Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dems Preen for Dean's Scream

Well, Dr. Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, momentary Presidential nominee-to-be of the Democratic Party and current Chairman of the National Democrats blew into Omaha last night.

You may have missed it however.

Especially if you are a Democrat.

Since only 200 of you bothered to show up (150, according to the AP).

Even though it cost only $20 ($10 if you’re a student).

But hey, the Omaha World Herald was there.
And buried the story on page B-3…

But then, Dr. Dean hasn’t exactly made Nebraska a priority either, seeing as Nebraska is number 49 on his stops of the 50 states (he hasn’t attended his luau in Hawaii yet). That’s right, Dean trekked to Alaska, before Nebraska. (Dean: Republicans 'will not bully us' – OWH – 4/12/07.)

Even Nebraska Dem party chair Steve Achelpohl admitted that Nebraska was a “distant stepchild” before Dean was elected. Apparently being number 50 makes you distant (as President Bubba numbered the Nebraska Dems). Being number 49 now makes them…uh…well…a distant stepchild without a lei or a hula skirt. (Dean confident Nebraska wants change – LJS – 4/12/07.)

Of course, Dean gave the typical witless palaver that one would expect from the former podium screamer. He sputtered this ridiculous damnation:

There have been unspeakable things said about the Democratic Party that are not true. For a long time, we have not been here to fight back.
Is that right, Doc? Yeah, we just about never hear the Dem talking points rattled off on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times, PBS, and NPR.

You know, it has been said that Democrats believe that, at their extreme, Republicans are evil. With that absurd statement about “unspeakable things”, Howard Dean makes that point.

Conversely, it is said that Republicans believe that, at their extreme, Democrats are just plain ignorant.

You represent the extreme well, Dr. Dean.


Uncle Wiggily said...

Well, well ...

I'm not used to seeing rank partisanship from you, Sweeper, and may I just say, "You go, dood!"

Keep up the good work!


Street Sweeper said...

Partisanship? Nah, UW. We just call 'em like we see 'em.

By the way, OUTSTANDING post today.

All should read this post today, which deserves to be published in a major daily.

Summing up the trip said...

The line from the OWH article I enjoyed the most was:

Dean told the crowd that he did not expect them to turn Nebraska into a Democratic state anytime soon...

Sums up the whole trip

Street Sweeper said...

Please resubmit your comment without the personal attack on the blogger.

SnowBLWR said...

What I meant to say is that, undoubtedly, Dr. Dean is a laughable character. Other than Matt Connealy and the Kleeb-Esch fan club -- which includes the sweet lady who operates the Smith Watch blog -- the Primal Screamer has no following in our state.

A bigger threat to Nebraska traditionalists are the so-called Republican state senators who are working overtime to repeal the death penalty. These RINOs like Sens. Brad Ashford (Omaha), Dwite Peterson (Elkhorn) and Abbie Cornett (Bellevue) are giving the middle finger to the vast majority of Nebraska taxpayers.

When he ran for governor of Vermont in 1991, Crazy Howard Dean favored complete repeal of capital punishment. That is why true libs in the Unicameral, like Sen. Tom White (Omaha), favor Ashford's bill (LB377). But I wonder if so-called Republicans like Ashford, Cornett, Aguillar, and Peterson were also secretly toasting Dr. Dean at last night's congregation of crazies.

It's time to get the foxes out of the hen house!

Anonymous said...

anyone notice Bruning doesn't have his old commercials up anymore on his website? must be reading the leavenworth blogs....

When you've got an idea.....You speak it.

OmaSteak said...

I hate to admit it, but Howard Dean might be correct on one point...that Nebraskans do want change. I sincerely hope that it's for real conservative Reps and not the current crop of RINOs. Rep Lee Terry has to be the number one Dem target in 2008, if they can find/fund a candidate other than the typical far left libs they've put up the past couple of times. Unfortunately for second district Reps, unless a Rep primary challenger takes the nomination away from Rep Backbencher, it's probably better than 50/50 shot that Terry loses in a close one next year. It's probably too much to ask that Terry grow both a personality and a pair of cajones for the race.

Anonymous said...

I think the District 2 seat is never to be considered a safe one-except from the DC politicos who never bother to come to the middle of the Country prior to making their "safe seat" statements. The people of the 2nd District have always been willing to vote for the best person, throughout history!

That being said, the Dems would have to present a candidate that is worthy of a good fight. The best candidate they ever had is Nancy Thompson and look what happened when Lee Terry took off the gloves against her (I think it went something like 1-2-FLOOR). Then you bring along a lazy little darling like Esch. Even he couldn't please the Dems and the one shoulder thump that the Congressman gave him was categorized as "needlessly late hit" by our wonderful OWH editorial page. The fact of the matter is that the Dems in this state have always underestimated the voters intelligence.

Esch was a fine example of that. He ran around without an original thought of his own and tried to convince voters that Lee Terry was lazy and sucking off the Lobbyists you know whats! While all the while sitting unemployed and living off the fruits of his parents labor, as he has his whole life. Perhaps if they could present a candidate that doesn't walk around behind Congressman Terry hollering "Ditto!" to everything he says and then yelling get rid of the bum, then we just might get to see Congressman Terry kick someone's you know what like he has in the past!

PS: How does Jim Esch pay back all those student loans that he must have needed to attend Creighton University for Undergrad and Law School when he has not been gainfully employed for almost 2 years?