Tuesday, February 12, 2008

House Party

More waiting on House candidates. Lee Terry said he's going to take this election seriously (so he can apparently win by more than 10% -- which, we keep hearing, was "really close"). Terry has around $455,000 Cash On Hand.
Announced Democrat, Richard Carter, made his first foray in front of the party and on TV. And Don Walton of the LJS reports that who is out of the woodwork, but Jim Esch!

You may remember that a few months ago, Esch conceded the 2008 election to Lee Terry because Hillary was going to make it too difficult for all of the down ballot races. But at his caucus, people started chanting Jim's name when he came up on stage, and, gee willikers, maybe he WOULD run for Student Council...er...Congress again! Well any Esch campaign will have to compete with the fierce Facebook campaign that Carter has already put up. Will he be up to the challenge? Will the internets be able to handle these two in cyberspacians? We wait...

Over in the first District, Jeff Fortenberry says he's in (around $297,000 COH). And the only peep we've heard from the Lincoln area Dems is that a guy named Max Yashirin is considering a run. Max also has a Facebook (or is it MySpace?) page with fun photos. But we'll wait for the Dems to announce and push this one. No reason to jump the gun.

And finally in the third, Adrian Smith says he'll run ($237,000 COH). But, of course, no Dem will make a move until Scott Kleeb announces his decision. The CW these days is that he's going to challenge Tony Raimondo for the the Dem nom for Senate. (Of course, Raimondo endorsed Smith in 2006. Wonder if he'd do that again?) Any day now Scott...

But the latest we're hearing from various little birds is that if no other Dems get in, "SmithWatch" blogger and alleged sometime Smith stalker, Lisa Hannah may jump into the race against Smith. We'll say this: probably no one, not even Smith staffers, has typed as many words about Smith's career as Hannah (and that's just talking about her last post). And she recently introduced Chelsea to the folks in Grand Island. So with the way things are going, Hillary may even have time to venture to the third for her.
(Thanks for everyone's patience, as it is officially flu-season here on Leavenworth Street...)


One Out In the Third said...


C'mon. April Fools is still more than a month and a half away. How could anyone be inspired by the grossly under-attended caca-us? What were there? 10 people cheering? Boy that kind of support will lead to a landslide vote.

Hall County could only muster just over 800 Dems from the entire county of over 11,000 registered Dems...and the weather didn't keep them home. The County Head Dem was going from person to person solicting handouts to "pay for caucus expenses." Pay for what? Beer and pizza?

Buffalo County had an even smaller turnout and the local hick media was going wild. Maybe that's why they call it "Buffalo" County. The Dems are talking the talk but they are walking into a compound fracture.

The Third remains and will remain a conservative bastion. Kleeb knows it or he would be dancing the dance.

Bubba said...

Following his college football days at the U of Alabama, his time as a shrimp boat captain, and the untimely death of his wife Jenny, Richard Carter decided to move to Omaha and enter the political fray.

Feel free to grow it out on the sides, dude.

Strong Moderate said...

Well.. it seems we are totally left without any "barn burners". With no viable candidates on the Democratic side it looks like all that Terry, Fortenberry, Smith, and Johanns have to do is just sit back, attend some fund raising parties, and wait until Election Day.

BTW: At said meeting of Lisa Hannah and Hilary Clinton was also none other than.. Scott "Brokeback" Kleeb. Now there is a Primary I would love to see (and subsequently laugh at), Hannah vs. Kleeb.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest . . . Whether or not you think Jim Esch has a chance against Lee Terry, you have to admit that he will easily dispose of Richard Carter as a primary opponent. Esch may be a tool, but he has a loyal following of young professionals, Creighton Prep grads, and Irish Catholic Dems that will carry him though the primary.

No one in Dem circles knows who Richard Carter is. You don't just show up at a Party event and say 'None of you know me, but I am going to save your party by running for Congress'.

Jim Esch is miles ahead of Richard Carter.

Anonymous said...

I think that Lisa chick has an unnatural obsession with Adrian. She says she doesn't like him but she can't stop talking about him...hmm.....

BTOsborn said...
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BTOsborn said...

Although I will be one of the first to admit that the first ever caucus ran by the Nebraska Democrats didn't go off without a glitch or two (or three, or . . . ), it most certainly was successful beyond anyone's expectations. As caucus' go, the turnout in Nebraska was far higher than most other states.

It is unfortunate that the Republicans in the Unicameral wouldn't allow us to move the date of our primaries up to align with Super Tuesday, as many other states did, so that the caucus was the only way we were able to allow at least SOME of Nebraska's Democrats to have a say in their selection of a presidential candidate. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it was the best available. Far better than the Republicans will have when Nebraska's primary, in May, comes around. Who are YOU guys going to vote for, McCain or McCain?

The best thing about the caucus is that it brought Nebraska's Democrats together, for many of them perhaps the first time ever. They gathered in places all across the state and discovered who their Democratic neighbors were. This alone is going to strengthen the Nebraska Democratic Party. This alone will, as you will one day be well aware, was the single event that rejuvenated the NDP.

Street Sweeper said...

Nope Brian.

