Monday, November 05, 2007

Bruning Video Sneak Preview

The Jon Bruning for Senate website will be featuring a new video (among other likely changes) and Leavenworth Street has the new vid below. (The vid below gets the last few seconds cut off, so you can see the complete version here.)

Nothing too striking really. The one line we noticed was where Bruning says:
I believe Republicans want a different kind of leader to shake things up in Washington.
This is what we've figured Bruning will do -- needs to do -- to differentiate himself from Mike Johanns. He needs to portray himself as the young go-getter who won't just be a quiet, behind the scenes person, which Johanns would likely be. Is this what GOP voters want? Who knows, but considering that how the two will vote will likely be the same, Bruning needs another theme. Look to see this one out front.

Now with that in mind...c'mon Bruning campaign! We're fairly certain we've seen the candidate, wearing a jacket, sitting on the desk, with a plant to his right somewhere before. Hmm. Where was it? Could it be...the Johanns video! The same Johanns video that was roundly criticized as dull and lifeless?

Come on guys! Is this that hard? Have him walking. Have video of him talking to people. Maybe some background music. The talking to the camera in an office has been played into the ground. Show that you've got something else in the bag of tricks.

If we don't see Pat Flynn talking to the camera while driving down I-80 on a Harley very soon, we're going to be severely disappointed...


Anonymous said...

Your video says it is unavailable. I won't believe it 'til I see it.

Street Sweeper said...

Yes, yes. There are quite a few doubters of technology floating around these days, huh? We're working on it...

Ness said...

Got the video running from the alternative link. Thanks Sweepsie...

Actually, I didn't think the clip was that bad. Yes - JB has the plant right next to him, and the business casual dress is a little folksy for the new kind of Republican leadership in DC, but he does say all the right things: brief account of his accomplishments as AG, talking about the wife and the kids, and asking for help on the campaign.

To be honest, I am wondering what his best move is at this time. I seriously doubt he can pull off a Governor Dave v/s TO type of an upset in the long run. If the Secretary had not stepped in, and Hagel ran for re-election - Jon most likely would have won the Republican primary. I think he smelled blood from Hagel, and moved in for the kill quickly, but now - it's a whole different ball game.

He does have quite a bit of money in the campaign coffers. I think he is too far in now to gracefully step aside and work on defending our children from Internet sex predators for a bit longer. .

Maybe there were timing issues with this run for higher office. What do you guys think about that? Are these the facts that we have to work with - Jon stays in and gets beat handily, leaving him out in the open licking wounds for a long time – maybe having a few drinks with ol’ Pete Ricketts once in a while or he steps aside and waits for a better entry point? Or he DOES pull off the upset and fulfils his destiny?

I guess Jon will just have to keep plowing that field with continuous dedication and tenacity and good things will come in the future.

By the way, Tim Criss – get on the ball buddy, and deliver Pat on a Harley riding down the highway – with a storm in the background – because as we all know, in the spring of Pat’s life there were a lot of storms, and he did outrun them.

:) Nessie.

Paulie said...

Dear Lord...has the horrendous Thor Schrock struck again?

Anonymous said...

Dang it Robbie, I told you to 86 the plant and get a tree instead! Why do I let you hang around me?

macdaddy said...

I don't like it. He either needs to add a tie or ditch the coat. He needs to make us think he can do his current job before we'll give him the next one. Kickin' back in the office makes me wonder what else he's causual about. I never viewed the Attorney General's office as a laid-back kind of place. But then I watch a lot of Law and Order. I like that sound.

OmaSteak said...

I find the idea of Jon "shaking things up in Washington" laughable. The idea of a freshman senator from Nebraska making any significant changes in the ways business gets done in DC or the Senate is silly. Now if Jon is going to lead on issues like: (1) term limits for Federal offices; (2) term/age limits for the Supreme Court; (3) the Fair Tax; (4) serious and sustained vigorous enforcement of US immigration laws; and so on, more power to him in what would only be a single term if elected. Now that isn't saying that Johanns would be any better and quite likely worse.

YoungRepublican said...

