Friday, June 13, 2008

Chuck Hagel is at it again

While out selling books Nebraska's senior Senator, Chuck Hagel, took to bashing the President, as is his m.o., but this time threw out this little gem:
The problems facing America today are “far deeper and wider and worse than what FDR faced.”
Yes that's right, back in the 30's and 40's FDR may have had to deal with Hitler and Fascism and the extermination of the Jews, and the rise of Japan and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the Depression and rationing and engaging in a world war.

But that's nothing compared to today.

You know, the today where we drive SUVs to the gourmet coffee shop while buying computers on the internet via our mobile phones.

We're reminded of The Simpsons episode where Bart took over the camp and reporter Kent Brockman said,
"I've been to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and I can say, without hyperbole, that this is a million times worse than all of them put together."

Oh, and remember the Hagel quote from a a few days ago where he said, "I don't intend to be and don't expect to be on any ballot this year"?

Well, while Leavenworth Street cleared up what he really meant, yesterday, Chuck went ahead and spelled it out further.

He said he could not rule out the possibility of being Barry Obama's vice-presidential nominee, the same as “any responsible citizen who cares about his country.”

Yes, that's right. We're psychic.


As reported in the OWH a few days ago, an extensive survey was done by the Hal Daub for Mayor 2009 Exploratory Committee.

We had learned a few weeks ago that polling was being done by a firm asking questions related to the Omaha Mayor's office. And we remembered as well that Daub had done an extensive benchmark poll soon after he got in the Senate race back in November 2007.

There has also been some talk, unconfirmed, that Daub has been sharing his poll results with other candidates, possibly with the hope of keeping them out of the race. Of course Daub is familiar with this strategy as it was one used to get him and others out of the Senate race last fall. Of course, whether or not that "phantom poll" was accurate, the reality of the cleared out GOP primary became evident.

We've also heard rumors of Daub filling out his campaign staff and particularly looking at a high-profile campaign manager -- possibly one who has been successful in recent elections. We would add that there has been no confirmation on this, but it does show Daub will be going full-bore into this race. As he said after dropping out of the Senate race, "I don't want to make another concession speech."


Scott Kleeb actually took a position on something. The other day he expressed his support of the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill and the recent energy bill. Of course it's been pointed out that that passage of those bills would lead to higher gas prices, higher utility bills, and higher taxes. And even Democrat Ben Nelson said he was considering voting for an alternative to Warner-Lieberman.

We would guess that Mike Johanns will enjoy the opportunity to compare and contrast with Kleeb where the "Hot Rancher" has decided to take a stand.


OmaSteak said...

Hal's sharing polling results with potential deep pockets donors that Landow has been shaking down for almost 8 years. Unless Hal has firm committments for at least $1 million, it will be hard for him to unseat the Landow/Fahey machine.

Quincy said...

Chuck Hagel. I really hate you.

"If hate were people, I'd be China."

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Hal has plenty of people ready to back him and he will be able to get around $2 mil.

Street Sweeper said...


I'd agree that Hal would have his hands full battling Fahey no matter how much money he raises.

Thing is, the CW says Fahey won't run. In that case, who puts up the best fight against him?

OmaSteak said...

Since Fahey has already had a couple of fund raisers, I'm still betting he's going to run again. The only reason he might not is that the next Mayor is going to have to raise property tax rate to start covering the Qwest and pensions. Maybe he wants to keep his record of "no property tax rate increases" intact plus he's may be getting pinched a little on jet fuel costs for flying back and forth from Lake of the Ozarks.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really care about Chuck?

Anonymous said...

Years ago it seemed Kate Witek switched to the Democrack Party because of her personality conflicts with the Republicans, particularly Hagel and Louann. Will she want to switch back when Hagel joins the Dems as a condition of being offered Veep?

Anonymous said...

Fahey is continuing to raise money because he isn't a fool. All money that is left in his account could go to the local Party-in his name; the State Party-in his name: or be used to attend as many political, social, sporting, and charitable events as his little heart desires.

Why would he start spending his own money in retirement when he so enjoyed spending everyone else's money while in office?!

right wing rant said...


I want Kate back in our party as bad as I want that jock rash I had in high school.

Love ya, Kate.

