Monday, March 20, 2006

Nebraska Governor Debate review!

Dave Nabity: New slogan: Move that bus!
TO : Frank Solich, then Bill Callahan should be Governor after me.
Governor Dave: Get me a step stool!

Here’s the word on snowy Leavenworth Street on last night’s Nebraska Governor debate:

In short:

Dave Nabity: LIVELY! Dave had clearly the most energy, spoke the best and looked the best (though maybe the wrong tie). His problem came as he got revved up on a few of the questions that he probably wasn’t prepared for. I like him, but I’d want to prep him a little better and tone him down just a touch. Dave has the possibility of a great political future if he’s willing to take the time to run again after he loses this primary.

Tom Osborne: As dull as you remember him. TO is clearly on “coast” mode right now. Nearly every answer was “well, we really need to solve that important issue, and I think we can.” Details? Schmetails.

Dave Heineman: Winner, if for no other reason, he answered questions and provided details behind his answers. Here’s Dave’s problem (besides running against the state’s favorite jock): 1) He’s short! Nabity and Osborne each must be about 6’3”. Dave H is about 5’8”. His chin barely made it over the podium. He needed that Mike Dukakis riser to assist him. (There’s really no significance in this. Just a cheap observation.) 2) He was waaaaay over prepared. So much so, that he stumbled over his prepared answers, and his responses had a sing-song quality to them that makes you fall asleep.

I’d be curious to know the ratings of this debate that went up against basketball, and well, pretty much anything else that might have been on TV.

In long:

Nabity: His answer to a question on how to deal with meth dealers: Arm the population and let them seek out the meth dealers! Did I hear that right? Dave Nabity is in favor armed vigilante posses roaming the streets? Yikes! Also, every one of Dave’s answers involved lowering taxes. And I get that he’s a conservative, etc. But at some point, you have to just give an answer that sounds governorly, and just banging away at the “I’m a businessman, lower taxes!” mantra, gets old. A little polishing and Dave could have a serious future. (And I liked his "Extreme Home Makeover" reference, if only becuase it showed that he has some slight knowledge of pop-culture.)

Osborne: Pretty much just re-explained every question thrown to him. And then in his close, he gave this extraordinary statement: being the Nebraska football coach is “one of the most important jobs in the state”. Reaaaaallllllly? Well I’m glad you think so, Tom. And here I thought doctors, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and clergy were right up there. But apparently not. Apparently it’s football coach of a bunch of twenty year olds that’s the most important. Let alone, the heads of the universities and professional schools, entrepreneurial business people, CEOs of major corporations and, oh I don’t know, parents. I’m glad you’ve put yourself on that pedestal. Because going for 2 against Miami means you’re VERY important? Geez.

Heineman: In his close, Governor Dave referenced his going to West Point, which I only knew because of his soldier photo on his web page. But then he said he went to Ranger school after he got out? Why am I just learning about this now? Heck, the Heineman campaign should just run one of those Army commercials and superimpose DH’s face on one of the guys.

In the end, Leavenworth Street denizens, we should all consider that 1) Hardly anyone watched this thing (unless you’re a politico type); 2) NO ONE will watch the other debates (even you politico types); 3) It’s going to take some serious media buys to wrest this race from TO.

Those are the facts, folks. Get used to them.

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