Monday, March 31, 2008

A comeback for P.J. Morgan?

In his Sunday column, Michael Kelly dropped this little political nugget for Omahans interested in next year’s Mayoral election:
Two Republicans mentioned as possi­ble candidates next year are for­mer mayors — Hal Daub and P.J. Morgan.
Kelly then goes on to get comments from Morgan regarding the Mayoral recall drive, with Morgan saying:
“I absolutely think it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s not something Omaha needs as part of our image.”
Morgan suddenly disappeared from the political scene back in 1994, not long after he had been elected to another term as Mayor of Omaha. He took a job with Duncan Aviation, but it was never quite cleared up why it was that he suddenly left the Mayor’s office.

Very popular at the time, Morgan’s name was commonly thrown around as a possibility for the Senate seat that Chuck Hagel eventually won. The landscape would be much different today had the better-known Morgan won that 1996 race.

Should Morgan, now back into his commercial real estate biz, and Daub get in, there would be two 800 pound gorillas in a race that has interested the likes of Councilmen Jim Vokal, Gary Gernandt and Jim Suttle. Of course, should Fahey decide to run again, that would change the complexity of the race dramatically as well.

Oh and by the way, Daub also stated:

“I strongly oppose the recall. I have nothing to do with that.”
Also, remember that it was Morgan who pushed for the renovation of the Civic Auditorium, but at the time rejected calls for a new convention center and arena. But it was Daub who championed the Qwest Center. Wonder where P.J. stands on the new stadium?


While Scott Kleeb may have updated his campaign website with “issues”, he is still loathe to voice anything specific in public.

When the two leading Dem Senate candidates appeared in Grand Island over the weekend, they were, of course, asked about the leading issue of the day, Iraq. Raimondo responded by stating that he believes troops should come out within one to three years – max.

And Kleeb?

“We do have to withdraw. But I don't think it's my job to put an actual timetable on it.”

Apparently Scott believe the job in the Senate involves selling shoes.
So I guess we’ll just mark Kleeb down as being in favor of John McCain’s 100 year plan.

[And an important editorial note from Leavenworth Street:

We here on Leavenworth Street believe that Tony Raimondo would be the much stronger general election opponent against Mike Johanns.

Sure Tony doesn’t have Scott’s tight jeans and giant belt buckles, but he is going to be a much more attractive candidate to the majority of Republican and Independent Nebraskans. He’ll sell himself as a Ben Nelson type and, should he raise enough money to send his message, could pose a real challenge to Joahnns.

But don’t bother telling this to Nebraska Obamainiacs. They’re still gazing glowingly at Scotty…]

Chuck Hagel on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show tonight. Word has it that Chuck Hagel wrote a book, or something…

Oh, and Chuck also thinks Obama would “bring people together” better than any of the other candidates. But Chuck’s not going to endorse anyone right now. Oh no, he’s not going to do that.


ttg said...

Hagel refuses to endorse for the same reason Daub and Morgan refuse to back recall efforts. It is not to thier advantage.

Political suicide is not proof of honesty but rather stupidity. America can endure much self interest but very little stupidity.

Instead of criticizing those who refuse to entertain us by commiting suicide, perhaps we should criticise those who drive thier cars into banks and have driven America into its problems.

Street Sweeper said...

That’s an interesting take about Hagel, and we certainly appreciate the view from a political standpoint – which few here do, but…

…What’s the “suicide” for Hagel? If he endorses Obama, so what? Is he really holding out to see if Obama beats Hillary? If that’s it, then I’d ask if Hagel has any political balls in the first place. Come on. And if it’s because he wants to wait to see if McCain could win, well news flash: That ship has sailed. If he hasn’t endorsed McCain by now, he is persona non grata in the McCain camp.

So all that being the case -- Obama’s 99% chance of winning the nom and McCain’s 0% chance of bringing Hagel into his admin – what’s the problem with Chuck stepping up and wet-kissing Obama now?

And really, it’s not so much his hemming and hawing about endorsing, it’s his grandstanding about the candidates’ positions as if he has no idea where they stand. Hagel calls political bullshit on everyone else while he’s tossing it himself.

And all the while with a face like he just ate a sour turnip...

mike honcho said...

How many other former mayors have their eyes on the prize again?

Seriously, time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper -
Congrats on being named "best of state political blogs" for Nebraska, by The Washington Post's Chris Cilizza. Quite an honor, and well deserved!

Street Sweeper said...

Thanks very much.
And, as always, we'll be sitting by the mailbox waiting for our congratulatory ham...

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Lormong Lo may be running as well. After all, he was a former mayor as well and wants to be part of the club.

Street Sweeper said...

Nice Lormong reference.