Friday, February 08, 2008

Barack Ilyich Obama

So watching Barack Hussein Obama (that's what Nebraska hero Bob Kerrey calls him, right?) in Omaha yesterday, we got the chills! First he came out to the roaring crowd, got up there and talked about HOPE! and CHANGE! and pioneers and Abraham Lincoln and beating the Redcoats at Lexington and Concord! And we were all like, "Yeah! Damn those Redcoats!" And we were pretty pumped up about this Obama guy!

And then he started getting specific, and that's when the chills returned. He talked about implemneting socialized medicine within a year of taking office. He talked about the redistribution of wealth, because those evil CEOs make more money than...poor people. He talked about drug and insurance companies which have the gall to be interested in profits. And we got that chilling feeling that , "Damn, this guy is a pure socialist." The Senate's most liberal voting record? Damn straight.


We also clicked on over to the Lincoln Journal Star to watch the video of Chelsea speaking to a crowd of UNL students. And having never heard Chelsea open her mouth before, we were intrigued. Then it started. And Chelsea sounds just like...Hillary! Check out the inflection in her voice at arrund 1:58 or so when she says "all of you" and "on such short notice". Freaked us out man. Hillary, Jr.

By the way, the New York Daily News reports that when she's not campaigning at UNL, Chelsea works for a Manhatten hedge fund! Too bad that will be shut down and boarded up if Barack or her mom get elected...


We finally got the internets working here on Leavenworth Street and did a little MySpace and Facebook searching (that's what all the cool kids use these days) for the latest Dem candidates in the first and second Congressional districts. Interesting, interesting. We'll let you dig a little yourself.


Mike Kennedy said...

The sad thing is Obama may get these impresionable minds to vote for him. Where are the Republican version of the Reagan Youth of the 80's??? I remember in 84 holding a Reagan sign at 72nd & Dodge as a freshman in high school. I see none of that now. C'Mon Repubs we will loose the next generation of voters if we don't counteract this pap. I think the cicic auditorium had one big O-BASM!! Sorry but John McCain won't rally the troops.

moniker said...

Oh come on, when has a massive cult of personality surrounding a political leader ever resulted in anything bad?

Anonymous said...

Must be tough when the Republicans don't have a candidate. The villagers were all upset when it was going to be Huckabee... Not they are all upset because it is going to be McCain. Must be tough to not have a candidate your own party doesn't like.

OmaSteak said...

I was unimpressed with Senator Obama's speech at the Civic...wasn't one of his real "get the congregation on its feet" masterpieces as I've seen elsewhere. Even so, he ran circles around Senator McCain's speech at CPAC yesterday...although the objectives were vastly different. Senator Obama did hit all the Democrat high points, namely peace, equality, democracy and socialism...all taken directly and in full from the American Communist Party ( It's truly a sad thing to see such a brilliant young man embrace a political/economic/social philosophy that has proven itself such a failure every time it's implemented. The scary thing is people will vote for him and if he's the nominee, he's quite likely to beat McCain. You want to know what his major theme versus McCain will be??? See the video of McCain at the Florida debate saying "we'll stay in Iraq 100 years" and that will be all she wrote.

Mike Kennedy said...

Right on target Omasteak...We will pay as a country when the OBASM is over

BTOsborn said...

Yeah, the problem with either Clinton or Obama in the White House is that the American people will be back in charge of our government instead of a bunch of right-wing fundamentalist so-called Christian fanatics that working on K Street.

Get ready for CHANGE. Power to the People!

Anonymous said...

Yes btosbotn, history has shown that socialism empowers the people and puts them in charge of the government. Foreign policy to Obama is, "we are pulling out of Iraq." That just won't cut it in this day and age. Hil or Obama will run this country into the ground...then you will be turning to the right when you need some actual democratic leadership.

NE-John said...

Two points, just to put me on the side of reality (in comparison to this post).

1)[sarcasm] oooh, I'm so scared of socialism!!! Whenever Republicans call Democrats socialists I quiver!!! Because it's always sooooo bad when government does annnnything that the private sector would rather do! Like socialized garbage collection!!! And socialized road-repairs!!

