Monday, May 01, 2006

OWH Endorses David Nelson...I mean Kramer

On Saturday, the Omaha World Herald announced its US Senate endorsement for….David Kramer! (What Nebraska deserves – OWH – 4/29/06). Their reasoning was sound, and Dave’s obviously a good candidate.

Only problem: he has no chance of winning. As a matter of fact, he is unlikely to finish in the top two for his party’s nomination. Think the OWH missed that? Don’t believe it.

Get a load of this line in their endorsement of Kramer:
Ben Nelson will likely be a very tough candidate for Republicans to beat this fall - for obvious reasons. Nelson has extensive experience and a formidable record. He demonstrates leadership. And he isn't shallow.
I’m sorry, who was this endorsement for again? Oh yeah, Kramer.


NebraskaWonk said...

I heard the op-ed board voted 5-2 to endorse Kramer, but then he ate the 2 dissenters, so it was unanimous.

Street Sweeper said...

Big Dave has slimmed down significatnly. So while we'll allow that comment in the spirit of free speech, we knock it in the interest of DK's new svelte-ness.