Monday, September 24, 2007

Choosing Sides

During these early days of the U.S. Senate campaign, we can already see things shaping up. Hal Daub has a new website (thank gawd) with his TV ad and is running the first radio spots of the season. (In it, he does a parody of “Old McDonald” and is seen shooting animated turkeys. Just kidding!)

Jon Bruning has shifted his sites from Hagel and Iraq to Johanns and immigration. And Pat Flynn still has us confounded as to how the “In God We Trust” will rub off the edge of the dollar coins.

And as we move along, people are picking their teams. Here are a few things we’ve learned over the weekend:

Team Johanns

Chuck Hagel has stated he’s picking Mike Johanns in the general election (with the “shock” being that this would be over his buddy Bob Kerrey). Jon Bruning has determined that this means Hagel is picking Johanns in the primary as well. Which is probably true, but Hagel hasn’t come out and said that.

And while party leader (and President) George W. Bush said he’d pick Johanns if Nebraskans do as well, former STATE party leader, and 2006 Senate candidate, David Kramer is now the “unofficial” spokesman for Mike Johanns. We wonder if Mike will get a word in edgewise.

Team Raimondo

A loyal Leavenworth Street reader and Husker-Ball St. ticket holder, saw E. Benjamin Nelson at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, and who was sitting right beside him, hoping that everyone saw him sitting with the Just for Men Senator? One Tony Raimondo.

Now we would venture that if you’re planning to make a run in the GOP primary, hoping to get your mug on Husker Vision sitting next to the state’s leading Democrat probably isn’t the way to go. So if Cosmic Bob is out, whose sideline will Raimondo chose?

Team Kerrey

We still don’t know what the tea-leaves say about New York’s favorite University President, but we see where the Omaha World Herald stands on him. When he decided to make a foray into Nebraska from his home in New York City over the weekend, the headlines looked like this:

Lincoln Journal Star: Kerrey coming to Nebraska; no announcement expected
“Bob Kerrey and his family returned to Nebraska Friday...”

The AP: Kerrey coming to Nebraska, but no announcement expected
“Bob Kerrey is coming to Omaha this weekend…”

But how does the OWH see it?
Kerrey heading home, still weighing political future
“Bob Kerrey is heading home to Nebraska this weekend...”

(Apparently Jake Thompson missed the part about Kerrey living NYC the past seven or so years, having his residence there, his family there, voting there and heading up a school there.)


An interesting post from Benedict, Nebraska blogger Brian Bresnahan of “High Plains Patriot”. Bresnahan is a former Marine and is part of a political group called “United For Our Troops and Their Mission”.

He spent time with the group on Capitol Hill and posted about his adventure of going door to door in the House and Senate and visiting with the Nebraska Congressional delegation (towards the end of the post). No matter how you feel about the Iraq issue, it’s an interesting read to see what it’s like meeting with MOC and their staff.


SNOWBLWR said...

Hey Sweeper -- One thing to keep in mind as the Senate drama unfolds is that World-Herald publisher Johnny Gottschalk and Bob Kerrey are very close friends and former college roomies.

This fact has influenced the OWH's coverage of Kerrey and his projects, such as the pedestrian bridge over the Muddy Mo. Recall the World-Herald's unbridled enthusiasm for Third District candidate Scott Kleeb last fall, when the paper issued its endorsement of Kleeb some 25 days before the election?

Undoubtedly, that decision and the editorial content were influenced heavily by the former governor.

Anonymous said...

On this pesky immigration issue, isn't the real question that Jon should be asking is, "What would Robbie the Intern do?"

Anonymous said...

Why does Johanns have a failed Senate candidate (Kramer) as a spokesman?

Street Sweeper said...


Why would you posit that Kramer's election history has any bearing on his ability to serve as someone else's spokesman?

Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Kramer did pretty dang good I think. considering no one knew him but the backbone of the party.

Flynn's campaign is comical. let's have a countdown before he bows out. unders at 98 days.

--The Boss from Beemer

Anonymous said...

The luxury of absurdity this website continues to offer is the psuedo-insider look on Nebraska politics! I continue to find my laugh in the skepticism and feigned intellectual discussion that occurs on this blog and commenting board! I do, however, think some things get covered well (which is laudable in its own right), but the enormous amount of skepticism and fake (intellectual) predictions are what get me the most! But, I guess that is how politics works and will continue to work!

How is the Flynn campaign a joke? Is their some type of circumstantial evidence for this great truth maxim?

I don't have my candidate picked out, for that will be a May decision, not a SEPTEMBER DECISION! But, I'm just wondering as to why a candidate has already lost a race that hasn't even begun? Scott Kleeb ran a pretty slick campaign and almost took out Adrian (as we all recall) -- and we all can recall that he wasn't even known until the latter part of the race! So, I think it is absurd to call someone out before the race has even begun!

