Friday, February 02, 2007

For/Against Hagel

For those of you jonesing because you haven’t had your Chuck Hagel Presidential fix, here are two articles from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza in his blog/column, entitled none other than...“The Fix”.

The Case for Chuck Hagel

and then:

The Case Against Chuck Hagel

Feel free to continue the debate in Leavenworth Street’s comment section below, as you will probably find your ideas drowned out in the cacophony of the Post's comment section.


OmahSteak said...

As Hagel was back in NE for a short visit to unveil the findings of some health care reform group he sponsored, he let slip a telling comment vis-a-vis his stance on Iraq. He stated that contacts with his office are running 50-60% in support of his position but he didn't know how many of those were not from Nebraskans. I would suggest that the majority of supportive response is coming from outside NE and mainly from Democrats. Washington Post columnist assessments aside, Hagel is wrong on Iraq and wrong on illegal immigration. Given those two rather large negatives, how is he going to capture enough of the Republican base to either: (1) secure presidential nomination; or (2) win the 2008 NE Republican senate primary???
PS - beyond dropping all online opinion related content, does it seem to anyone else that the new is less than 100% available and takes longer to load?

Uncle Wiggily said...

Enough about Hagel, ferchrissake ... I won't be able to eat for a week ...:P

Re Omahsteak's OWH comment ... I sent 'em an email saying bring back the Pulse or kiss me goodbye ... I'm sure gonna miss 'em.

Street Sweeper said...

What was that about Hagel?

NE Voter said...

At the risk of hijacking the thread, omahsteak, you are correct about the OW-H's new website. It absolutely stinks.

It is incredible to me that, after weeks of breathless "Coming Soon!" hype, the newspaper introduces a website that is actually LESS informative in terms of content than the site it has replaced.

It is to laugh.

Among other things, the new website no longer contains the opinion content (editorials and LTE). However, to the extent the website receives hits from outside the circulation area (from newsreaders unfamiliar with the OW-H's delicious blend of opinionews), perhaps this is for the best.

Finally, I am not surprised that the new website does not revive the readers' ability to comment on stories. For several years, the OW-H site used to allow comments which often resulted in some lively discussion. I was not surprised that that feature was removed when it became increasingly the case that the quality of the news analysis found in the comments exceeded that found in the stories themselves.

Wake up, people!

plains drifter said...

On the OWH (Note Sweeper - six HAgel posts in a row is obviously enough already)

I read somewhere that the intent of offering less content online was an attempt to protect the "intellectual property" of the paper. Now that's a laugh. When it comes to the owh, "intellectual property" is an oxymoron.

Note for those OWH employees reading: that means that there is nothing intellectual about the OWH.

Street Sweeper said...

Hey that was only FIVE Hagel posts in a row (note the Johanns SAB with pithy comments attached). Nonetheless, we'll continue to talk about whatever is the Nebraska political news of the day. And like it or not, that continues to be Hagel.
(Not I'm not tired of it myself...)

Anonymous said...

I've heard rumblings that ex-Husker Coach Frank Solich may return to Nebraska to run for political office. Any truth to that? I'm assuming it would be for Hagel's seat.

Steve Bender
Columbus, OH

Street Sweeper said...

That's the first I've heard of Solich's name in political terms, and have to say it sounds EXTREMELY unlikely.

Care to share where you heard this one?

plains drifter said...


"Is U.S. Senator Ben Nelson running for some other office we don’t know about?

"Is there a reason he’s teetering from side to side on THE major political question of the day?

"On the President’s plan to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq, guess where Senator Chuck Hagel stands?"

We know now don't we? Hagel filibustered his own resolution tonight. What does that do for his presidential campaign?

Street Sweeper said...

Yeah, this has all the Democrat Underoos in a bunch, doesn't it? Yup, I'm sure after all that, Hagel is just going to sit back and let it happen and vote with the President after all. That's pretty likely, right? Right?

Don't get too caught up in the procedure right now kids.