Leavenworth Street isn't going to be turned into a place to post links for your favorite candidate.

If YOU have something to say about your favorite new candidate, say it.

BTOsborn said...

It is unfortunate that I must find Leavenworth Street fears the truth to the point it will censor anything that doesn't agree with its predetermined biases. Even Kyle, over on NNN, will allow my frequent rants.

I only linked to the article by Carter because he presents his own case, in his own words, and says it better than I could. I live in the 3rd CD, so he isn't MY candidate. I liked Jim Esch when he ran, and if he runs again I'd like to know how he compares to Carter. I would want to know as much about both of them as I could were I a resident of CD2.

Too bad you don't want your readers to know the truth Sweeper. You disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

So would is Esch essentially being swayed by the "Barack Movement?" If so, it would be fitting because both of them seem to be full of crap (BM).

Street Sweeper said...


If you want to whine, go back to NNN. You've probably commented here on L St more than anyone else in the past few month, so you're hardly pre-empted from posting your standard liberal diatribes.

What we do not want, is simple linking to campaign sites. It's lazy and does nothing to further discussion. If Carter wants to sell his position here in L St's posting area, he is welcome to do so. "In his own words", as you put it.

We look forward to your next dozen comments posted here.


Neal Obermeyer said...

What if Brian wasn't posting it as part of an argument, but instead as information for anyone who wanted to read for themselves?

Is that against the rules, SS? Actually, what are the rules?

Street Sweeper said...

Here are the rules:
Have a take. Don't suck.

Posting a link isn't saying something. (And I won't even get into the fact that I am familiar with what Carter wrote on the NNN, and found it to be pure campaign drivel.)

Frankly I'm generally against links in the comments. We're all internet savy enough here that if you really feel you need to point everyone to a site, reference the site. And everyone can Google the words if need be.

BTOsborn said...

OK Sweeper.

A Democratic Candidate from the 2nd Congressional District has posted some introductory information about himself on another well known Nebraskan political blog. If you aren't content with just arbitrarily bashing that person without even knowing the first thing about him, then I would suggest that you seek out what he has written.

I live in the 3rd CD so this person isn't my candidate. As a Liberal Democrat, his fortunes are of interest to me. I believe that if you want to speak about him, you should at least know about him. So I invite you to Google his name (I guess I can't mention THAT here) and see if you can't determine which other blog that might be on.

I read what the candidate had to say and I believe that his re'sume' is formidable. I believe he will be a very viable candidate against Lee Terry.

And face it Sweeper. You love having my posts on your Leavenworth Street. It makes for more exciting reading than the usual crap about how Democrats comb or color their hair, or whether our guys or your guys are gay or not. Even Kyle knows that anything I post on his blog will get more responses than usual. I'm controversial, what else can I say?

Derrik said...

Brian, don't flatter yourself. You're really not that conroversial at all but rather just annoying. I've never seen anyone (outside of the head honcho at NNN) so enamored with his own words as you are.

I do give you props for having the cajones to hang out in our neighborhood and even your occasional graffiti can be relatively charming once the reader gets beyond your garden variety liberalism and disjointed theories.

But, seriously Brian, your'e less Ann Coulter and more Kanye West.

Street Sweeper said...


Let's get something clear: L St has, to date, mentioned Carter in 3 posts. In the first, we simply noted his name and that, at the time, there was no other info on him. In the second post we linked to his campaign website. In the third we linked to a local newcast story on him.

At NO TIME have we "arbitrarily bashed" him. On the contrary, I think we've been very open.

Let me just say that the post that Carter did on you comrades' site is typical campaign glurg that does nothing for us. And I dare say that it's not even interesting politically.

His website is up, along with all his Facebook and Myspace and Flickr pages, and at least one TV interview. So spare us the additional sermon he's delivering to the Dem masses over at the NNN.

Here's a simple question I would have for him, and maybe you can help to get answered: how long has Carter resided, boots on the ground, as it were, in the 2nd District? I see that he's spent lots of time in Texas and Oklahoma and overseas, and is currently teaching at Metro. I'm curious how well he knows the 2nd, and much of that is based on how long he's been there.


Anonymous said...

SS -

Carter's bio says thus:

Following the September 11th attacks, Carter was assigned to Offutt Air Force Base until his separation from active duty in September of 2007.

So he has been here for about 6/7 years give a take.

Street Sweeper said...

That's not my question.
My question is, how much time has he actually spent in the 2nd?
Not including time spent in Iraq or Afghanistan or any other bases.
Not including time spent in Oklahoma.
Not including time spent in Texas.

And the answer may be 6 years, or 5 years, or 4 years, or whatever. But that's what I'm curious to know.

BTOsborn said...

Thanks Derrik, coming from you I'll take all that as a compliment. I can't help it that I paid attention when I was in school, so I won't be apologizing for my eloquence.

Sweeper, I'll see what I can find out, but I'd imagine he's been in Nebraska at least as long as Jeff Fortenberry was before he became your standard bearer. That tired old rant questioning a person's ability to serve based on the number of days, months, or years with boots on the ground in Nebraska has pretty well worn itself out. If Mr. Carter was good enough to protect your sorry ass with his military service, he's good enough to serve you in Congress.

