Friday, March 24, 2006

Whither the Nebraska Democrats?

(Say it in your favorite Jerry Seinfeld style!)

What’s the deal with all the Nebraska Democrats switching parties? (Some switch party for primary – OWH – 3/24/06 – and note the OWH’s instructions on how to switch!)
Since Warren Buffett switched to vote for TO, there’s an apparent rush by Dems to be able to get their two cents (/vote) in on who will be the GOP nominee and probably next Governor. (And btw, I love how much confidence they have in Dave Hahn. Way to go Nebraska Dem party…)

This is Osborne’s fault, to a certain extent. Osborne is the least conservative / most liberal of the Nebraska GOP Congressional delegation (see National Journal’s 2005 Vote Rankings for Nebraska) and bringing in Buffett has started this pseudo-tide. Will Osborne or Heineman or Nabity take advantage of this draw? Waits to be seen. But keep in mind that Ben Nelson won his first Gov’s primary by a handful of votes.

And how will all this affect the GOP Senate primary? Any Nebraska Dem who’s willing to switch to the GOP to vote for Governor will most likely be an Earl B. Nelson lover. So will that Dem/new GOP voter vote for the Republican Senate candidate he or she feels is LEAST likely to give Nellie a run for his money? Oh what a mess this could be….

And a few other quick hits:

What's the deal with the Pro-Lifers? Nebraska Right to Life endorses just about everyone else in every other race, but just takes Dave Heineman in the Gov’s race? Of course they’re a political group, but Osborne must have as good a record as DH, no? How ‘bout this for a litmus test: “Would you sign the South Dakota bill as is?” Has anyone else seen this question answered by the candidates?

What's the deal with Don Stenberg's campaign? Does he have one, or does he just run around in his legal briefs? Donno Stenberg has presented his Nebraska Class I school issue to the Supremes. Whether or not they grant cert, The Donster gets another round of free media. Which leads to the question of…

What’s the deal with the deafening SILENCE in the Senate GOP race? Shall we take it that this is going to be a battle royal in the final weeks when everyone decides to spend their money? Other than Stenberg, who’s creating any free media?

What is the deal with Julie Haney's hair? Can anyone take anyone in the City/County building seriously? (And can someone please tell me whose hairstyle Julie has? It’s not Mary Tyler Moore. But I know it’s not a Julie original…) Now THAT’s how you create free media Clerk of the District Court candidate Trish Lanphier! Word has it that Tom Barrett has asked his sister to fire him from a job bouncing at the Barleycorn, ya know, just for the press.

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