Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stamps of Approval

Today the Lincoln Journal Star gave it’s endorsement to Tom Osborne over Dave Heineman and Dave Nabity (Tom Osborne is best leader for Nebraska – LJS – 4/26/06).

However, Osborne lost in another area. He claimed in the debate on Monday, that the Farm Bureau endorsed Heineman over him because he wouldn’t accept their PAC money. Today, the Farm Bureau refutes that claim, stating that Osborne’s assertion was “absolutely not true,” (Farm Bureau says Heineman earned support – LJS – 4/26/05).

Who knows how much attention voters pay to any of these endorsements? But it’s worth noting that TO, who most (like Leavenworth Street) thought would coast to victory, is having trouble shaking Dave Heineman. And the battle of endorsements shows that this race is not yet over…

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