Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Leavenworth Street!

We nearly forgot that this blog turned One-Year-Old today!
Our post from Day 1 still stands.
So cheers, and there is cake in the conference room.


dchusker said...

Happy Birthday Sweeper

Are you celebrating by buring your head in the sand with the NEGOP over Chuck Hagel's treason?

Check out the Huffington Post today - they want him as their president. How incredibly ironic.

Anonymous said...

proposed caption:

"David Hahn and Steve Loschen look over their latest cash on hand statements."

Happy Birthday, Leavenworth!

Street Sweeper said...

DCHusker, you don't get invited to too many parties, do you?

And just so we all understand, this site talks politics -- but rarely hits policy. There are a gazillion other blogs -- like Arianna's little adventure -- that will give you their opinion, if that's what you're seeking.

We'll probably comment soon about the political ramifications of Hagel's -- and Nelson's - position on the war, of late.

Otherwise, note that our heads are safely above sand level.

OmaSteak said...

Congratulations StreetSweeper on the first anniversary of a very information/entertaining blog. Best wishes for continued success.

ptg said...

Already one year old! Time flies when you are having fun. Congrats and thanks for the good work.

Anonymous said...

"This is your birthday song, it doesn't last too long, HEY!"

Happy Birthday!

One Out In The Third said...


Happy Birthday!!! As they said in the 60's..."Keep on Keepin' On."

Anonymous said...

One year ago, who would have imagined that Chuck Hagel, the guy who would give his right arm to see Ben Nelson out of office, be tagged as the figure most responsible for single-handedly boosting Nelson's popularity?

D.C. Insider
formerly from Ashland, NE

Anonymous said...

street sweeper said:

"And just so we all understand, this site talks politics -- but rarely hits policy."

Politics without policy...huh? is that not called gossip?

Does that mean Leavenworth Street is the "Teen Beat" of the Nebraska on-line political community? . ..its nice to see you set the bar so high for yourself!

Street Sweeper said...

Interesting definition you made up. But then, that's not surprising seeing as you went on to use the term "Nebraska on-line POLITICAL community".

And I stated that we talk about POLITICS.


Anonymous said...

^^^WTF, are you busting on my use of an adjective???

How 5th grade teacher of you!

I guess its not surprising you would resort to grammer critique . . . without the ability to discuss anything of substance (i.e. policy) all you are left with is either commenting my grammer or Lee Terry's unibrow.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, I'd be happy to bust on your grammAr, your spelling, your inability to use a dictionary or your inept view of what politics means. You give such a wealth of topics.

Junior, politics discusses, among other things, the processes involved in arriving at a certain policy or position. Those processes include spoken and written persuasion, fund raising, appearances, tactics and ambitions. Are rumors (or gossip, as you so cattily describe it) involved? You bet. And sometimes those rumors are planted, and become the basis of the political machinations themselves.

The discussions of the use of slogans, advertisements, parade floats or door-to-door canvassing are all about politics. The discussion of which policy one chooses and why – without delving in the merits of those policies – are discussions of politics.

So…what? You’re dying to hear opinions about those specific policies? About Taxes, Global Warming and Middle East War? Gee, I wonder if you could find any blogs or magazines or newspapers or cable talk shows or radio talk shows or local politicians or bosses or uncles who will warble on and on and on concerning those topics.

We’ve instead chosen to focus our blog on WHY government leaders (mainly) are taking those positions and doing the things they do. And just in case you’re STILL wondering what you’ll find here on Leavenworth Street, we even went to the effort to put it in the title for you (see the subheading).

So as much as we’d like to get in on some of that Teen Beat cash, we’re very comfortable that our discussions, observations and even (ohmigosh!) humor go just a tad beyond that (though I do like the suggestion to examine Congressman Terry’s monobrow…).

And congratulations on (apparently) graduating from the 5th grade! You must find your 6th grade grammar teacher very challenging.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Happy B-Day, Sweeper. I have composed a little poem in honor of the occasion:

Dont't think about the past,
for the past is dead and done.
Don't worry about the future,
for the future's always fun,
and don't fuss about the present -
for I didn't get you one.

Stay warm and vertical ... this country needs all the streetsweepers it can find.

Uncle W.

Street Sweeper said...

UW, thank you very much. And the more I read your stuff, the more I think you should have your own newspaper column or I should be your agent for syndication.

If the rest of you aren't reading Uncle Wiggly's Heartland Notebook blog daily, you should just donate your computers to...the computerless.

go to:

Anonymous said...

Nice . . . Street Sweeper why don’t you bring something . . . anything. . . that is worthwhile to an intelligent discussion? Your dribble is uninteresting . . . though your illogical prose may work (relatively) well with simpletons, your definition of politics, that is “(t)he discussion of which policy one chooses and why – without delving in the merits of those policies” is ignorant beyond comprehension. To put it bluntly for your grammAr (!!) school intellect, you can not discuss “why” without discussing “policy”. In fact, the “why” is “policy.” Any thing else is just marketing, and I am very familiar with marketing (i.e. “slogans, advertisements, parade floats . . . door-to-door canvassing”). If you are into marketing, fine, so is Ms. Hilton; I just hope to god that you remember to wear some panties when you get out of the car.

(apologies if I posted twice, the commenting function associated with blogger is a bit unwieldy)

Street Sweeper said...

I'm glad ya'll have found something constructive to do now that you're done burning yard signs.

Come back now, ya hear!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Huh???

Anonymous said...

Naw, arson is not in my repertoire, I much prefer slaughtering clowns (such as yourself) with my profound nouns (and apparently ill-advised adjectives). Murking R’s is much more in-line with the crimes that allow me to shine. Unfortunately, I often find you can’t keep up, and therefore leave you behind. I shouldn’t even fiddle with your dribble, but since I am in the middle of this amazing country, it occurs to me that I should try to see that the R’s don’t continue to f’ it up from sea to shining sea. Street Sweeper your elementary observations are hard to swallow, like a bottle of Nebraska wine. But in due time, Nebraskan’s will wake up and rid the community of your short-bus minded kind..

what…what?? Uncle Wiggily!!!

Street Sweeper said...

Well, it's nice to see that someone thinks you're awesome.

(And WHERE did you learn to rhyme like that! Fiddle-Dribble-Middle! You're like an Ezra Pound for the new milenium!)

We're happy to see you keep clicking. Tell your friend!

Anonymous said...

This string is further that breaking up OPS was the right thing to do. Bring back Class I schools!

-Turkey Creek Dweller

Anonymous said...

When will you reveal your true identity?