Monday, September 10, 2007

Senator, you’re on in 5…4…3…

Since the cat seems to be…rrrRRRRRR!…outta the bag, just a few things to tide you over before the big 10AM speech…

Ya gotta figure Chuck is going to surprise us with SOMETHING, right? Heck, otherwise he could just put out the proverbial press release, unless there’s something to say beyond what has been published everywhere. If he does have something to say, he better say it now, because after this, a lame duck Senator’s statements won’t get much airplay.


In Friday’s Washington Post, The Fix columnist Chris Cillizza’s wrote:

(Jon) Bruning may be urged to stand down by party leaders and wait his turn -- he is still in his 30s -- but may or may not choose to cut short a bid for Senate.
Uh Chris, that’s just not going to happen. And as much as we would suggest that Bruning tread lightly with Mike Johanns right now, we’re pretty sure that ship has sailed and we expect the AG to begin blasting away at the Ag Sec any day now.


Cillizza also said in Sunday’s Washington Post:

(New York New School President, Cosmic Bob) Kerrey said in an e-mail Friday that he will wait a "respectful time" after Hagel's announcement to make his own plans clear. Kerrey added: "I do not know what he is going to say and do not intend to comment on my plans before spending time reflecting on his service."

Yuh-huh. Reflecting on Hagel’s service. THAT’s what he’ll be doing. Not “Figuring out if I can whoop Mike Johanns.” No, he’ll be pondering what Chuck’s been doing the last twelve years. That’ll be New Yawk speak for, “Yeah, I gotta make the rubes back in Nebraska think I’m all contemplating, and stuff….”


And if you’re keeping score at home, Saturday’s Omaha World Herald article about “the Odds” of each candidate in the race will be the third time, recently anyway, that the OWH has directly ripped off Leavenworth Street. We’re waiting for our check to arrive in the email any day now.


Eric said...

Surprise us? Maybe.

I just hope he starts out his speech like this "I'm here to announce that I will be making an announcement about my political future sometime within the next several months ... just kidding".

Anonymous said...

And somewhere Chris Timm gets the Flynn-ers ready to gravitate up to mediocrity.

OmaSteak said...

How to beat Bob Kerrey...series of print/radio/tv spots based upon the old Pace picante sauce "it's from New York City???" theme. President of one of the most liberal elite schools in the country, close family ties to the Communist Broadcasting System (i.e., CBS) management, embarassed himself during 9/11 Commission hearings, etc.

Anonymous said...


Why do they call him "cosmic" Bob? This may be a "dumb" question, but I don't have much of an insight to what Bob Kerrey has ever done in his past to receive that nickname? Thanks!

Street Sweeper said...

Well, just to help you out:

Ran for Gov and won in '82.
Would have cruised to a 2nd term...quit.

Only 2 years later, runs for Senate and wins.

Runs for Prez, and sort of dippily exudes his joy to Clinton how neat it is to run for Prez. Quits after NH.

Could have easily won a 3rd term in the Senate....quits.

Instead take a job as Prez of the uber-lib New School in New York City.

You just never know what's going on in the head of...Cosmic Bob.

One Out In The Third said...

You mean it had nothing to do with his being Debra Winger's boyfriend and his Hollywood connection???

Street Sweeper said...

I believe the nickname came while he was a Senator. Previously known as "Rockin' Bob" after taking Debra to the Springsteen show...