Thursday, July 27, 2006

3rd Dist. Odds

In our final installment (at this time) on odds for the Congressional races, we give you the wide open…

3rd District Odds

Adrian Smith (R) - State Senator
Scott Kleeb (D) – political newcomer

Smith 1:1

This is Smith's race to lose. He has the experience, the conservative issues and the (R) behind his name in the overwhelmingly GOP 3rd District. How (R) are they? Ask Tom Osborne, after he swayed to the center in the Governor's primary.

Kleeb 5:1

This is a long shot, but not impossible. While Republican, the 3rd is still usually competitive in open races. Kleeb has an o.k. resume, is raising decent money, and as every Democrat is dying to tell you, is soooooo good-lookin'. The fact that he was born and raised in Italy and only recently moved to Nebraska, apparently to run for Congress, will probably mean that he won't get over the hump. Nevertheless, we're still watching this race. If this gets close, don't be surprised if National Dems get much more interested.


Anonymous said...

Five to One? Are you kidding me? In breaking news, Mohammed (R-Ne) has defeated Jesus H Christ (D-Ne) by a 60-40 margin in the 3rd District of Nebraska.

Street Sweeper said...

I'm not even sure what that means, but thanks for the post.

Daily Bulldog said...

Do you mean maybe Cascius Clay and Larry Holmes?