Thursday, January 24, 2008

About your flair...

Second District Rep Lee Terry is taking Fred Thompson's retirement from the Presidential race in stride. On Terry's blog on the "The Hill", Terry noted:

I stayed loyal but obviously Fred’s campaign didn’t have the flair I had hoped it would.
Lee requires that everyone in his campaign wear a minimum of 15 pieces of flair at all events. Now, it's up to each person whether or not they want to just do the bare minimum. Well, like Brian, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.

(And if you didn't get this joke from Office Space, well then we can't help you.)

"Roll Call" also notes that Terry is holding a fundraiser next week where they'll have a viewing party of the American Idol tryouts filmed in Omaha. What's funny is that the the Dems were at those same tryouts trying to find someone to run against Lee...


Former Ranch-hand, Scott Kleeb was on NTV's Cawfee, "Good Life" on Tuesday, where the gals were absolutely giddy with Scott's response about running for Senate:

"I'm very seriously thinking about it."
(...with a cat-who-ate-the-canary grin...)

Of course it's interesting that Kleeb has been "thinking about it" since, at the bare minimum, October, but still can't make up his mind? We're looking forward to the gals' reaction in the Tony Raimondo interview.

(And we would also note that Kleeb is only wearing ONE piece of flair on his brown sports coat, over the Hanes t-shirt.)


Finally, we note that Adrian Smith also decided to run for re-election. Smith's first term has been noted for strong constituent services and voting like a conservative. We always get a kick out the Dems who find these things to be a liability.


Eric said...

Adrian Smith has good constituent services? That's like saying "she has a nice personality" when asked about a friend's looks by her potential blind date.

Street Sweeper said...

You are absolutely right: good constituent services ain't sexy. But then you don't tend to marry someone b/c they're sexy. It usually comes down to "personality", the things that matter. Sexy goes away pretty fast.

Eric said...

Everybody knows that she doesn't have a good personality, that's just her best physical trait. I'm glad that the good citizens of the 3rd are happy with a Congressman whose best lawmaking skill is sending out flags and helping people buy D.C. subway tickets. All that legislating is just too sexy for us Nebraskans.

harry burns said...

When someone is not that attractive, they're always described as having a good personality.

Look, if you would ask me, "What does she look like?" and I said, "She has a good personality." That means she's not attractive. But just because I happened to mention that she has a good personality, she could be either. She
could be attractive with a good personality, or not attractive with a good personality.

So which one is she?


But not beautiful, right?

Street Sweeper said...


The Third already rejected the Pamela Anderson of polticians in 2006. Very sexy, but someone you know is nuts and you'll want to divorce in 3 weeks.

For a Freshman from a small state, Smith has done well. Of course it's certainly a shock to you Dems when a conservative runs as a conservative and then votes like a conservative as the majority of his conservative constiuents expect. Funny how that works out.

And if Adrian has done such an awful job, it should be easy for you Dems to come up with a quality candidate to beat him...

Anonymous said...

Constitutent services and voting is the job description. If Smith well serves constitutents and votes as conservatively as most Nebraska voters prefer, that is as sexy as politics can get. And nothing is more sexy than political power.

BTOsborn said...

"Nothing is sexier than political power." ?!?!?!?

Do you mean to tell me all those years I spent chasing skirts was for naught? I could have been developing my career in politics rather than enjoying the hedonistic '70s with all those hippy girls? Damn! I wasted the best years of my life on sex, drugs, and rock and roll when I could have been sending flags to my constituents, being entertained by lobbyists, and rubber stamping my party's bills.

Eric said...

Touche Street Sweeper. I'm sure there are a lot of third districters who are perfectly happy with a Republican voting automaton. I do wonder if the 60% of Republicans who voted against him in the primary wish they hadn't split their vote. To Adrian's credit, at least he always hits the right button, which is more than you can say for Lee Terry.

Sue in the Third said...

Most people I talk to think Congressman Smith has done an overall good job. When a member of Congress is in the minority they are often playing defense.

Smith defended items I hold near and dear. When the Dems (all but two in the House) wanted to take the secret ballot away from people in the work place --- Smith stood his ground supporting the workers of Nebraska and America. When Mrs. Pelosi and friends wanted to play chicken putting our soldiers' lives at risk by pulling funding --- Adrian stood his ground steadfastly supporting the defenders of our freedom.

While Congress gets a 16% approval, I will give Congressman Smith an 85% approval. No member will ever get 100% from me but Smith's approval is way ahead of Hagel and Nelson.

