Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2008 is here

Let’s see:

√ Running unopposed for A.G.
√ Spending $500,000 (?) on a statewide media buy.
√ Certainly not opposed to running for higher office.

(Bruning ads may hint at bid for Senate – OWH – 10/3/06.)

Yup, we’d say Jon Bruning just made his first media buy in the 2008 GOP U.S. Senate primary…


NebraskaWonk said...

The 2008 senate race has already started?!? Great!

(Where do I sign up to help produce the first negative ad?)

Street Sweeper said...

Upload it to YouTube and we'll link to it here. No time like the present. Extra points if it has sinister music. Also must use the term, "Nebraska Values".

Anonymous said...

Hey SS----

What are your takes on the new Bruning ads.....? Personally, I think they are hilarious. Especially the one when he looks right into the camera and says "You make a promise. (3 second pause). You keep it."

I'd almost like to hear......"You've got a day old burger. (2 second pause) You re-heat it."

Street Sweeper said...

I have no idea what it means, but that's pretty funny.

The thing that struck me about Bruning's ads were that they were very professionally done, and probably spared no expense. This wasn't something cheap thrown together, done on video tape.

But I still like the burger line.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. Lots of $$ on the ads.....

I was getting at the message/tone of his voice when he does the line.....it's like, duh Jon. That's the oldest adage in the book (make a promise....you keep it). His inflection/tone almost sound like he is an authority on it or came up with the line.

some more obvious tag lines:

"You have a good harvest......You reap it."

"You have a voice......You speak it."

"When there's a puddle in the sidewalk....You leap it."

etc. I'm bored. I'm gonna try to find another SAB.

Street Sweeper said...

I think you just wrote a Tom Petty song. Add a simple chord progession and you made a hit single.

This idea might have potential.

(And give yourself an don-line moniker other than "Anonymous" so you can be recognized, so to speak!)