Monday, February 04, 2008

Tony's all in

One-month-old-Democrat Tony Raimondo announced today that he is filing for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. He said that he will be doing a fly-around tour later this month.

Taking a jab, apparently, at Mike Johanns, the 68 year old Raimondo said he will, "fight against the career politicians who unwittingly stifle innovation, economic opportunity and development." Then agian, maybe he's attacking Barack and Hillary. We're just not sure.
(By the way, he's, surprise!, part of Obamamania. As if Ben would have it any other way...)

On his campaign website,, he states that:
Peoples' paychecks are eaten up by higher energy costs.
Government has ignored energy independence.
He's not slick.

Raimondo did not mention, however, his former interest in drilling for oil and gas in restricted coastal waters. High energy costs were hurting his company, so Raimondo lobbied Congress to change the law regarding such drilling. This is a sentiment that would probably fly in a Republican primary, but where will it, along with his other traidtionally Republican positions, sit with his new Democrat constituency?

And along with those quesitons is, Whither the Hot Ranch-Hand (a/k/a Scott Kleeb)?

Raimondo seemed to have been waiting for Kleeb to make his deicsion, and the past implications were that this would not be a contested primary. The latest word was that Kleeb's recent Washington, D.C. forray was not successful, and that he would not run for Senate. Others have stated they think a contested Senate primary would be valuable to the Nebraska Democrats.

So since Tony's has pushed his chips into the middle, we wait to see if the cowpoke will finally get out of the outhouse and sit down at the table. Many caucus-goers is waiting to hear...


The Ranch hand said...

Please Sweeper no Outhouse jokes for Kleeb. I just hope he's not tapping his foot waiting to enter the race.

Anonymous said...

The overtly gay-bashing comments regarding Kleeb on these threads is becoming tiresome and distracting. There is enough with which we can attack Kleeb that we do not need to present ourselves as homophobes, or worse. Please, lay off the "Brokeback Mountain" material and stick to issues that are the real reason Kleeb is unfit to serve the people of Nebraska.

Street Sweeper said...

Lest anyone misinterpret the "outhouse" allusion, we were referring to the fact that Kleeb needs to "sh*t or get off the pot" (and coming from a ranch, they usually have outhouses for that, right?).
Thanks for your attention.

Mike Kennedy said...

NEBRASKA DEMOCRATS you just commited political suicide!!! You realize by running a second or quite arguably 3rd teir candidates in races you have no chance of winning in the Senate Race or against Lee Terry you awoke a sleeping Giant. Chris Peterson of the Johanns camp, Mark Quandahl of the Republican Party and whomever is running Terry's campaign are going to have to work now and raise millions of dollars that are going to GOTV efforts in a Red State in a presidential year. Now Peterson and the others have targets to fundraise with and enlist volunteers. The tragic part of this for the democrats is that turnout will be better for republican unicameral candidates and various oher offices. Nice job guys, you answered my prayers.

OmaSteak said...

Interesting omission on Tony's initial webpage...doesn't mention Democrat anywhere. From what it says so far, you'd think he was a Republican running for Senate...oh wait, he was until a few weeks ago...LOL!!! If he's an accomplished liar like his mentor, Ben, he might have an outside shot.

Anonymous said...

My comment wasn't in regard to the Outhouse reference, it was in regard to the foot tapping. If we keep it civil and intelligent, we can keep the discussion on the shortcomings of Kleeb, Raimondo, and the others the Dems will bring forward.

One Out In The Third said...

This probably means I can't refer to T.R. as "Tony the Driller?"

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Kleeb is straight. Fine.

But what's with the term
"Homophobe?" Homophobia means "an unnatural fear of homosexuals." A phobia is, after all, an unnatural fear.

I don't see any unnatural fear here. I do however see some objection to a human sexual practice which, if conducted exclusively by everyone, will lead to the extinction of the human species. That seems a rather textbook definition of unnatural. And what seems unnatural to even some voters is always worth noting during an election.

This is a Democracy. We cannot expect our own beliefs to apply to how others vote on this or other issues. And homosexuality is an issue if you think it is an issue. Besides, if homosexuality is as "normal" as its proponents say it is, why take offense when someone suggests a candidate is gay?