OOOHHH What about Socialized Public Education!???? Can't let the uppity poor people have free education, after all, what would they ask for next? Health care? [/sarcasm] [so stop playing the socialism card. it's weak. it's the policy equivalent of an ad homonym attack]

2) have you ever noticed that whatever candidate the Democrats nominate, Republicans find some way to call him or her the "most liberal" Democrat there is?

John Kerry '04, Barack '08, Al Gore. Hell, people were calling Bill Clinton the "most liberal governor" in '92- which was insane... he was a centrist, and most of the liberals in the party didn't support him!

The idea that Barack is the most liberal in the senate is equally insane. Hello, the Senate has Bernie Sanders, who is literally, an avowed socialist! (and not a "health care for everybody socialist, but a socialize most major sections of american industry socialist).

The senate also has Feingold, Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Brown, Whitehouse, Durbin.... all of whom are significantly and demonstrably more liberal than Obama.

There's a reason Obama was not the consensus choice of the self identifying liberal wing of the Democratic party, and there's a reason he is loosing the liberal vote to Hillary while winning the moderate and conservative Dem vote. It's because he's a big 'ole freaking moderate.

So stop calling him "the most liberal senator" because one random analysis of 2007 vote records (which he missed a lot of, like McCain, because of the campaign) happens to paint him liberal... even though all other ways of looking at senators don't.

Now, I am in good faith going to presume you don't follow Democratic inside politics enough Sweeper, so know this about Obama. So I will just kindly ask that you stop with the "most liberal senator" refrain from this point on. But if at any point in the future you use such a moniker, well, it will be a lie- and you will be a liar. So please don't.

not-anonymous said...

Hil or Obama will run this country into the ground...

Yeah. Like the last Clinton did! I hated the 90s. George Bush has been the best President ever!! I wish we could have Bush for 2 more terms, and get rid of the stupid 25th amendment. I love budget deficits, war, increased poverty, higher infant mortality, more people without health care, and tax cuts for multimillionairs.

CHENEY / BUSH '08!!!!!!!!!!

OmaSteak said...

NE John,
Just visit website and then compare their "agenda" with what both Senators Clinton and Obama are saying...then explain to me in detail how they are different. Progressive is socialism by another name as was tried here in the early 1900's just like Hillary says when she says she's a progressive.

good point ne-john said...

"OOOHHH What about Socialized Public Education!???? Can't let the uppity poor people have free education, after all, what would they ask for next?"

Because socialized public education is doing so well in this country? I forgot that America has the best schools in the world. Our students are doing much better than students in Europe and Asia, right? Especially in math and science.

You're right. Public education has been a smashing success. Let's do the same thing to our medical system.

(Hey, our kids might not be able to do basic math, but at least they know how to put a condom on a banana and are well versed in muticulturalism. Sure, the kids from other countries might take our kids' jobs some day, but will they know what a 'safe zone' is?)

Tim said...

BTO ----- If you haven't noticed it is not the Republican party that has taken the country away from the people ---- we have become a government of the judges and by the judges.

But I am sure you don't care.

Just keeping drinking the koolade and make stupid statements.

Anonymous said...

Socialism doesn't look so bad compared to what Reagan, Bush and Shrub have done for our economy. And it would be one thing if drug companies earned their profits legally, but they don't (see Vioxx.) And most CEO's don't exactly earn their money the old fashioned way either (See Kenny boy Rice.) Don't hate the Democrats - it's not our fault so many right wingers are bigots, refused to vote for a Mormon and chose a madman as their nominee.

BTOsborn said...

Tim and anymouse,

I don't much care for Kool-Aid, whether it be the kind your right wing loudmouths on Pox News distribute or that which is poured from the left. But democracy literally means "power of the people." You got a problem with that? Take it up with all the dictators of the world that have done such tremendous things for humanity.

Tim (your friend and neighbor) said...

BTO --- looks like you got caught with “mouse herring” (AKA - red herring). The liberal judges (appointed by your friends and family) want to legislate from the bench. We as civil patriots want to vote on matters or at the very least have our representatives whether local, state or federal vote for us ---- not one judge changing our lives without a debate and vote.

And you in all your wisdom want to blame the conservatives for taking government away from the people. BTO - YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN.

You must be administrating your koolade in the wrong orifice. That must come from being upside down on so many issues.

BTOsborn said...