One Out In The Third said...

I emailed Congressman Smith regarding an issue that I thought needed attention. To my surprise he personally took time to call me to discuss the issue. Constituent services can't get any better than that.

We have also participated in a couple of Smith's conference calls. Not even Ben Almighty would take that risk. I was able to get in on Ben's last call-in show last week to learn first hand that he conveniently mutes callers denying any chance for open discussion. The senator's staff also has a great collection of form letters that vaguely address any and all issues...if he responds at all.

Eric said...

OK, I relent. If Sue's friends think he's doing an overall good job, then he really must be.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat in the Third, and I've heard about these calls from Smith, and I have yet to be able to participate in one. I've even called and asked. I've also sent letters questioning things I didn't agree with and have gotten no response.

Adrian Smith does a good job for those who follow just as blindly as he does. He and his staff weed out those that actually take issue. Sounds very familiar to Bush and how his handlers have filtered contact with chimpy.

Adrian Smith is a tool and an embarrassment.

Sam said...

I knew it, everything is all Bush's fault. Why couldn't our current President be the fine upright person like Bill Clinton.

sue in the third said...

Dear Embarrassed in the Third.

Please tell us why Congressman Adrian Smith is such a dissapointment.

Is it because he votes to keep the secret ballot for workers of Nebraska? Is it because he supports our troops and veterans to the max. Is it because he is pro-life? Is it because he constantly votes against raising taxes? Is it because he supports the farmers that feed us? Is it because he is a member of NRA and wants to protects our rights? Is it because he has been elected and worked hard for the last 13 years representing people as opposed to your person (AKA Hot Ranch Hand) that wanted Congressman Smith's job that has never been elected to ANYTHING?

Do Tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathryn said...

Come on Sue get real --- there is absolutely nothing wrong with turning a baby around in the womb, give birth to the head of a perfectly formed baby, scramble the brains with a surgical instrument, and sucking the brains out with a vacuum.

Congressman Smith is against such a procedure that is why he is an embarrassment to us Democrats.

Just checking... said...

Hey One...

Are your kids still cheating on their taxes like "Ben Almighty"?

Kathryn, Adrian is an embarrassment because he hasn't had a single, independent, creative thought since being elected. 98% voting with his party? are you kidding me? R-O-B-O-T.

And Adrian's "conference calls" are stacked with supporters and anyone who hasn't kissed his ring is prevented from participation.

Eric said...

Give me a break. Adrian Smith is not pro-life. He might try to claim that label, but once a baby leaves the womb, he's as pro-death as anybody.

Good job though on moving the discussion back to the good old reliable abortion debate. Nothing says "I know what I'm talking about" like a red herring thrown at a straw man.

One Out In The Third said...


First of all my children are not cheating on their taxes...they were brought up better. They don't milk the system like Ben Almighty...who unlike him actually farm their land. And yes...Ben Almighty's actions have cost them a tax increase that they are protesting. Ol' Earmark even had the chutzpah to cackle during his conference call this past week stating he knew all about Green Belt status. What a hypocrite.

Smith's conference calls have included up to 600 Nebraskans at a time. Nebraskans on both sides of the fence on issues and some that even yelled and you can't say the calls were stacked. At least Smith has the guts to establish open communications with his constituents...and he actually listens.

Fred said...

JC and Anon Dem in the Third......

You can help us all out by being more objective in you criticism of Smith. Just spewing the hatred of or DailyKOS is not fair or productive. Everyone is interested in being fair and objective --- right?

1. Perhaps with 600 - 800 participants all questions will not be able to be addressed. No matter how important you may be. Even Ben can not get ALL questions considered in a hour.

2. You stated Smith had, "98% voting with his party? are you kidding me? R-O-B-O-T". The last time I checked voting records there were 17 freshmen Dems with higher percentages of party line voting than Congressman Smith. So to give light to your statement about ROBOTS there are many Dems ahead of Smith.

3. TC. You stated that Smith is "an embarrassment because he hasn't had a single, independent, creative thought since being elected." Evidently your are OMNIPRESENT. Can you be specific? I have heard more than one person that has heard him speak being impressed with Smith's knowledge and behind the scenes wrangling for position on issues.

If we as a nation ever want to get going forward again instead of self destructing we best rid our discourse of unfounded subjective slanderous allegations.


Lisa Hannah said...

