Monday, April 28, 2008

Tony TV: My Opponents...

Tony Raimondo's latest 30 seconds up, entitled, "Experience". Take a look:

Now THIS is the type of ad that Raimondo should have had up initially. Much better summary of his background and experience.

Of course Tony also takes the first shots across the bows of the Mike Johanns and Scott Kleeb campaigns. But then, Kleeb has been doing that from the very moment he entered the race. (It's kind of funny to see the Kleeb people already whining about it.)

But notice Raimondo's choice of words when referring to Johanns -- "my Republican opponent".

Uh Tony, until you win the nomination, Johanns is just the Republican you were afraid to run against in the GOP primary.
The history teacher -- errr "academic" -- is the only opponent you have right now.


While we've mentioned it before, you can also go to the Johanns website to see seven of his issue ads.

They're all professionally produced and well done, but we'll wait until he goes on the air to give a full critique.

You may notice that the Johanns campaign also has decided to use Google Adwords to link their website as well. Raimondo started this, though Kleeb seems to have discontinued.


In case you missed it, Jim Esch's drug test came back "negative".

So we guess that just leaves the question of what does Rich Carter know (or think he knows) about Esch's urine sample that we don't?


Omaha Repub said...

This would be a golden opportunity for Rich Carter to apologize about Jim's urine sample.

Anonymous said...


ed said...

While Kleeb and Raimondo are ankle deep in a pissing contest, Esch and Carter are busy sampling urine specimens. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next. Anybody got a ruler?

omaha repub said...

I will at least give Kleeb credit for actually running a decent House race in 06. The race here in the 2nd district is horrible. (though mildly amusing) I have to say that after watching this fiasco, Michael Scott and Shelly Kiel at least put together campaigns. These guys have groupies not volunteers.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of his FEC report, either the entire Esch Family got there "shareholders" checks this week or they're are all independently wealthy!

Anonymous said...

OOps! Sorry for the extra "are" in there.

Anonymous said...

If Raimundo can afford a good ad company, he'd better pay for voice overs. He can mouth the words and then insert the voice of someone who doesn't sound abnormal.

Of course, Raimundo's employees think he is a great orator. If he pays me, maybe I will too.

A Real Dem said...

To: OmaRep

I don't think Leadfoot ran a decent campaign in 06. He outspent Smith 2 to 1 in the General. The cowboy even got Uncle Ben to stretch the truth about being a "right to life" guy. This left winger is a sweet talker but the rhetoric of "change" will get old long before November --- maybe even May.

omaha repub said...

To a real dem: You get within 10 points of a republican in the 3rd district, raise money, run ads, travel extensively, and have a good mail program, that is a proper campaign. I agree his positions were crap!!! He is a Lib! But we should respect those who run a decent race.(The Senate race is another issue) Now lets switch gears to Omaha. Esch and gimmicks, no real campaigning, cox public access debate....Seems more to me like a class president election than someone running for congress. I'm waiting for the Carter Camp to say Jim Esch used someone elses urine

Jean said...

"that is a proper campaign" that so?...thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

When will Esch be handing out cupcakes that his mom baked?