Sunday, August 27, 2006

Forever in Blue Jeans

Here’s all you need to know about Saturday’s Gubernatorial debate at the Tractor Pull:

Democratic candidate David Hahn wore jeans.

(Actually, Nebraska Party candidate Barry Richards wore the exact same thing as Hahn, so noodle that one as well…)

There is a real potential for Dave Heineman to go over 80% here…

Candidates for governor face off at State Fair – OWH – 8/27/06
Heineman, Hahn fence at debate – LJS – 8/27/06
Candidates for governor face off at State Fair – AP – 8/27/06


Brian T. Osborn said...

I didn't know we were electing the cover boy for GQ magazine. I thought debates were supposed to be about ideas. . . silly me.

Street Sweeper said...

We've been waiting for this comment...
Brian, this is a blog about politics. You may not be happy about it, but image matters in politics. We would argue that the image David Hahn decided to use, to present himself to the public for one of the very first times, was a poor choice.

Anonymous said...

Like he's going to freaking win anyway. He should have showed up in a suit of armor just to get attention.

TH said...

You realy can't say this was the first time to present himself(image) to the public. It WASN'T televised. I don't know about you, but I couldn't tell what they were wearing over the radio. Besides it isn't the clothes that make the man, it is the charactor that counts. Oh, by the way, Hahn destroyed Heineman in the debate hopefully there will be at least one televised debate. I don't think the one in McCook will be but the one that is left, hopefully will be televised. I wish Heineman will stop being a chickenshit and actualy end up agreeing to more debates (televised). After all, he is the one that had to have 9 for the primary. He is a politician of the worst kind and I hope more Nebraskans see that and vote for HAHN.

ptg said...

At least Dave didn't dress like most folks attending the State Fair. In loud shorts and a tee shirt with an offensive slogan. All topped off with one of those cheap straw hats with "Dave" stitched on the front and garnished with a long feather.

I like this blog.

Daily Bulldog said...


Welcome to Leavenworth Street.

Now, let's pull you out of orbit and into our planetary system.

Hahn's effort is laughable. I don't care if he wears a tux or goes naked...he is a joke. I liken this clown to Gene Spence in '94.

Most folks who aren't stoned are saying 70-30 at this point.