BTOsborn said...


I object to our society allowing idiots to run around loose, yet I accept your right to spew inanities.

If we take heterosexuality to the extremes that you insist homosexuality would - the extinction of the species - then we'd be facing, eventually, a situation where all the earth would be covered in our offspring.

Really, if that is the best argument you have to prop up your phobias, we'll have to find you a nice straightjacket and padded cell.

We don't take offense when someone, in order to oppose a candidate, tries to pin the "gay" tail on the donkey. We just feel sorry for them and wish them a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

bto, nothing bad was said about Kleeb. And nothing bad was said about you. But you attack people directly for what they say generally. Those who love you must find that difficult and irritating. And your personal attacks on bloggers in no way adds logic or reason to politic conversation about public persons. You are a bully, perhaps a sadist, and an ego unable to live without abusing others. And when all is done, your victims aren't victimized. But you are left being you.

Anonymous said...

I am left to infer that your position on homosexuality is of Christian derivation, excellent, because I, too, am a Christian and, like most Christians believe in compassion for my fellow man. You may not believe in the practices of homosexuals, but as a Christian, you should, at the very least, be tolerant of them and show them compassion for the "unnatural" behavior you say afflicts them.

Unfortunately, you are a hypo-Christian, or maybe a grocery-cart Christian. You love to wrap yourself up in the flag of morality to justify you own decrepit behavior toward others. Your derogatory use of homosexual slurs probably is used to mask some sort of sexual dysfunction of your own, but if it isn't, it is still pathetic behavior for a human being to display.

Street Sweeper said...

OK folks,
Enough discussion about each other.

We're using the Jim Rome rules here of "have a take, don't suck". Right now you're all sucking.

If you want to comment, read the post again and and find something relevant. Otherwise I will start deleting.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Obama coming to Nebraska on Thursday

Mike Kennedy said...

Allright folks are we done with the lame posts or are we going to talk about the issue at hand. Which politician looks good or bad in a cowboy hat. The Obama picture I must say looks good. Any Johanns, Hagel, Nelson pictures out there? I'm glad we are hitting the substantive issues.

Mike Kennedy said...

Obama wins the Vince Powers get my delegate vote contest!!!!! Where is the Democratic convention, Denver?

BTOsborn said...


You left out the part where I like to torture puppies, eat newborn children, and burn virgins alive as sacrifices to my demon god.

Jeez, you sure don't take criticism well do you? Then you turn around and do what you accuse me of. Just so you know, those who love me probably don't love you either. Now go have a good cry and get over it.

As for keeping things pertinent to the topic at hand, I can be counted on the list of those who are still hoping that Scott Kleeb will enter the fray, be it for the Senate or threatening Adrian Smith's retirement plan.

If the best anyone can do is criticize him for the clothes he wears, the education he has worked hard to achieve, or questioning his sexuality, all I can say is you need to come up with better arguments against him.

BTOsborn said...

Hey gang! I just had the most amazing brainfart!

Let's have Scott Kleeb pull a Witek (or a Raimondo if you prefer) and run in the primary as a Republican!

Then all of you guys that have such terrible things to say about Scott would be praising the very things that you hated about him before. You'd all start wearing cowboy hats and saying how proud you were that he was one of your own, how great it was that he had such a good education, and what a hunk he is.

I think that would even appeal to Sen. Nelson and all the other bi-partisan centrists out there. What do you think?

the red headed prophet said...

Wheuwhee!!!!! I can sure smell that!!!! Let's just put it on the table....if you are a male Democrat seeking any office, you are gay!!! If you are a Democratic female seeking office, you are not only a lesbian, but a true bitch!!!! Right On btosborn!!!!! You go boy!!!!

One Out In The Third said...


I did that with Bruning and I ain't getting pulled in with Kleeb as a Republican. Burn me once...shame on you...burn me twice...shame on me.

Besides that...a leopard can't change his spots. In Bruning's case...he was a

Happy Super Fat Tuesday ya all.

ron said...

Why is the Nebraska primary election so late? Doesn't that usually make it useless to vote?