Gerard Harbison said...

If you think that's bad...this morning on the radio I heard Ben Nelson's solution to the energy crisis: instead of drilling in the gulf or in ANWR, uncap all those old oil wells in the Nebraska Panhandle. Yep, must be millions of barrels of crude in there, and the eeevil oil companies won't extract it, 'cos they want the prices to rise.

My question is, if you added up the IQ of our entire senate delegation, how much change would you have from a buck?

Ben said...

Does the Kleebster have an honest bone in his body.

He claims in a recent email Johanns is supported by special interest and wealthy supporters ----------- Scooter check your donors. I think George Soros would qualify as wealthy and the big labor bucks would qualify as special interests.

If the Hottie is this deceptive now, ---- I don't think we want him in D.C.

He continues to prove over and over and over and over that he is the mother of all phoneys!!!!!!!

asecurityguard said...

If hal runs for mayor and Fahey does not... Then the race is over and it should just be handed over to Hal right now. No one else in the city has the base, finances or connections to run for office (except for maybe Warren Buffet or Walter Scott). If Fahey runs then i think it will be Fahey by another squeeker. Daub was voted out of office for a reason...

'sker said...

The answer to Professor Harbison's query: a buck.

Anonymous said...

The danger is exactly that real.

Our WWII enemies wanted nuclear weapons but they didn't have any. Today terrorists can easily have nuclear weapons because Russian and American nuclear security is rotten. President Bush just fired America’s entire top Air Force leadership for mistakenly shipping nuclear bomb parts to foreigners and for actually losing track of real US nuclear warheads.

Do you really think terrorists cannot get such weapons? Do you think they would keep them in Iraq?

We went to Iraq for WMD. They aren’t there. But they are somewhere. We would be looking harder for them except we are too busy trying to turn Iraq into a miniature USA.

So you keep on being impressed by FDR and keep our military focused on re-fighting WWII in Iraq. Keep them overwhelmed by it. After all, it isn't all that dangerous is it?

A few years from now, when you are picking radioactive splinters out of your butt, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave that Hagel guy a real piece of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Security Guard -

So Hal has it wrapped up if Fahey is out, yet Hal was voted out for a reason. I'm dizzy from chasing my tail on that one.

Also, explain to me who exactly constitutes Hal's so-called base in this town. And Mary Daub doesn't count.

It's been eight years, folks, and Hal's unfavorable name ID is at 40%You guys take Hal, I'll take the field.

Anonymous said...

Ben's funny. But wingers making stuff up is never a surprise. If he looked a the FEC reports, he'd see that George Soros has not given one penny to Kleeb (and why wingers are so obsessed with him is beyond me, because leftys sure aren't). But if you look at Mikey's FEC report, most of his money comes from DC and out of state. As much as 80-85%. His wifey's Alltel really likes to pour money into his campaign, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

"Hal was voted out of office for a reason."

Could that reason be that he showed up virtually every single day of the week to work (remember he did take a couple of days for a wedding to his lovely wife,Mary).

Could it be that his staff did their jobs and he did not allow his COS to run the City. When he was out of town Mayoral business, he properly handed the reigns to the President of the City Council (as required by City Charter)-not to his VBFF Paul Landow.

The only thing better than watching Hal beat Fahey, would be if Paul Landow wanted to show what a real man he is and actually step out from the safety and security of an appointed position and actually ask the citizens of Omaha (that includes Elkhorn, now) what they think of Mayor Paul-THE GUY NO ONE EVER VOTED FOR!

That would be a race worth seeing. Hal would smash him very effectively.

Ben said...

Anon Left Winger---- Check the FEC again during the House race --- which the extra large sum of money, contributed late in the race carried forward and you will see the name George SoreUs.

So to say George SoreUs did not give to Scooter is not correct.

You apology is accepted.

Anonymous said...

Benny, so your focused on one donation 2 years ago in another race for the amt of $2100, and could care less about the over $1 Million from Washington and from corporation big wigs (with over $150,000 from big oil alone) to Mikey. Hey, as long as you're consistant in your absurdity.

Your admission of idiocy is accepted.

Ben said...

Anon Left winger ---- I am not quite as absurdity as a guy running for President who thinks there are 58 state in these United States.