"Sorry Ass" said...

BTO ---- I can see why you support Carter --- but why did/do you support BrokeBack Ranch Hand. He visited his relatives in Nebraska during the summers and was a Nebraska resident for 10 minutes before he ran for the 3rd.

Someone needs to tell him to put his rings back in his ears and stop "pretending" like he gives a crap about Nebraska. He has morphed into a conservative so much his friends at the Tuesday Cowboy Club back at Yale don't even know him anymore.

Sue said...

If Kleeb cared as much about Nebraska as he wants us to believe he would serve on the City Council as Smith did or run for the Unicameral as Smith did. The Ranchhand is only interested in himself. Vanity, Vanity he is all about Vanity.

Street Sweeper said...

Let's see: guy wants to rep 2nd Dist; Asking how much guy knows about 2nd Dist. Seems like a logical question.

But now I'm to understand, by your logic, that all someone has to do is serve in the armed forces, and they're qualified to represent Nebraska's 2nd District.

Boy, who'd a thunk.

Strong Moderate said...

I seriously dislike "Brokeback" Kleeb but I hardly see a necessity in climbing the pole from the bottom in politics as Sue states. Some people were meant for jobs on the national level (Hagel), some the local level (Heineman), and a few can do both (Johanns). So the argument that Kleeb should have run for city council or Unicam is seriously flawed.

I've had the (dis)honor of having dinner with Kleeb and I can tell you that he is all about pushing the Democrat agenda. period. I'm talking about the National Democratic Committee not what local democrats want.

BTOsborn said...

Sorry Ass, and all you others that are still on that certifiably lame "Kleeb is gay" kick, give it a break. No one is laughing at that joke any more except those on the left side of the Bell curve. (if you don't "get" that, it won't surprise me)

Where did you expect Scott Kleeb to live while he was growing up? Evidently not with his parents who were serving our country by educating the children of our military deployed overseas.

The fact that he lived out of state while achieving a very enviable level of education obviously must mean he is worthless. Of course if he were a Republican that did the same thing, it would be different.

Scott is a lot more conservative than I really care for, but I'll still support him because I believe he does genuinely "give a crap" about Nebraska. I think your problem is that you aren't as smart, aren't as good looking, and aren't able to communicate with people as well as Scott.

Sue, everyone does what they can, some are capable of skipping over the lower steps. Scott Kleeb is one of them.

Sweeper, "how long has Carter resided, boots on the ground, as it were, in the 2nd District?" Your words. Since when does the dust on man's boots determine his capacity to serve?

Military service isn't a unique qualifier for someone to represent me although I will admit it will earn them brownie points. From what I know, so far, about Mr. Carter, he seems to have the proper credentials. I would want to know more about him before I'd vote for him. But it seems your readers are too quick to dismiss him. His only crime, so far as I can tell is that he is running as a Democrat.

Strong Moderate, all I have to ask is, who picked up the tab?

captain feathersword said...

Brian T. Osborne - if that is his real name - has rendered the Leavenworth Street comment section unreadable.

Well, after today, I mean.

BTOsborn said...

Sorry Cap'n

I forgot how many of you never got past "Fun with Dick and Jane."

Street Sweeper said...

I just find it interesting how quickly the Dems will support a candidate, even if they know nothing about them or disagree with them, as long as they put a "D" next to their name. Be it Nelson, Witek, Raimondo, or now Rich Carter.

But hey, rock on and all that.

Anonymous said...

Quick Poll:

How many readers think/thought that George W. Bush's "miltary experience" qualified him for the CINC post?

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I'm a liberal D who didn't vote for Ben, Witek, and won't vote for Raimondo. Of course I'm not big in the NDP, so maybe that explains it.

BTOsborn said...

Hey Sweeper,

I have to agree with you on that one. BTW, in 2006 I left the box for Senator blank. I just couldn't bring my self to vote for someone that wasn't a Democrat by my Yellow Dog standards. Witek didn't get my vote, and Raimondo won't either.

Anonymous. George W's "military service" is an oxymoron. He cooled his heels stateside thanks to Poppy's intervention while my brother was taking VC fire in a Huey at treetop level over the Mekong and what was left of my friend Roger came home in a rubber bag.

Terry said...

I agree with you BTO. Raimondo will never get my vote. If he is the only on on the ballot in the primary the box will be blank. If he is in the general the box will be blank.

We need a real Dem on the ticket. Not a Nelson wannabe.

Someone out there please step up. Many of us will go to the mat to support a real Democrat.

One Out In The Third said...

I'm a hick out here in the Third. Would someone enlighten me on how Scott Kleeb is a conservative? Am I supposed to believe it just because someone says so? Is there somewhere I can go to study his conservative platform and goals for Nebraskans? Maybe he could make a post here. Lisa Hannah or Kyle could pass an invitation on to him. All he has to do is email his platform to SS and have SS post it. I will look it over with my jaundiced hick eye.

I would guess that Kleeb is as much a conservative as Raimondo is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. Funny thing is neither will be elected in the final showdown so obviously this post is merely exercise for my fingers.