Monday, February 04, 2008

Rest in Peace, Jan Terry

Join us in celebrating the life of the tireless campaign volunteer Jan Terry, who passed away over the weekend. Jan was also known as Lee Terry's wife, and Lee Terry's mom (depending if you were talking about the Sr. or the Jr.).

Jan was involved in most every major Republican campaign in the past decades -- and hardly just those of her husband or son. She knew everyone and everyone knew her.She gave advice, got volunteers organized, set up events, stuffed envelopes, and did all the other things that keep campaigns and party organizations running. She always had her giant rolodexes at the ready and could flip out a campaign op's phone number at the drop of a hat.

If you wanted to get the sense of the party, you could ask Jan. And oh by the way, it was almost always with a smile and a laugh and a joke as well. She was the kind of person who made politics fun.

Rest in Peace Jan.


Anonymous said...

I got to know Jan a little in those same trenches and she was a wonderful campaigner and, more importantly, person.

My best goes out to the family.

Mike Kennedy said...

Sweeper we need a seperate post for Jan. The back and forth political jabs are innapropriate for a posting for people to discuss Jan Terry. Thanks.

Street Sweeper said...

Good suggestion.

Mike Kennedy said...

Thanks Sweeper, Jan was a great volunteer and supporter of her cause. Any person who spends the time participating in the political process regardless of party is an asset to their community and country. We will miss you Jan!!!!

curbfeeler said...

Indeed a lady and a patriot.