Oh the temptation to wade in and knock down all this glorifying of Adrian Smith. I could. Easily. But I won't take up Street Sweepers space.

Anyone can email me if they want a debate, though. (Just go to my profile).

Street Sweeper said...

Thanks for coming by Lisa.
And you kept your comment under 3000 words!

Just checking...again said...

One - c'mon - you even admitted they got caught cheating the taxman. If their status got taken away it had nothing to do with Nelson - it was because they were cheatin'.

and if you follow your own logic why dont you blame the NEGOP for blowing the whistle on the greenbelt scam? after all it was their hit job (well done too) that lead to Nelson losing his status and everyone in NE getting reviewed.

But I get it - Nelson is a cheat and your kids are victims.

I dont spew Daily Kos - I was referring to Congressional Quarterly - a source so trusted even Adrian uses it to tout his partisanship.

The GI Judge said...

Lisa ---- I use to go to your site frequently. Once I started viewing your blog from the perspective of you being a disgrundled State of Nebraska social worker who complains of being underpaid and dissing your minority boss your credibility diminished as well as my visits. (The information above came from the Grand Island Independent on Lisa's own post)

Also --- your "facts" were seasoned with coments that Congressman Smith "feels" this way or "thinks" that way so with your objectivity dropping to ZERO you started sounding just like the skreeeeeches of BTO.

One Out In The Third said...

You should just check again....

If you review my post you see that my son and daughter-in-law are actually farming their land...not providing a hangout for wild turkeys as Ben Almighty claimed. Embarrassed by Ben's action the State cracked down on the small acreage owners...some who were pulling the same stunt as ol' Earmark.

Our son has protested to the county board as have others...and once he provides the documentation showing that he sold his crop...they might get their exemption back.

It's too bad that the hardworking young farmers have to pay for the sins of the tax dodging elite.

BTOsborn said...

GI judge,

I didn't even know there was such a thing as gastrointestinal judges. How do you decide the winners, a meticulous examination of the contestants' ...uhm... output?

(Sometimes you guys just make it too easy for me.)


Lisa Hannah said...

GI Judge -
AKA "Beatrice Fiddler", I see you still have a hard on for me, and that your first instinct is to attack the messenger rather than the message - a sure sign of someone who can't argue facts. I guess the lack of traffic to your site has caused you to come here. (By the way, you still have it all wrong).

Sorry, SS....had to say something. I respect your right to your own site, and I do try to keep my involvement here to a minimum since I have my own spaces to voice my opinions. Again, I'd rather argue subjects or the positions of politicians I agree and disagree with, rather than getting personal like that.

There, I STILL kept it under 3000 words!! :o)

GI judge said...

Lisa ---- you have been gettng your "facts" wrong almost since you started your BLOG. Remember how far you were off on accusations about accounting irregularity? Did you ever personally apologize to Smith for your slanderous statements? NO, I didn't think so!!!!!

Now you are calling me "Beatrice Fiddler". Wrong again.

Lisa, it looks like you don't know FACTS from shinola. How can you challenge anyone on anything when you rely more on personal bias than fact. You are a Legend in your own mind!!!

My information of FACTS of your background "bias" was only to shed light so others know where you are coming from. Intentions were never to attack you personally (like you attack Smith)--- but you hung yourself with your own pen stating overtly your predjucies and bigotry you hold so dear. (It's all right there in the GI Independent on Line Messsage Board before God and everyone. If anyone missed it or cannot find it --- I have copies that can be forwarded)

WARNING to all readers!!!! It is websites like Lisa's that gives bloggers a bad name by representing their bias as FACT.

BTOsborn said...

Here come de Judge! (Only you old timers who remember Flip Wilson will get that one.)

Now now Judgey-pudgey! I thought it was sarcastic, cynical bastards like me that gave bloggers a bad name. C'mon, you're hurting my feelings by attacking Lisa Hannah over such things as ISSUES! Let's get back to name calling and making fun of peoples' hairdos.

Anonymous said...

Is there a flush handle on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy and what district is he running in?

Street Sweeper said...


If you want to comment, please try to make it relevant to the post, in some way, shape or form.

If at all possible, please don't get into pissing matches with other commenters. It's boring. And if it keeps up, we'll start deleting comments (not something we want to do).

The Management.

curbfeeler said...

SS, its about damn time.

We all draw from this well. Thank you for not letting people piss in it.

Paul said...

Street Sweeper Said -

"Sexy goes away pretty fast".

Only with the girls YOU hang out with....Sweeper....