Are you capable of making a single statement that is not a pre-prepared Pox News talking point? I hear a lot of noise, but I've heard nothing from you that makes sense.
Craig Furgeson got it right on his program the other night. He did a bit where he continuously screamed and waved his hands furiously, just like O'Really and Sh-yawn Hannity do. He said the louder you scream the truer whatever lies you are currently telling seem.

Tim said...

BTO ---- look who is trying to get off task. Let's look at facts and please try to stay with me on this.

1. Who has appointed activist judges that legislate around the will of the people? In affect by passing the concept of a government of the people.

2. Which political party thinks delegates to a convention are so stupid that they need to have "super delegates" to correct errors of the common person.

BTO --- you can call these talking points or whatever you imagination wants to call them. You can even call me names ----- but the above facts are true --- why not just say you are a Dem because you are a Dem and all facts and logic will never get you to change you from being hypnotized by your friends, Lisa and Kyle.

Anonymous said...

It's telling that Republicans are the ones always promising to get judges on the bench who think like them and at the same time bitch about activist judges. And I'd rather have judges interpret laws than have a dictator like Bush abuse signing statements to such a ridiculous extent. And as for delegates and superdelegates, that's not just a democrat issue. Remember - if it weren't for delegates AND judges, that whackjob of a president would have never gotten to 1600 in the first place because he lost the popular vote!

BTOsborn said...

I think Kyle and Lisa may not concur with your statements about my being under their "hypnotic" spell. In fact, I have butted heads with Lisa on occasion, and consistently with Kyle. Please get your facts straight. And by that I don't mean straight from Pox News.
I believe anonymous handled your misconception about "activist judges" rather well. All I'd have to say about "activist judges" is . . . Alito and Roberts.
From what I understand about the way the Republican Party selects its delegates, they evidently don't need ANY input from the common electorate.
I'll leave you with what I keep telling that guy, Kyle, whom you believe to be my personal Svengali, "The truth is the truth . . . not what you just say it is."

Jon Rehm said...

The money that has poured into the Clinton and Obama campaign from Wall Street and the financial services sector ought to put any socialism fears to rest. That and the fact the Dow shot through the roof during the Clinton administation. Seriously, if you need to conjure up the ghosts of dead Rooskies to attack Clinton or Obama you're in sorry shape. You need to quit watching old videotapes of Amerika and Red Dawn.

Street bleeper said...

It is incredible to me that liberals are still spouting off about how Bush screwed up the economy. Utter rot. We have enjoyed the highest level of receipts to the federal coffers in history - our problem is not revenue it is spending. Further, the unemployment rate is remarkably low. Further, the business indicators of the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P etc are at levels we could only have dreamed about in recent years. And here is the biggest laugher: we are headed for recession, right? Now how can the economy be recessing if we weren't at some level of height from which to recess? So which is it, libs?! Grrr...

BTOsborn said...

Yeah, those G**d***ed activist judges! What will they do next? Maybe put an idiot prince in charge of our country rather than the person who won at the ballot box.

Jimmy the Carter said...

You are so right BTO!!! We don't need the "rule of law" when "we the people" (Bill Clinton, Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Schumer OUR elite) can appoint judges that can have situational ethic and be fair based on "our" biases. That is a true Government of the people and by the people.

Thanks for being a leader with foresight ---- we need more like you.

TedK said...

Tim, why don't you study the facts about activist judges. From a 2005 NY Times article (, here's the voting record of recent Supreme Court justices when it comes to overturning Congressional legislation:

Thomas 65.63 %
Kennedy 64.06 %
Scalia 56.25 %
Rehnquist 46.88 %
O’Connor 46.77 %
Souter 42.19 %
Stevens 39.34 %
Ginsburg 39.06 %
Breyer 28.13 %

Looks like these so-called "conservative" judges are the real activist judges. I do agree with you on that super-delegate nonsense.

Tim said...

TedK --- I attempted to go to the NYTimes article you linked even tho the Times seem to have a huge gap in credibility lately. That link was missing.

But let's look further on the activist judges. The 9th circuit is the first that comes to mind where the Supreme Court overturns their activism over 90% of the time.

TedK said...

The link should end in 06gewirtz.html. One can always pick an outlier to "prove" a point. Pick what is aruably the most liberal court, or more importantly the court that differs most from the Supremes makeup, and this is no surprise. Anyway, I'm sure you've heard the defintion of an activist judge is one who disagrees with me.