Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tracking an Upset?

Today’s tracking poll numbers from The MSR Group out of Omaha:

Gov’s Race
Heineman: 45%
Osborne: 41%
Nabity: 7%
Undecided: 7%

And awaaaaaay we go! Heineman takes the lead. Note the huge jump in Heineman’s numbers for the past two nights. MSR notes that in Wednesday night's calling, just over half of those questioned indicated they're voting for Heineman (those numbers are then combined with Monday and Tuesday night's polling to give the total). Could this be a result of the Osborne negative push polls that he was forced to retract? Also note that the the Undecideds have dropped by 2%. People are making up their minds...

Senate Race
Ricketts: 45%
Stenberg: 28%
Kramer: 12%
Undecided: 15%

Now that they're on TV, one would think that Stenberg and Kramer's numbers would take a jump. Can Kramer pull enough of the Undecideds to give him a respectable showing?

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Street Sweeper said...

Somehow this post came through as spam, so I'll repost here.
(I'll leave it as anonymous, since I don't know what the writer planned to do.)

This is a hard race for me to make a choice in.

Too many good men for the job!

So, I had to take another look from a different perspective.

I feel Mr. Osborne is so authentic and would be a major credit

to the State. But, I also feel he has had his day in the sun.

Gov. Heineman is doing a good job, but same old.

I personally like the fire in Mr. Nabity.

He is a shaker and a mover. I like that!

He has pinpointed his plan for Nebraska with MANY great ideas!

I especially like his plan to open up Western Nebr. more for tourism.

Making that area more appealing for visitors, will add more revenue.

If he looses this election, I hope he will try again for another post.