Friday, September 15, 2006

Dave Likes Pete

Satellite photo of Dave & Pete

Pete Ricketts finally has an endorsement ad from Governor Dave Heineman on the radio.

As we’ve been saying, and as everyone knows, Ricketts has to dramatically shore up the GOP base in order to have a shot against Ben Nelson. We’ve been looking for an endorsement from some of the GOP brethren, and this is a good start for Ricketts. One figures that a Chuck Hagel ad must be on the way (though that may depend on how Hagel is polling amongst Nebraskans these days).

In an ideal world for Ricketts, he would get endorsement ads from the likes of Don Stenberg and David Kramer as well – but our guess is that they all have their noses pointed towards 2008, and don’t want to seem like they’re giving Ricketts the nod forever.

So, with that in mind, here’s a new experiment with the (late) Friday Afternoon Poll!

What are the odds Tom Osborne will record an endorsement ad for Pete Ricketts?
I have no opinion (ala the OWH)
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Anonymous said...

Is Hahn tailgating for Oklahoma here or something? Scarlet, David, not Crimson.

The Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dave should watch his back. Pete's turning on other Republicans now (see KFAB last night).

Street Sweeper said...

Didn't hear it. Please give a run-down (as unbiased as you can) of what you heard.

Anonymous said...

basically, they got a question from someone who asked whether voters should vote against lee terry since he'd gotten less done than nelson. ricketts said he wasn't running against terry right now, hadn't studied his record, but if you want to change the way things are going in washington, you have to vote for new people.

later, the host asked if that meant we should vote against hagel in two years and ricketts said it depended on the case he made and he'd have to see.

that's as much as i remember. if i can find a transcript, i'll post it.

Street Sweeper said...

I wouldn't make much of it. Ricketts knows Lee is safe, and Hagel isn't up. This is a set-up by Becka, but Ricketts has to keep his position solid. If he hedges, it's a big "Gotcha!". He stays consistent, and no one is hurt.