google machine to look up "metrosexual". You'll find that it's not as pejorative as you seem to think. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)


right wing rant said...

Scott -- It's time for desperate action. Put an extra sock in those Wranglers!

Bi-Polar said...

Well, apparently Chris Peterson is worth his $17,000 a month salary.

Pol Observer said...

I'd say Chris Peterson is worth every penny.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Sweet mother of pearl ...

Johanns 60%
Kleeb 33%


... and Johanns hasn't even really begun to campaign. What's he spent so far - about eight bucks?

Life is sometimes sooooo good ...

Just as an aside, I wonder if things are getting a little tight financially around Kleeb manor; seems I've seen Jane the Bomb-Thrower around the cable shows a bit more than previously. Mebbe it's time for the Scooter to find real gainful employment, instead of these faux teacher and wannabe politician gigs.

Anonymous said...

Scott Kleeb is beautiful. He is way more beautiful than his wife.
He is actually lovely. I know he will win this election because everyone in Nebraska who loves lovely men will be so happy with Scott that they will simply gush with joy to vote for him.

Oh, my, but I am getting flushed just thinking about it.

curbfeeler said...

With all due respect to CP, he isn't causing MJ's high poll numbers.

MJ is a former Mayor, Governor and Secretary of Ag running against a teacher.

Anonymous said...

$17k A MONTH!!! Wow... That's got to make him the highest paid staffer in the state. (That's even more more than the Governor is.)

Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work.

One Out In The Third said...

After the robocalls and late night raids by Kleeb's Yard Sign (re-a) will be regarded as the greatest political comeback in Nebraska history...NOT. Go home Speed Racer.

Benny said...

I get goose bumps when the news came that Boob Kerrey was helping Scooter Klub raise money and save the day.

When Cosmo Bob last ran he and the very brilliant Richard Luger told us if we only vote for Boob "they" together could solve ALL the problems with Social Security.

As a retiree there efforts are the only reason I can sleep at night and feel secure.

I am sure Boob will get lots of money from those grassroot labor groups that came from Dunning and grassroot attorneys from Broken Bow that now reside there in NY.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I would never ask my husband to go to Sex and the Kitty with me. In fact, I cannot imagine spending $8 to see that all by myself. What a waste of looks on such a sissy guy! YKW

Anonymous said...

As for grossly overpaid staff, how about that Danielle Nantkes getting $7,500 a month from the pro-Affirmative Action group, Nebraskans United? If she's just a field director for them it makes you wonder what Kramer getting paid as E.D.