Thursday, April 27, 2006

Major Polling Released

For those of you who only read the Omaha World Herald (and didn't get the Ricketts press release), you may not know that there is a new, major, poll that was done and released yesterday on the major races and issues for the elections. (500 likely voters.) (My guess is the OWH doesn’t want to take the wind out of the sails from their own polls that they’ll be publishing soon…) The Lincoln Journal Star summarizes it well here: (Poll: Governor's race a dead heat – LJS – 4/27/06)

The results are as follows:

Senate Race Primary
Ricketts: 52%
Stenberg: 26%
Kramer: 8%
Not sure: 14%

(Note that contrary to Donno’s views, it does NOT show him up by 20 pts. Maybe he should try some of those push polls he was thinking about that would put him up by 50 points.)

Senate General
Nelson: 54%
Ricketts: 36%
Not sure: 7%
Somebody else: 3%

Nelson: 61%
Stenberg: 26%
Not sure: 9%
Somebody else: 4%

Nelson: 64%
Kramer: 24%
Not sure: 8%
Somebody else: 4%

(Note that Petey has LOTS of work to do to get close to Earl B. Nelson. ‘Course, that’s also six months away…)

Governor’s Primary
Heineman: 44%
Osborne: 43%
Nabity: 5%
Not sure: 8%

(Note that dead heat. Should be a barnburner of a week. And who do you think Nabity is pulling votes from? And will the party switching Democrats make a difference?)

The poll was done by Rasmussen and polled 500 likely voters. More details can be seen directly at Rasmussen’s website here:

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