Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Various stories today (and earlier) about the financial straits of various campaigns.

First, Kevin O’Hanlon has an AP story – picked up by the Washington Post, among other national sources – about Pete Ricketts’ campaign getting little cash from the national Republican Party apparatus. The story also gives general background info on the race, Ben Nelson’s fundraising and the GOP supporters coming in. (Neb. Republican Making Do Without GOP Cash – Washington Post – 10/11/06.)

Ricketts photo attached to the national AP story

But we can’t figure out why it’s so shocking that the NRSC doesn’t feel the need to give money to someone who’s already spending over $10 mil of his own cash. Would you give $100,000 to Pete Ricketts or $100,000 to someone in an identically situated race, who needs the money to get his message out? It’s pretty clear that Ricketts doesn’t want for campaign cash, so it’s a bit silly to have that as the main thrust of the story.

On the other side of the aisle, The Hill discusses national Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts, and the money behind them. (Dems hunt for drop-off voters – The Hill – 10/11/06.) In discussing the Nebraska races, this little nugget emerges:
Although the DCCC placed former Lt. Gov. Maxine Moul (D-Neb.) on its “Emerging Races” list, indicating that (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman, Congressman Rahm)Emanuel believes Moul has an outside shot of winning in a heavily Republican congressional district, Emanuel has not spent money on the race.

“The DCCC has been noticeably absent in spite of all their chest pounding,” said Barry Rubin, the executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party.
Well well well! Look at Barry Rubin getting huffy with the party elders! Should we assume that Rubin is a Howard Dean guy and not a Rahm Emanuel guy? (Sort of like choosing if you’re an East Coast or West Coast rapper.)

Emanuel and Dean

Tupac and Biggie

Of course, how much of this could be as a result of Ben Nelson’s pro-George Bush and anti-Kennedy and Kerry ads? If there are coat-tails to be ridden upon, maybe the national Dems feel that they’re better off having real Democrats (who vote like Dems, instead of pretend-Republican), instead of the likes of Ben Nelson. (And while that’s an interesting theory to kick around, the reality is that if they really thought Moul could win, they’d pour in the cash.)

And then there’s poor David Hahn's campaign, with 700 bucks to its name… (Hahn scratching for pennies as election nears – LJS – 10/10/06.)

Finally Don Walton at the Lincoln Journal Star reviews Pete Ricketts’ latest ad (which you can find here), again centering on Ben Nelson’s failure to pay his Sarpy County property taxes (Ricketts ad revives Nelson's safari hunt – LJS – 10/11/06). Did you remember that Ben Nelson shot and killed a lion, a zebra, a steenbok, a blesbok, kudu, springbuck, warthog, ostrich, lynx and a giraffe (ah those wily giraffes…)? We can’t wait to find out what Mort Sullivan has killed!


Anonymous said...

"Would you give $100,000 to Pete Ricketts or $100,000 to someone in an identically situated race, who needs the money to get his message out?"

Simple, I wouldn't give money to either because someone "identically situated" with Ricketts doesn't have a chance in hell. You can't spin this loser. For the sake of your own credibility, you should stop trying.

Street Sweeper said...

Listen Hater, we're not trying to spin anything here. We're pointing out that it seems silly to focus a story that the NRSC or RNC isn’t giving Ricketts money, when he already has all the money he needs till the end of the campaign. He may not (odds are, won’t) win, but it won’t be because of a lack of national money.

Now hustle on back to your Hahn fundraiser, wouldja?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Ben Nelson paid every penny he owes?

Street Sweeper said...

Ben Nelson scammed Sarpy County from 1999 to 2006. After being caught, he paid back taxes from 2003 to 2006. So we'd say he owes the people of Sarpy County for 1999 through 2003 yet. He's said the idea of paying for that period is "silly". We say that not paying makes him a CHEAT.

And no one can convince us otherwise.

Anonymous said...

And Moul's campaign is as dead as her washed up politcal career. I guess you shouldn't spit on the Nebraska Constitution and resign seats when elected.

truthteller said...

Sweeper - nice use of the Ricketts talking points. Ponder this:

Using your logic, Doesn't Pete owe back taxes on his poperty in douglas county? After all, he applied for a break, it was granted temporarily, and then the assessor re-evaluated the property? So if Ben owes back to 1998 (even though the law says otherwise) why doesn't Pete owe all the way back to whenever he bought his home? wouldn't a man of courage and character pay up as he demands of his opponent?

As far as motive: The Sarpy assessor said Nelson's designation was transferred to him when he bought the property and that Nelson made an "honest mistake." so why would Ben think it didn't apply next time he renewed it? Pete on the other hand bought a house for 1.2 million then lied to the assessor by claiming it was worth $600,000 to get his break.

Got to hand it to Pete for turning this one around on old Ben, but any rational person looking at both situations would know who the real cheater is.

And according to everyone but Jessica "bitchin and" Moenning, Ben paid his taxes -every penny he owes. Pete still hasn't- I guess when you spend $15 million to make yourself a laughingstock you cant afford to pay your taxes.

Street Sweeper said...

Just so we're clear: Greenbelt designation does NOT transfer with the land -- it's a question for what the new owner's use of the land will be. And Ben Nelson signed TWICE that his would be ag use. The fact that this was NEVER the case is why Nelson should pay all the way back to 1999.

("truthteller"? Really? Why not just "smartertalker" or "superneato-er"?)

Anonymous said...

Maxine Moul started running an ad attacking Fortenberry. I can't find it online, but I did find this online:

This one ran in's the same one she is running now (changed names). I give Dem Ben some least he is original in his attack pieces.

ptg said...

Giraffes aren't so easy to bag. Their natural camouflage and deadly flailing hooves make them not only hard to track but qualify them as dangerous game as well. Worse yet, taxidermists can't agree on how much neck to include when mounting a trophy giraffe head.

Street Sweeper said...

Luckily, giraffe neck is good eatin'!