Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The waiting is over!

Approximately 182 days ago we put up this photo showing the pols waiting for Senator Chuck Hagel to make his decision.

Well…decision made. Now what?

Here’s what:

Mike Johanns
No word from him. He’ll be in Nebraska this week, but his office says he WON’T make any announcements. However, Asian traveler (and Governor) Dave Heineman tells the LJS that he’s FULLY EXPECTS Johanns to run. Heineman follows that up with, “Let me just say I know Mike Johanns very well.” So there you go.

Jon Bruning
From Bruning campaign manager Jordan McGrain to the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “He was prepared to run against a two-term incumbent United States Senator - I think he's proven that he's not afraid of a challenge. Jon Bruning is in this race to win and will take on all comers, including Mike Johanns.” Clear enough?

Hal Daub
Apparently was going to make an announcement today, but because of health issues with his mother-in-law, is holding off. We gotta think he’s in, right?

Tony Raimondo
After the Hagel announcement, he said he’ll chat about it with friends and family (wonder if Earl B. Nelson is in that group?), and “if I believe that the entire field of both parties is void of the vision key to Nebraska economic security, I will enter the race for this Senate seat.” We think he’ll find a void.

Bob Kerrey
Going to the Democratic Senatorial Committee to chat with Senator Chuck Schumer to see what he should do.
(Once again, the President of New York City’s liberal, Greenwich Village, New School, who also lives in New York City with his wife and kindergarten age son, is going to travel to Washington D.C., to meet with a liberal Senator from New York, to see if he should run for office from a state a thousand miles away. Got it.)

Mike Fahey
Waiting to see if anyone is going to lean on him to make him run.

Scott Kleeb
Hoping Cosmic Bob doesn’t run and the Mayor stays at the Holiday.

Michael Bloomberg
Seeing if anyone is interested in what he’s selling. Otherwise, sleeping soundly on gold plated pillows.


Riddler said...

Does Mike Johanns not live in DC and would need to move back? Was not Johanns and Bruning both Democrats in previous lives?

Everyone knows Bob Kerrey is more liberal than Johanns is - but maybe not more than Bruning was.

Sure he's going to DC - did Ricketts, Kramer and Stenberg all do that? Raimondo did didn't he? Johanns has done it but he doesn't have to travel thee does he? Hasn't Hagel lived inDC since electionday in 1996? Isn't Fortenberry from Louisiana?

And the NEGOP hit on Kerrey's immigration positions is likely to bite them back, isn't it?

Who can answer these questions?

One Out In The Third said...

Milquetoast Johanns vs "New York City?" If they really wanted it they would have said so. This is the new millennium...we got terrorists wanting our heads on a platter and illegals overrunning our perimeter and everybody's "thinking about it"...looking for a sign...either lead or get the Hell out of the way.

Hagel is gone...but not soon enough...time to grow some bollocks gentlemen. Nebraska needs representation and if you want it say so...don't go askin' permission or be waitin' for the Hsu to drop.

Street Sweeper said...

The difference is that the other guys couldn't have just taken the train...

Anonymous said...

What about Chris Timm and Pat Flynn? They need included up in this. They are candidates, right?

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub may make an announcement tomorrow.

One Out In The Third said...

I just read that Hal Daub's mother-in-law passed away and not to expect anything immediately.

Condolences to the Daub Family.


gary said...

"one out in the third" just hit the nail on the head about stepping into the leadership void.

Bruning is the one with the 'nads to announce against Goliath, while everyone else has a finger in the wind.

I'm for decisive leadership.

prarie princess said...

Sweeper: Hilarious to ad Bloomberg in the candidate list for Nebraska's junior Senate seat. LOL

I'd rather have that New Yorker than Broadway Bob.

Street Sweeper said...


The intention is not that they are all looking to run for Senate, but that they were waiting on his decision. Therefore Bloomberg may have (or may not have) been waiting for Chuck to decide, in regard to his own PRESIDENTIAL campaign.

And for those looking for comments about Flynn, or anyone else, note that he wasn't in the original photo collage. As soon as he makes ANY news, we'll be happy to comment.

