Friday, April 07, 2006

Welch v. Chambers, Round 2!

Step right up for (today’s) Main Event!
Meet the Contender!
The Young Turk of Omaha politics!
Taking a principled position…
City Council President, Dan “Taking a Stand” Welch!

And the Champ!
The Ulysses of the Unicameral!
The Knight of North Omaha!
The man with his Finger on the Filibuster!
The one, the only…
State Senator Ernie “So you really wanna take ME on?” Chambers!

Councilman Welch decided some time ago, that Senator Chambers’s name was not worthy of a small Omaha park. Welch sited many of Chamber’s provocative statements and stances – particularly a few anti-Catholic and Jewish ones.

Dan is now trying to advance legislation for the NoDo stadium project in the legislature, and who’s standing directly in his path? Ernie!
(Again, Chambers holds key – OWH – 4/7/06)

Who will blink first?

Is Dan the Man willing to let the park name slide in order to get this major economic project through? (This was an extremely principled decision he made, on the name.)

Is Ernie the Legislator willing to let a major economic development that could benefit his district come to a halt, just so he can have his name on a dinky park (and spurn Welch)?

It will be fun to see how this one plays out.
Let’s have some input on the ol’ message board here (can be anonymous) on how you think this one turns out!
Compromise? Stalemate? Or does one side or the other bring out bigger guns, whatever they may be?

Ya gotta luv the local politics!

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