Friday, September 08, 2006

4th and long...

Here on Leavenworth Street we have a number of issues swirling around, such as:

  • Did the Pete Ricketts camp give a satisfactory response to the latest Ben Nelson ad, considering that they’ve known for months it would be coming? Will the subtle changes to the Ricketts website make a difference?

  • Are Chuck Hagel’s diatribes against fellow Republicans in any way helping Republicans – in the short term or in the long run?

  • Do any Nebraskans know who State Senator Mike Foley is, and will they take him into consideration at all when they vote?
But, we have a busy weekend ahead of us – we’ll be leaving sometime around nightfall on Friday in order to get to our seats in time for kick-off on Saturday – and we’ll probably just wait for the River City Wrangle © to comment on political stuff.

So, we're punting. Until later...

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