Friday, July 13, 2007

Hagel vs. Bruning: Tale of the Tape

With U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel announcing his quarterly fundraising numbers (Hagel has raised nearly $1.1 million – LJS – 7/13/07), we can now compare his fundraising with that of Attorney General Jon Bruning.

First their fund raising numbers to date:
Hagel: $1.1 million
Bruning: $721,000

It would seem that this is advantage Hagel, but Chuck’s numbers are a bit misleading. When Hagel’s guy Kevin Chapman said a few weeks ago that their numbers would be “well beyond” Bruning’s, he was referring to their fundraising since 2003. Well, we would hope they’d be over that. We confess that we assumed Chapman was talking about Hagel’s 2007 second quarter numbers.

When we look at the second quarter of 2007, we get:
Hagel: $388,000
Bruning: $721,000

Advantage Bruning. And then when we look at cash on hand we see;
Hagel: $430,000
Bruning: $620,000

Now while this would seem to indicate a serious lead by Bruning – and it’s not negligible – we would note that it’s unlikely that Bruning can keep up the rate at which he’s been raising cash. While the money won’t exactly dry up, it’s going to be much more difficult for him to come in at those high numbers the next quarter.

And Chapman’s quote that “we will have all the money we need to win” is probably true. Remember that Hagel will definitely have the PAC money advantage over Bruning – it will come much easier to the incumbent. And don’t forget that Hagel hasn’t even formally announced yet, and that there are many who are holding back donating until he does.

So again, we look up, and to the right, at our Chuck Hagel Countdown clock, to see the seconds tick…tick…tick away. Those eight guys aren’t the only ones watching…


buckturgidson said...

Hagel has raised more in four years than Bruning has in three months? Man - that IS impressive!

Anonymous said...

Octavius says

What about that guy from Schuyler (financial guy) who supposedly is running?

mike honco said...

Why is the NE press so stuopid that they cant deliniate between what Chapman said (1.1 million) andwhat was actually raised (388K)?

Hagel raising 388K in the second quarter of the pre-cycle year is an embarassment for an incumbent any way you cut it. But the NE press just laps up the spin like a pussycat with warm milk.


curbfeeler said...

Bruning once said all conservative Republicans are stupid.

He appears to be partly right. He has convinced some of them to give him money.

One Out In The Third said...

Let Hagel think he is ahead. Every time he opens his mouth he turns away another 50 Nebraska voters. A nickel apiece from thousand voters is worth more than a check from any three non-resident PACs. This baby is going to come down to Bruning making a commitment to the majority in Nebraska and not forgetting that commitment.

It's not about the's about the people he represents and Hagel has forgotten that one important premise.

"Look Chuck..A mirror."

OmaSteak said...

Bruning only needs enough money to run 1 commercial against Hagel...shots of illegals climbing over US border fence with Hagel's voice touting the infamous recently killed Senate "comprehensive immigration reform" bill. End of Hagel's senate career in NE in republican primary race.

gameon said...

Seems Hagel's campaign perspectives are mirroring those of John McCain. It's pretty bad when the only supporters the Senator can muster for an event like the DCRP pancake breakfast are paid staff members.

No money coming grass roots support...the writing is on the wall.

S.P.J. said...

Johanns needs to announce his interest soon. According to one person at the USDA, he might just do that.

spike strip said...

sen. hagel has raised $1.1 million without even trying, let alone announcing he was running for reelection.

whereas bruning has shook down everyone he knows with a check book...personally.

if hagel decides to run for reelection, he will swat bruning like a knat...and i will enjoy watching every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Mr. Hagel said very directly 12 years ago that he was evoking self imposed term limits of two terms.

We will see very shortly if he is a man of his word.

If Hagel runs he will be blind siding his loyal followers and allow someone like the phoney baloney cowboy from Yale to have a chance.

I hope Hagel's character will win over his ego.

Anonymous said...

Octavius says...

oh, and any astute politico will notice Secretary Johanns has sold all of his NE properties....except one. I wonder what that could mean......

curbfeeler said...

Hagel didn't say no, he said wait. Waiting allows opportunities to rise.

For example, early frontrunner McCain is now dead from gluing himself to an Iraq policy that hamstrings most Republicans. The avid voters who liked McCain as a maverick, and who were beating Bush in 2000 when McCain self destructed, are still out there. That constituency vacuum is most aptly filled by you know who.

This year, the safest place for a dark horse to be is in the dark. That doesn’t mean Hagel will run for President or that he won’t run for reelection. He has those and other options. But it isn’t likely he is sitting on his hands or wringing them worrying about an Attorney General with less oomph than Stenberg.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about the Schuyler guy too... Who is this guy? I know he's staffing up.

Dirk D. said...

The "guy" is named Pat Flynn and I'm sure he lives in a van down by the river.

Anonymous said...

dirk d. -

do you care to give any additional info on pat flynn? he seems to be one that flies under the radar.


Anonymous said...

Curbfeeler - McCain's primary support from the Republican base is floundering due to his involvement with the IMMIGRATION BILL, not Iraq.

Watching the left struggle to grasp this is hilarious.