OR a guy that has never had a full time job running for the Senate.

Now that is absurd. But becoming normal for EXTREME LIBERALS

Have a great day!!!!

One Out In The Third said...

Hagel = Fearmongerer

asecurityguard said...

Anon 9:46
Hal was voted out for a reason, the citizens of omaha didn't like the job he was doing. If fahey doesn't run then the race is Hal's, who else in omaha has the name recognition and money to run against him? Jom Vokal might run, how many people in omaha know him outside his district? Hal has srong negative views and postive views about him, there isn't much of a middle of the road view with him. Who in the city would beat hal and his millions?
BTW, i in no way support or like Hal. He is a pompous and arrogant guy who just wants his name in the papers, i would take fahey any day of the week over him.

asecurityguard said...

Since no one has mentioned it yet i will go ahead. Looks like fahey got the last laugh against Sokol after all!!! if you havent done so already, read this:

Gerard Harbison said...

Actually, if you look at the drugstore cowboy's late donations in the 2006 campaign, there are a large number at the legal maximum, and almost all from out of state. I think it's hysterical how every election cycle we get whining about 'out-of-state' money to conservative candidates or causes, when we all know that if a leftist looks competitive a month out, a well-orchestrated influx of New York and California money will be there to try to put him over the top.

I wonder if Soros has ever set foot in Nebraska? I wonder if he could even locate the state on a map?

Anonymous said...

Security Guard,

Now I understand. Hal was voted out because Omaha didn't like the job he was doing, but now all is forgotten and the race is his to lose. Got it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fahey and Landow go junior high on sokol and kick him out of the club. Personally I think this is a dumb move. Of all the people in Omaha NOT to have as an enemy I think David Sokol is right near the top.

Anonymous said...

There will be a big price to pay for treating David Sokol like yesterday's trash.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone in Omaha that would say a negative thing about David (I said Omaha and Steve Pederson doesn't count-wherever he is). What he did for our community in fighting for the most appropriate placement for a new stadium is nothing short of heroic. Not only did he accomplish that task, but he also bought time for the "Save the Blatt" folks to be heard.

He is more respected than Fahey or Landow could ever hope to be in several lifetimes. He has stayed actively involved in his little hometown because he loves Omaha and the people in it.

I am fairly certain that he has had multiple opportunities to leave our community and make a GIANT sum of money and equally huge business reputation for himself, but he hasn't.

This was a calculated effort on the Mayor's behalf that he and other Democrats in this community will see to come and bite them on the ass hard!

If Warren is the "Oracle of Omaha", then David is one of the greatest blessing that could have been bestowed on this town in the middle of America.

I can only imagine how many heads were shaking at this morning's front page. The next question is, who's head will be the first to roll down the steps of City Hall!

Pol Observer said...

you want to bet the replacement is PJ Morgan

Anonymous said...

Too bad the mayor is so classless that he had to release this information during the College World Series. What a total lack of class by Jack&$% Landow and the part-time Mayor Fahey.

asecurityguard said...

Anon 12:22
You havent answered who here has the name recognition and money to run against Daub and win. dont get your panties in a bunch. Alot of people dont like daub, and alot do. think about it...

asecurityguard said...

With this move by fahey there is no way he will run again. Sokal could fund the entire campaign for any repub that runs against him. This was a classless move that soured his image. Legally i think he is on solid ground "Sokol returned the card, listing the Wyoming address and marking an "X" in a box next to "I have moved out of Nebraska; please cancel my Nebraska Voter Registration." That right there says it in plain english. But this was a unneccessary fight for Fahey to get involved in, now he is out for blood. BTW, $5 Mike Boyle will replace him on the board.

Tyler said...

Hmmm... higher gas prices, or ecological cataclysm... hmmm... decisions, decisions... I'll take more expensive gas, please. Oh that's right, you Republican fools don't accept that CO2 is a greenhouse gas because that would mean there was some failure involving the unfettered market, which doesn't jive with your religious devotion to laissez-faire. Keep up the good work guys, best to risk the destruction of civilization than admit the need for any regulation or sacrificing anything, at all, ever (other than the heroic wearing of flag pens, of course) for the good of the country that you profess to love so much.