Thursday, May 17, 2007

Popeye Hagel

This morning in the Washington Post, Dana Milbank tells about a speech U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel gave yesterday where he gave increasing hints about an independent run for President. (Hagel as Hamlet -- or the Third Man? – Washington Post – 5/17/07).

Here are a few quotes from the article:

  • "You've got in one sense the perfect storm brewing here that is going to blow into next year where I think anything is possible, and I really do believe that. I think the legitimacy of an independent candidacy is a real possibility."

  • Whatever his true intentions, his words yesterday pointed unmistakably toward an independent presidential run: too concerned to retire ("everywhere you look, we have huge problems"), too independent to remain Republican ("neither party is seen as an answer") and too disgusted with Congress ("this nonsense that we're consumed with here") to seek reelection next year.
  • "(I) might have an interest in moving in a little different direction. As you look at the early poll numbers on any candidates in the two major parties, no one has been breaking out of a pattern. Neither party is seen as an answer or as a glittering new dimension to lead this country."

  • He mentioned the difficulty historically faced by independent candidates, but quickly added: "Does that mean it couldn't be done? No, not at all."

  • Unbidden, Hagel announced he is "not at all concerned" about his family tolerating a presidential run. And he sounded skeptical that there would be "an opening for me" in the Republican primaries. "Those are uncontrollables I can't determine," the senator said. "I am who I am, I've said what I believe, and this is who I am."

One question may be, does Chuck Hagel still want to part of this Republican party?


Wynie Cooper said...

I've noticed a disturbing trend street sweeper...lately, it seems that your posts are winding up almost verbatim on the Nebraska Democratic Party website blog as well...coincidence or are they just lazy? First, it was the Daub and DC photo and now this one is on their blog as well.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, let's just say that we posted the point about the Daub DC pic much earlier than them.

The Wash Post story, I take, may have just been a coincidence. I can say I didn't see their post until this afternoon. If they based their's on L St's, not really that big of a deal. Essentially just linking a story.

One Out In The Third said...

I am beginning to believe Mr. Hagel has no intention of running for President. I believe his endless series of faux paux...or is it faux pi? some sort of bizarre attempt to land a cabinet seat in 2008... Or...His agonizing political suicide is a classic case of narcissistic meltdown where his last ditch effort has him believing he can "Perot" the GOP with his run as an Indy.

Too little...too late Senator.