OmaSteak said...

Some one is going to "lean on" Mayor Landow to get Mike Fahey to run for US Senate? Paul has his hands full at the moment trying to get the downtown ballpark project off the ground so the donors he shook down for the last election can be repaid at taxpayer expense. Not to mention cutting another sweetheart contract deal with the fire union in return for their support when Mike runs for another term as mayor.

Riddler said...

Sweeper -
Right. Ricketts took his private jet from his evil lair. Stenberg flew but put it on his credit card. Kramer took the ice cream truck. Hagel took Chain Bridge Rd. And Johanns took his taxpayer funded limo and NPS security detail while trying to abide by the Hatch Act.

Has anyone reading this blog from the Mike Johanns Center for Former Demoocrats in Lincoln done any research on Mike and immigration? Riddle me that.

Riddler said...

Oh and Raimondo - he took Ben Nelson's plane to DC. Didn't mean to slight him with no the mention.

Street Sweeper said...

Glad to see someone from the DC metro is reading.
But you still don't get the point about Kerrey, do you? Ah well...

'sker said...

Did I hear on KLIN radio (Lincoln) that Hal Daub is in?

OmaSteak said...

Bob Kerrey is in the race. He was just on KFAB and it's pretty clear he's going to run. While he was being coy about when he will announce, it was pretty clear from his comments that he's going to take the "I'm independent" theme for his campaign. The funniest part of the interview was the crocodile tears he shed over Hagel's decision not to seek a third term.

From Batman to the Riddler said...

Lee Terry and Adrian Smith are from Nebraska, live in Nebraska, root for Nebraska, pay property taxes (up the wazoo!) in Nebraska, buy all there stuff in Nebraska and only travel to DC to work. Unlike others, they apparently find Nebraska to have a better quality of life for their families (at least in the case of Lee Terry).

One Out In The Third said...

Not that he has earned my vote or has proven his salt. I find it blatantly obvious that the media is ignoring Bruning. Johanns...Kerrey...Raimondo ...all getting press as "contenders." Bruning barely gets mentioned. Seems he is the nephew nobody wants to acknowledge. The media have picked their darlings. There must be a curse on AG's.

Street Sweeper said...


Here's the thing: What news is there about Bruning?

"Are you running?"
"Are you raising money?"
"Ok, thanks."

But with the others, since all ANYONE is talking about is the horse race, it's whether or not they're getting in.

After everyone takes their positions, nothing much is going to happen (probably) until after 1/1/08.

Jon-boy will get his coverage soon enough.

spikestrip said...

ooitt (aka jordan mcgrain):

quit trying to sell your kool-aid, we all know what is in it. i find it laughable that you and jon b. have already wasted your shake down money on a poll involving mike j. chuck h. just announced his retirement on monday.

i look forward to reading your push poll question after everyone said they would vote for mike j.: would you still support mike j. if you knew he supports abortion on demand; gays in the military; gay marriage; flag burning; and illegal immigration?

the only thing your poll shows is jon b. is defacating in his pants at the prospect of running against mike j. please tell us how your boss can support the potus on iraq while criticizing his ag secretary at the same time.

the fact is, you are getting beat by 9 points in your own poll by a non-announced candidate who has not spent $1 on the senate race. however, he did spend $260,000 on the negop headquarters.

take my advice, quit and find another job when mike j. announces he is running for senate. save yourself the same embarassment/fate as vicki p.

Riddler said...

Riddler to Batman:

Who mentioned Lee Terry or Adrian Smith? They aren't involved in the Senate race are they?

But since you brought them up - do you think Lee Terry is making NE look good by sleeping on an air mattress in his office?

One Out In The Third said...


Thanks for the laugh.

Batman said...

My dear little riddler. Who said that Terry and Smith are not in the Senate race (since it seems obvious that those that are in aren't even in yet) and one would only have to assume (and yes, I do know what that can make out of u and me)that they would do quite well based on their District +/- support. As for where they sleep, as long as they are by themselves when in Washington and in their cozey Nebraska beds otherwise, I'm good with where and what type of bed they are in!