Friday, August 25, 2006

Separated at Birth: Kate Witek

While we were going to post about the Governor Debate tomorrow (snort) or on what kind of shots we are going to buy at the Holiday tonight for Dan Welch and Mike Fahey (snark), instead we're going with a Separated at Birth!

Party changer, Kate Witek
Bedsheet changer, Alice from the Brady Bunch!


Anonymous said...

You are a funny, witty person. My wife and I LOL going through your "separated at birth" blogs. Do you spend much time at this? Do you have helpers? This could become a franchisable business...I hope you'll cut me in on 5% for the suggestion.
-- Mr. Anonymous

Street Sweeper said...

Mr. & Mrs. A: The only problem is that 5% of $0 is still $0...