Once again, I think certain things are done well on this site, but for goodness sakes let's start seeing some actual intellectual discussion as to why half of you posit such faulty statements, and then I might actually start to have faith in the thinking people of Nebraska!

Street Sweeper said...

There's an Anonymous challenge for all you NON-Pat Flynn supporting RUBES out there!

"Oh you think you're sooooo savvy, supporting the twice state-wide elected Attorney General, or the former mayor and Congressman, or the former Mayor, two term Governor and former Ag Secretary, who has the support of the President and the current Senator. Oh tell us, politicos, why, WHY a no-name from a small town with no money and no name ID and no experience couldn't beat those three! Yeaaaahhhhh, that's what I thought."

A challenge I tell you! A CHALLENGE!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to beg the question! Not to mention, the ad hominen attack throughout the comment...very classy move!

I'm not saying he will win or even has the slightest chance, but to evict him from the race this early (although it has some substance to it) is ridiculous, and furthermore, is anti-democratic! I've studied political science enough to know he has no chance, but I've also studied political science enough to know that democracy is at the core of our constitution -- that is, that everyone has the right and the chance to run for whatever they want! I could care less what you opine, because it is certainly more opinion and personal rant (half of the time) than actual newsworthy information! Again, I commend you on the jobs that you do well...keep up the work!

...end rant!

Anonymous is soooo smart said...

Wow! Anonymous you are so smart and brilliant and intelligent and witty and insightful and colloquial that I can barely stand it.

I bet you are sitting in your study right now, surrounded by walls with deep mahogany in-lays that are lined with the most impressive collections of first-edition Thomas Wolfe, John Donne, and William Blake; your desk, I would bet (or “posit” as someone with your extensive vocabulary and schooling would probably say) is from the Elizabethan Era, undoubtedly passed down through your family over the many years; your study is alive with snapshots from your world travels and the room definitely smells of Egyptian tobacco.

I can see you now, reclining in your leather chair, hands locked behind your head as you ponder life’s bigger questions as you take self-righteous pity on the peasants who don’t possess your intellectual acumen. Your face is framed with a thinker’s beard, you have a smart tweed sport coat layered over a Ralph Lauren Purple Label dress shirt, wool slacks without cuffs (after all, cuffs are only worn by wanna-be’s and Noeveau Riche trash), and a brand new pair of Donald Pliner penny loafers. Gosh, I sure wish I could be more like you!

By the way, the next time you want to wow someone with your garden variety vocabulary and community college political science knowledge, try doing it without claiming Scott Kleeb almost took out Adrian Smith…the carpet bagger lost by 10 points! He was served a royal size beat-down and no matter how hard you liberal morons try to spin it, that race wasn’t even close.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..."liberal moron"...only in your dreams, pal! I'm quite conservative, actually! I was just saying that the Kleeb/Smith race turn into a lot more than people thought it would from the beginning (do you agree with that statement or disagree?)! Now, I'm for sure glad that Smith won, don't get me wrong! As for that elaborate little story about where I am probably sitting at right now is far from your illustrious setting...although I wish I had a room that elaborate...I'd invite you over for some delicious Cubans and Scotch on the rocks! I actually make less than $2,000 dollars a year doing what I like to do (which many of you would probably find commendable, but I won't disclose my occupation for the sake of not giving you any more reasons to brutely attack me)! Until next time: Peace!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Beemer. It's hard to be anonymous there!!

anonymous coward said...

Yeah, Pat Flynn is awesome. If you've already picked your favorite candidate, then you obviously don't support democracy. This is democracy darn it, and it is undemocratic for even the candidates to have picked their favorite candidate. Who knows, after considering all the facts, Jon Bruning might decide to vote for Pat Flynn. I wouldn't be surprised if all the candidates voted for Pat Flynn. That's just how awesome he is.

Wilber's One Republican said...

Pat Flynn + the term "intellectual" = Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

Now ... pass the bowl, dude.

'sker said...

Thank you for posting the print media's coverage of Cosmic Bob. Indeed, the blogosphere has added another layer of balance to the entire topic of news media. Yours is a useful service, SS.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Flynn's problem here in Nebraska is that he's aiming too low. Who are we kidding? Flynn is the shit. He ought to run for President. No doubt he would be a great Vice President. A Romney-Flynn ticket is GOLDEN!!

Street Sweeper said...

OK,ok, enough of the Pat Flynn bashing. I'll give him this: he puts together a nice parade entry (judging from his photos linked there) and that's an easy one to screw up. And who knows, at the debates he could surprise. Let's move on for now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Robbie the Intern were to run the Flynn campaign, they could squeak out a fourth place finish.

OmaSteak said...

I'm wondering if anyone has hacked the "Login" function on Hal's website yet...won't be more than 20 minutes after it happens and Joe Jordan will be reporting in a "Breaking News alert" on what's behind there.