Monday, May 22, 2006

N'Awlins Nelson?

While the Democratic National Committee and Howard Dean have raged at Matt Drudge today for accusing them of taking sides in the New Orleans Mayoral race (accusing them of supporting Lt Gov Mitch Landrieu over Mayor Ray Nagin) there’s one line that hasn’t been retracted from Drudge’s story:
Preliminary campaign finance reports indicate many of Landrieu’s contributions came from out of state white Democrat leaders and financiers, including a $1,000 contribution from Sen. Ben Nelson's (D-NE) PAC. (Sources: Democratic National Committee Worked To Defeat Nagin; DNC Says 'No Way' -- The Drudge Report – 5/22/06).
So Leavenworth Street wonders this: What on Earth was Earl B. Nelson doing sticking his nose in a battle between two Louisiana Democrats? Is Earl a Big Easy fan? A frequent visitor? Doing a thousand dollar favor for Mary Landrieu's boy? A Cajun cookin’ fan? What’s the back story here?


Anonymous said...

I thought Drudge retracted this story because it was false. It's no longer on his website.

Street Sweeper said...

Drudge retracted the story about the DNC supporting Landrieu, as we note through the first link. The info about who gave what money to whom is public record.