Hey omasteak...if this isn't unconstitutional, then I don't know what is: "2) term/age limits for the Supreme Court" deliver a few good points. It seems that Bruning in caught in his own paradox -- a slough that he can't manage to get his legs out of and onto more solid ground! So he has raised quite a bit of money, but what is he going to do with it? I think he picked a bad time to run for higher office, especially when he has his obligation to Attorney General, which is a heavy duty!

Also, that idea of Pat Flynn driving a Harley with storms in the background is a pretty good idea, it's got some spunk (if that word is still permissible to be used, haha)!

Good questions, Ness!

bobby fidelis said...

The best part of this race is going to see how hard the Republican party establishment works against Bruning.

Hagel is committed to having anyone but Bruning take his seat. Because the NE GOP follows Hagel's lead without question I'm sure they'll throw plenty of roadblocks in Bruning's way, or at least not support him at all while redoubling their efforts for Johanns.

This contest is going to be more than just the race between them. It's a race for control of the GOP. The stuffy suit wearing elites vs the grass roots.

bob said...

Jon Bruning, the new Don Stenberg.

stuff suit wearing elite said...

>It's a race for control of the GOP. The stuffy suit wearing elites vs the grass roots.

Bruning does not represent the "grass roots." Gimme a break. He represents himself - an overly-ambitious eager beaver who saw a chance to grab some power and jumped at it - despite the fact he is ridiculously unqualified. Again, he needs to wait a few years, build his resume (sorry, going to a second tier law school, working for a shitty little firm, then holding a couple 2nd-rate state positions don't cut it) then run. Right now he just seems to typify why people hate lawyers.

Lloyd Bentsen said...

Bob, I worked with Don Stenberg. I know Don Stenberg. Don Stenberg is a friend of mine. Jon Bruning is no Don Stenberg.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily want a new leader who will 'shake' up Washington...I want my leader to 'stir' up Washington.

Stirred, not Shaken!!

--Johann Brewning

Maximus said...

Who cares? How much longer will Bruning be in this race?

The real story in politics, and it's not Hillary's haircut, is that a guy like Ron Paul just raised more than $4 million in 24 hours, more than any Republican candidate in any one day period. Not from PACs, not from big business or big labor, but straight from the people. Could Rudy do that? Romney? Obama?

What relevance does that have here, you say? At least as much as Hillary's hair, I'd venture. It speaks to the people's craving for leadership that is honest, responsive, and grounded in something meaningful, like the Constitution. Not RNC or DNC talking points.

So while we all debate about who might be the next top hog at the trough, the Revolution continues.

Remember remember the 5th of November!!!

Street Sweeper said...

We are not entertained. Stop trying to hijack threads.

bobby fidelis said...

Stuffed Suit Wearing Elite, I won't give you a break. Obviously you don't care for Bruning, your choice.

My take was objective, I don't care for Bruning or Johanns. I'll hold my nose and eventually vote for one or the other.

After attending quite a few large GOP events, observing, and asking alot of questions, it was obvious the GOP is divided into two camps - those close to (and agreeing with) Hagel and everybody else.
You could see it as clearly as picking out school yard cliques.

Those highest up in the party hung closely to Hagel. That could have been shrugged off as highest party officials hanging with highest elected official. But the kicker was with talking to people. The higher up the GOP leadership ladder you went, the less disagreement there was, to the point of defending Hagel on issues where Hagel no longer represents NE very well.

You didn't have to get very far down the ladder, away from Hagel and those I've called elites, to find a "he's got to go sentiment." Not only were those people not around Hagel, but they didn't want to be, nor would they defend him.

Now, that divides it into the elites and everybody else, the grass roots.

That is going to be played out over the course of the following year, whether stuffed suit elites like it or not. It's probably scarey for them to potentially have power taken from them.

I'll continue to be a curious spectator to this circus.

Whether you believe Bruning is qualified and needs a longer resume is irrelevant to the debate about stuffed suit elites vs grass roots.

OmaSteak said...

Hey youngrepublican...ever heard of amending the constitution? Term limits on the House and Senate would require the same action. Let's just stay zeroed in on the personalities/politics and ignore addressing real problems with real solutions.

YoungRepublican said...

...oh yeah, sorry!