Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dems air negative ad on Johanns...already!

Mike Johanns has been in the U.S. Senate race in Nebraska less than twenty-four hours and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already put up a negative ad against Johanns on YouTube.

Oh, and by the way, the Dems don’t even have a candidate in the race yet (as Bob Kerrey wanders the streets of SoHo, pondering, pondering…).

First, a hat tip to the libs over at the New Nebraska Network for this. It kills us that just a few weeks ago they were bitching and moaning over the fact that the NRSC had bought a domain name that implies it could be a negative Bob Kerrey site. But now when their Washington boys starting hammering Nebraska’s own, they “give the DSCC credit for being so on top of things.” (And they say there’s no humor on that site!)

Anyway, here’s the thing about the DSCC ad:
  1. They’re attacking a candidate…when they don’t even HAVE one! This is like Rice-a-Roni airing a negative ad against Dell Computers.

  2. Uh, Democrat Washington ad writer-guy, the Huskers don’t play Oklahoma this year. But way to pander to the Nebraska football fans, because clearly that’s the ONLY way they could understand your ideas. (That’s sarcasm, in case it didn’t come through clearly)..

  3. They spend a bunch of time and money to come up with an ad that says the exact same thing – pretty much the only thing – that’s been said about Johanns already. You know that we here at Leavenworth Street appreciate good politicking on both sides of the aisle. What we disdain is unoriginality..

  4. Could the DSCC make it any more obvious that they’re afraid of the Johanns Juggernaut©? It’s blindingly obvious they want Bruning to win because they believe it’s their only shot of winning the general (assuming they have a candidate). Have they written Jon a check yet? (And don’t think this is lost on the average GOP voter. They’re interested in backing the winner in the general.)


A few other thoughts from the Johanns announcement today:

  • Johanns must have used the word “conservative” about eighteen times. We think we may have spotted a theme.

  • As awful as the video on Johanns’ web site is/was (the video, the audio, the text…please Thor, take that down -- here's what a web vid should look like), in his announcement – particularly when talking about the Ag Bill stuff – Johanns was animated. It would seem the thing to do is get him off the written page. Give him some talking points and let him run. Just a thought.

  • Johanns said both in Omaha and in Lincoln (and probably in Beatrice too) that people told him not to talk about the “shortcomings of his opponents”. This would seem to indicate a plan to be 100% positive. Can this be accomplished in a modern campaign? Well, only if he has the lead. But if he’s successful, people will love him for it.

  • From today’s announcement, here’s a thumbnail sketch of the battle lines of the GOP primary:


Anonymous said...

The Dem ad has had more than five times the views than Thor's charm of a film. Plus, the DSCC is clearly out of touch with Nebraska here. I'm sure many Nebraskans would love it if our Coach quit before the big game. I know I would.

Anonymous said...

This Bruning/Johanns back and forth is already making me sleepy -so predictable and uninspiring. Does anyone really think either would be an agent of change in Washington?

It's time for a man of the people to emerge, someone with the courage, principle, and conviction to clean up the filth in DC. That man in NE is Mike Foley. May not be plausible now, I concede, but someday I see it . . . Senator Foley.

Anonymous said...

Now StreetSweeper, you shouldn't be picking on those kids over there at NNN. Their egos are obviously very fragile.

Street Sweeper said...

Ah, don't worry. They give as good as they get.

Anonymous said...

Senator Foley?? I think I just puked a little bit in my mouth....

Hey, Pukey! said...

Mike Foley is the most honorable man in Nebraska politics. He is one of the few individuals who is actually a servant of the public and who will stand for what is right regardless of what it means politically. We are lucky to have him in the mix in Nebraska. Show some respect.

Anonymous said...

Foley for the People! Draft Foley. Bruning? Johanns? Kerrey?Please.

Take opportunism and elitism elsewhere. Nebraskans deserve a real person, a champion of the populist cause and a voice for the individual against big government entitlement and big business corruption. Who will stand for the people?

Street Sweeper said...

Hey! Nutjobs! Take it somewhere else.

watching paint dry said...

If you want someone lame then Heineman, Johanns, Fortenberry, and Foley are your guys.

Anonymous said...

Watch who you're calling nutjobs SS, your boss wouldn't like it.

Street Sweeper said...

My boss doesn't work in politics.
And neither do I.
(As we've stated numerous times.)
So, you were stupid comments disappear.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding that I tried to post something nice about Mike Foley and you deleted it because someone else made you made?

For clarification are we allowed to trash whoever we want on this site but if we try to put something nice about one of our elected officials, you take it off?

What is so offensive about "Foley for the People"?

Street Sweeper said...

Here's deal, which we'll explain while we leave this last little comment up.

I have no idea why you're trying to hijack a thread about the Senate race with inane comments about the State Auditor that have nothing to do with anything.

We try to encourage political discussion. If you had come in here saying Johanns is great, or Johanns is awful or the same about Bruning or Kerrey, or anyone else relevant, then the comments stay up.

But when you come in talking out of your ass about nothing, then we take it down.

Don't like it? Then start your own blog.


Anonymous said...

Ok. It just seems like in plenty of other threads things have gotten off topic, and I've never seen you delete comments. Sometimes you'll throw in a witty quip about getting back on topic. I've even seen lots of threads where you get way off topic.

Someone (not me) wrote about Foley being his/her choice for Senate in the context of not liking the other candidates. Someone else writes back that Foley makes them puke. Of course that's going to bait someone into defending Foley. If you didn't want the tangent, why not erase all of posts about Foley especially the one that is going to lead people off on tangents.

Instead, you called people who like foley "nutjobs".

Then you delete all subsequent posts.

You say that we were off topic, and if that's the new rule, ok, I'll abide by it. Because it seems like mentioning Foley hit a nerve.

Street Sweeper said...

Yes, people who argue about whether or not the State Auditor should be elected the next U.S. Senator are nutjobs.

Mike Foley has nothing to do with anything. Feel free to replace Foley's name with Shane Osborn or Chris Beutler or Dan Welch. When you hijack a post with comments like "Foley is the Man!", I lose my patience.

I suppose what is needed is a Forum where people can post on whatever topics they like. But that's not really why we're here, nor what we're interested in. Maybe some go-getter can take that upon him or herself.

In the mean time, try to stay on topic. Or at least try to say something interesting.

One Out In the Third said...

The GI Independent is running one of their weak-knee-ed daily polls. Johanns...Flynn or Bruning for Senate? Plain and simple...not like their usual daily questions that can be interpreted differently...

Bruning is 21 percent.
Step your vote.

Anonymous said...

Mike Foley!
Ron Paul!

Ugggggggg, gimme a break.

batman said...

I think it's interesting that Leavenworth's world got rocked by "hijackers" and the sweeper got in such a tizzy about it.

Hey man, or woman, you have your own blog, you should be prepared for the expression of all kinds of ideas. Otherwise you're a post nazi. Don't be so establishment, sweeps.

Street Sweeper said...

No posts for you!