Wednesday, May 14, 2008

General Election begins today

Any excitement in the big races last night ended early.

So, while we were watching the returns dribble in, here are a few things we learned:

  • When Democrats are given the choice between the Democrat they know and the Republican they don’t, they’ll usually go for the Democrat.
  • Mike Johanns has already defined Scott Kleeb (anti-tax cuts, pro-choice, pro- gay unions).
  • Kleeb’s campaign apparently had pre-election day internal polling that they chose not to release. (According to Owen Lei of KETV.)
  • Jim Esch is hoping to raise $300,000 of dirty, filthy, corrupting PAC money for the general. (KMTV video.)
  • Richard Carter plans on running for office again.
  • Tony Raimondo does not.
  • Hillary has gotten screwed by the caucus system. Her Nebraska delegates are based on the 12,000 people (32%) who sided with her in the caucus. But she had 43,000 people (47%) actually fill in the oval for her yesterday. If that happened in Peru, Jimmy Carter would have a conniption fit.
  • Kleeb believes that “Washington can’t change Nebraska, but Nebraska can sure change Washington.” Just in case you were thinking he might give a clearer message for the general.
  • Jim Esch’s endorsement doesn’t have the weight it carried back in high school. (And neither does the Omaha World Herald's...)
  • The Kleeb folks may hold a grudge against Esch...

Anything else interesting?


Anonymous said...

You might want to add to your list of bullet points that 22% of Republicans voted against Johanns for Senate, I mean just in case anybody was counting or anything. And for those that were counting 13% of the pachyderms also voted against that old 'get out of my yard' guy for President. I mean does anyone really think they were voting FOR Flynn or Paul?

Street Sweeper said...

That's certainly a point worth mentioning.

It's also worth mentioning that there were ZERO competitive races for Republicans to vote for, yet 135,000 of them still came out to vote.

On the other hand, for the at least two compeitive Dem races, only 93,000 showed up. And turnout will be increased in November dramatically.

That's quite a hump for Scotty (and Barry) to get over.

ptg said...

Hump? I'm calling Jimmy Carter!

Anonymous said...

Johanns is a moderate who like Nelson appeals more to Nebraskans and less to partisans. A primary election is but a hump, hump, hump that Johanns had to get over. He is over it. Now it is just Gov-Secty Johanns against Professor Cowboy Hat, who is reported to be pro-gay unions. Do you think he attends the annual union picnic?

Joe Six Pack said...

Once the LJS pointed out Kleeb had sold out to the unions bosses and did not protect my SECRET BALLOT he was off my list of people to vote for, give contributions to, make phone calls for, and tell my friends about. Well actually now I will be telling my friends about this phony!

I don't care how many cattle rounded up in a blizzard and didn't pay any Nebraska income tax while working on the RANCH.

He will never get my vote again even if I have to hold my nose and vote for a Republican!!!!!!!

I have never voted Republican in my life --- until this coming November.

Anonymous said...

I was really surprised that Johanns as a 20 year politician, and resident of Washington for the past few years propped himself up as the candidate to change Washington.

Wow, way to jump on that band wagon.

That and his speech went on and on and on zzzzzzzzzz.

I think that I am just waking up.

Street Sweeper said...

Say what you want about Johanns speech -- you will always get an even, well thought-out oration.

But the sweaty, buzz-word blast that was Kleeb's acceptance was comical. He could have (and pretty much did) yelled "Change!" "Hope!" and a few other chants and it would have had the same meaning.

Talk about your "sound and fury" (fill in the rest).

Kyle Michaelis said...

With Johanns, "you will always get an even, well thought-out oration"????

Who are you kidding? The guy isn't Cicero. He's not even Ben Nelson.

Sweeper's really making a fool of herself with that one. Stephanie, is that you?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the show today, but I heard a rumor that on the Tom Becka show today Jim Esch said that two prominent Republicans are going to endorse him in the next week? Anyone hear this? Anyone know more about it?

Paddy said...

Johanns can only be described as a STALE CRACKER!!!!! Listening to his monotone vocals can be compared to sitting in the dentist's chair for hours while the dentist drills and drills and drills.

I couldn't wait for the day I didn't have to listen to Bill Clinton's voice on the evening Johanns?!?!!

Johanns' voice is purely excrutiating. His body language is that of a cadaver! Poor thing obviously didn't have a decent speech instructor in college.

4.0 UNL Student said...

I was right!!! Look how a Progressive, Obama democrat beat a wealthy psuedo-dem like Raimondo. We are redefining Nebraska values with each new Kleeb supporter. Let Jim Esch have his prominent republicans. The Kleeb agenda is on a roll!!!

Anonymous said...

Mississippi anyone?

'sker said...

Ben Nelson has been in public service in Nebraska because he generally behaves - and presents himself - as a conservative. Independent, yes, and conservative. Kleeb has done all he can to paint himself as moderate-right if not conservative. Why not moderate-left? Or liberal? It is because we are in Nebraska. The fact that there are those talking about change in Nebraska does not mean Nebraskans will cease being Nebraskans. Those who believe they are "re-defining Nebraska values" don't understand that is why they will lose. They could represent Nebraska values, but that wouldn't be progressive of them would it?

