Monday, May 07, 2007

Hagel transcript

Here is a link to the transcript of the entire interview by Al Hunt with Chuck Hagel on “Political Capital with Al Hunt.”

And here are a few meatier pull-outs from that interview:

On running for President:

MR. HUNT: Well, what are the odds that you will get into that (Presidential) race? You've said you'll decide later. But odds as of today?
SEN. HAGEL: I will. Well, I don't know about odds, Al. I never get into that business. But I will make a decision on my political future in a few months. I have to. I have a second term coming to an end next year. And it will come down -
MR. HUNT: Still seriously considering?
SEN. HAGEL: Well, I'm seriously considering - I hope - some options I might have. And one of those options is to leave politics for awhile. Maybe this is the right time to do it; 12 years in the Senate is a long time. It's been a tremendous opportunity. Maybe there are some other things I could do to influence the world more effectively.

On meeting with Michael Bloomberg:

SEN. HAGEL: The mayor and I had a delightful dinner. We talked about our families; we talked about backgrounds, the world, Iraq, politics. There was no conversation about the two of us teaming up on a ticket. We did talk about the entire arc of interests that a couple of politicians would, a couple people who are interested in the outcome of mankind, and both engaged in politics. We have a lot of common interests, both businessmen, both have - I think - some general philosophies that coincide. But no, there was no talk of any ticket.
On running as an Independent:

MR. HUNT: Is one of your options to run as an independent?
SEN. HAGEL: Well, I don't ever foreclose any options. We'll see how the political world develops. I think we are living at a time here in this country, Al, that is as unpredictably politically as I've ever seen maybe in modern times. I think the political currents are running swiftly, deeply, unpredictably. What that then produces in the way of presidential dynamics and options next year I think is still quite unpredictable.
MR. HUNT: I take it that's a possible.
SEN. HAGEL: It's a possible.

The rest is pretty much on Iraq, which he calls, “the most significant, dangerous foreign policy blunder this country has made maybe ever.” Otherwise, nothing much too new for him.


snowblwr said...

Hey Sweeper...

You may wish to do a follow-up on state Sen. Danielle 'Too Plowed' Nantkes, who was given a slap on the wrist today for her THIRD D.U.I. offense.

Here's the breakdown from the Lincoln Journal Star:

* A Lincoln state senator pleaded guilty to drunken driving Monday and was sentenced to probation for a year. Sen. Danielle Nantkes of Lincoln entered guilty pleas to driving under the influence — first offense and refusing a chemical test.

* She had been charged with second offense DUI, but the City Attorney’s Office chose not to enhance it as part of a plea agreement. The prosecutor also dismissed a negligent driving charge.

* On Feb. 14, Nantkes collided with a southbound front-end loader, according to police. The plow’s driver called police. The officer noticed signs of impairment and said Nantkes smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, noticeably impaired balance and bloodshot, watery eyes. She refused a chemical test. Police cited her and took her to Cornhusker Place detox center.

* County Court Judge James Foster sentenced Nantkes to 12 months probation beginning May 7, ordered her to pay a $500 fine and impounded her driver’s license for 60 days. She could have received up to two months in jail on the charge and a six-month license suspension.

* Lincoln police stopped Nantkes twice before on suspicion of drunken driving, both times in 1997. After the second stop, she was convicted of DUI-first offense and ordered to serve one year on probation and pay a $200 fine.

Angela said...

I wanted to thank you for linking to my blog. I returned the favor and added you to my Nebraska Bloggers section in the side bar. I look forward to reading your blog more often. :)

Anonymous said...

SS--How about adding the "printable page" feature to blog articles? For old blind people as myself who hate reading computer screens it would make enjoying your post much easier.

Street Sweeper said...

Give me a link on how to do the "printable page" and I'll look to see if I can do it.