Monday, May 14, 2007

Hagel Faces the Nation

If you missed Chuck Hagel on Face the Nation, you really should take a look at the final one minute of the segment, cut out and posted here.

Bob Schieffer asks Hagel about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Hagel quickly builds a temple at which to worship Bloomberg.

When he's then asked about a possible independent ticket with Bloomberg, Hagel's normal poker face turns into that of a college freshman who just drew his first straight flush. He's practically giddy.

Take a look.


curbfeeler said...

If Hagel considers an independent bid, it is not because Republicans showered him with kindness and respect.

Eric said...

You're right Sweeper, that is very unhagelish.

He could have inserted Guiliani's name into that recommendation and everything he said would make sense (maybe he would have to use the past tense on the Mayor stuff).

I still think he would be better off rebuilding bridges with some of his GOP colleagues. If Bloomberg picks Hagel as his VP, then they can't get the Unity08 nomination, and I can't really see why Bloomberg would benefit from putting Hagel on the ticket. He'd be better off getting someone a little less polarizing. Maybe the deal was that Hagel would go onto political shows and talk about his crush on Bloomberg, and then Bloomberg makes Hagel is Secretary of State.

Street Sweeper said...

The only thing I'd say about Unity '08, is that people are still going to vote on whether who gets the nom. But with it being web voting, it could end up being a ticket of Sanjaya and William Hung.

So Bloomberg would be more likely to just blow off Unity '08 and call himself an Independent, or whatever, and could bring along whomever he wants. For this purpose, he could do worse than Hagel.

Eric said...

I've been thinking Unity 08 should go with Sam Waterson. He's already on board, and Jack McCoy kicks Arthur Branch's butt any day of the week.

But seriously, I'm going to be disappointed in the Christian Right if they somehow allow this contest to come down to three socially liberal New Yorkers.

Street Sweeper said...

A Hillary vs Rudy vs Bloomberg contest would be sort of amusing. But I wonder if it would turn out like the Mets-Yankess World Series where the rest of the country just tuned out.