Friday, May 12, 2006

Give Me Liberty or Give Me...Trish

Trish Lanphier displays her qualifications for the Clerk of the District Court job

Douglas County Clerk Of The District Court
Trish Lanphier. . . . . . . . . 3,514 -- 42.08%
Tom Barrett. . . . . . . . . . . 2,928 -- 35.07%
Barbara A. Carpenter. . . .1,879 -- 22.50%

We apparently missed something here on Leavenworth Street. We must have missed the massive door to door, personal campaign, with Ricketts-level advertising and Heineman level moxie, that Trish Lanphier ran. This FIRED (and now, re-hired) county employee with pretty much NO experience demolished (1) a vastly more experienced person and (2) a guy with personality and at least a freaking law degree (for a legal-type job).

Please, please PLEASE don’t tell me, you 3,514 Democrats, that you went into the booth and used your Constitutionally granted right to vote to fill in the oval for Trish because you read the stories about her getting fired. Pleeeeeease don’t tell me you did it because you hate that Julie Haney and want to get back at her with your vote.

But I can’t think of any realistic reasons you would have voted for her, other than: you thought Barb Carpenter and her twenty-five-freaking-years of experience in the office made her a poor candidate (for some reason); or you’re related to Trish Lanphier.

Because otherwise, you Douglas County Democrat, you’re telling me that Patrick Henry died at the hands of the hated British, just so you could go vote for someone because you heard her name once on Channels 3, 6 or 7.

So hopefully Barb Carpenter will still be there when either Lanphier or John Friend shows up, so she can tell them where they keep the paper clips.

And thankfully Tom Barrett lost. Because Tom, you’re better than this county position. If you want to run for something, rev up your legal career and run for a real political job, and make it a real race. Heck, I like to think you could beat a Shane Osborn (who Republicans found qualified for the State Treasuer job because he landed a plane in China…).

Or Tom, you could go the Trish Lanphier-route: Get yourself fired from your job right before the election. Democrats seem to go for those types…

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