Saturday, April 29, 2006

What's Next Don?

OK, now I’ve heard it all. Don Stenberg is unhappy about the phone calls Pete Ricketts is making (Ricketts phone calls irk Stenberg – OWH – 4/29/06). Not because they are the alleged push-poll calls (which he seems to be back-tracking on). Not because they say something negative or untrue about him. No, he doesn’t like them because he thinks the person called will be confused that it is a polling call, when it’s actually an advocacy call. And while that’s not even true, because a tag line is added that sepfically states that Ricketts paid for the call, sooooooooooooooooo what? What if the person DOES think it’s a poll, as opposed to an advocacy call?

Don, as you go down in your final race, to quote Don Corleone, “You could act like a man!”

And we heard Don doesn’t like the Ricketts yard signs, because… well… people might confuse them with garage-sale signs or home-for-sale signs. And when Don asked people if they’d seen a Ricketts yard sign at least a quarter of those asked had. So they must be misleading. (I swear I heard someone say that they heard someone say that they think this.) Oh, and Ricketts spends lots of money.

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NebraskaWonk said...

I heard Stenberg is also mad because Ricketts' staff is actually contacting voters, trying to get them to VOTE for him on May 9th. Talk about "below the belt"! That kind of campaign trickery is just disgraceful. What next Mr. Ricketts, what next?