Thursday, April 20, 2006

You Can't HANDLE the Truth

Remember in “A Few Good Men”, when Demi Moore’s character is in court, and after her objection is overruled, she “strenuously objects” (again overruled) – later to be mocked by her fellow attorney?

Well that’s what came to mind when I saw Don Stenberg’s camp’s reaction to the Pete Ricketts polls that showed Ricketts up by ten points. Their reax: they “vehemently rejected” the results (Ricketts leads in poll released by campaign – OWH – 4/20/06).

Oh realllllllly?

Not only do you reject them, but you vehemently reject them? And in any case, is there a basis for your rejection? Bad questions? Wrong timing? Too small a sample? Wrong area? What? Their reason:

"We think it's a last-ditch effort by a campaign which has spent millions on TV ads that, by all indications, aren't connecting with voters," said Stenberg aide Dan Parsons.
So does Donno think that Ricketts is LYING about the poll results? That’s what one gathers from this statement. At least David Kramer’s camp makes the good point that he hasn’t begun airing his ads yet, and that when he does the numbers will change (though it’s probably too little too late for DK).

But really, now that the Stenberg Campaign Cruiser has come to a screeching halt, it’s nice to see that he’s getting involved in the election.

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