The Redhead said...

4.0 --- you are so right WE MUST sell Progressive Obama and Progressive Kleeb in one package to win in Nebraska.

We will Change Nebraska and Change Wasington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean said...

Where is Wasington?

Tennyson said...

redhead: 15 exclamation marks? Are you experiencing anger issues?

One Out In The Third said...


Kleb will have to double the number of his supporters to come close to what Johanns garnered in the Primary. With time...voters in the 1st and 2nd will realize how clueless Kleb is...and by November the Red sleeping giant in Nebraska will wake up from the boredom and Kleb will be embarrassed worse than he was by Smith two years ago. Kleb just experienced his moment of grandiosity.

It's all linear my friend...all linear.

Anonymous said...

Anony at 6:08,

We will be quote checking, fact checking, and of course, spell checking anything "original" that comes out of Jim's mouth-you only get 1 staffer under the bus and only 1 oops, I (the 30-something) don't know how to "cut and paste" said Jim Esch in his interview with Carol Kloss of KETV 7 in Omaha, NE. He has know credibility because he will forever be known as the guy that plagiarized his way into the General.

Oh, you also only get one shot at admitting to something in your second race that you lied about in your first-you know, the DWI thing.

Anonymous said...

A Letter to the Editor from Fall 2006:


I would like to take a minute to give some personal information about Third District Candidate Scott Kleeb. My name is Butch McGinn and I am the person Scott approached when he wanted to learn about agriculture. When Scott arrived here 8+ years ago, I asked Scott, what do you want to know? His answer was to start from the ground up, so he started as an employee at the bottom.

When Scott comments about ranching it is with personal experiences speaking. He has fixed fences, worked cattle, had grease under his fingernails during haying while putting in a full day in the summer sun with no cab. Scott has been involved in every aspect of life on a ranch including marketing and management discussions.

Scott has also participated in lengthy discussions with corn growers of this local area in his quest for knowledge. His search for knowledge and truth are boundless.

Whenever there was vacation time from college, he would return to work part time. Scott also helped organize a group of World Fellows to come to the third district on an annual basis to see agriculture in action.

The Grand Island Independent said that Scott never paid any taxes. As Scott's employer, I can tell you that he first paid taxes in Nebraska starting in 1998.

When I think of Scott Kleeb, I think of someone who is honest, ethical, a good listener, and the one person who has the broad perspective to represent us in the third district. One does not need to have been sick to be a doctor, nor does one need to own a ranch to understand the agricultural way of life and its problems. He's a good man. Please vote for Scott on November 7.

Charles (Butch) McGinn
Anselmo, Neb.

Now, can that right-wing lie that "he paid no taxes" die once and for all? OR is it that Right wingers can only win by lying?

Oh, and Scott always supported the Defense of Marriage Act, said marriage is between a man and woman, and said states should decide that issue. That he's for "gay unions" is another right winger lie.

Now can we get away from all the petty old Republican, vote-gettingn talking points? You know...the same ones they use every election cycle but never actually do anything about because they know it's always going to pull in votes from the narrow minded?

Street Sweeper said...

OK two points:

1) Has Kleeb produced the 2006 tax returns in question? That shouldn't be too difficult. I'm not sure why we have to take this guy's word for it.

2) Someone can confirm this one way or the other (it's early and I don't have time to look), but I believe being for gay unions and being for the Defense of Marriage Act are not mutually exclusive. (, you can be FOR both)

Here's the funny part: Like the abortion Q, if you ask Kleeb if he is for or against gay unions, I'll betcha you don't get a yes or no answer.

Anonymous said...

Gay marriage? Abortion? The 2000 election called, it wants its' issues back.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Good grief! Yackety-yackety-yackety!

With a nation that is being flushed down the toilet by George W. Bush, mired deep in an endless and senseless war, an economy that is going to hell, gas heading for $5.00/gal and all you folks worry about is whether or not a gay couple can legalize their relationship or not?

It is time to take off the Neo-Con blinders and realize that we have problems far more pressing than the rubber-stamp issues forged for you by Karl Rove and his clones. Were riding in a car that is heading for a head-on collision with a Mack truck and all you folks seem interested in doing is twiddling the dial on your radio to see if you can pick up Rush Limbaugh.

Street Sweeper said...

Were there some Dem marching-order talking points that I missed?

In any case, Brian and Anony, it was a Kleeb supporter who brought it up.

But if your boy Scott would simply answer the questions put to him, maybe he wouldn't have people (for whom abortion is a very important issue) coming back to it.

And btw, Johanns rattled off a number of issues he differs with Kleeb on. Funny how ya'll are suddenly wound up about ONE of them...

scott said...

to BTO ----- most of us agree with you when you say ---

"With a nation that is being flushed down the toilet by George W. Bush, mired deep in an endless and senseless war,

Why should we worry about "liberty and freedom" on the rest of this planet --- we have our???

BTO thanks for being a brilliant leader!!!!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Scott, you're embarrassing me. But, oddly enough, I agree with me too.

NeoCon said...

"all you folks worry about is whether or not a gay couple can legalize their relationship or not?

It is time to take off the Neo-Con blinders"

Yeah, gay marriage is not one of our issues. Now, about bombing Iran...