Friday, March 31, 2006

Don Speaking No Evil?

Don “The Stenmeister” Stenberg, decides against appearing at the latest debate with Pete Ricketts and David Kramer. Is this a good move?

It’s obviously not good for the voters. And it’s probably not good for the party -- making one of the major candidates look like a coward.

But in the words of Lumbergh in “Office Space”, “Ask yourself, ‘Is it good for the company?’” Is it good for the Donster? Will it get Donny the nomination?

On the plus side:
1) Donno’s a poor debater: On the issues, he’s probably going to get swept away by high-school debate champ Dave Kramer.
2) He’s a milquetoast kind of guy: He’s going to come across as a bedwetter, next to the charismatic Pete Ricketts.
3) He doesn’t have anything new to say: He’s pretty much said it all in his numerous past campaigns.
4) In theory he has the lead: Can a debate help him go up?
5) He’s getting free media out of it ANYWAY.

On the flip side:
1) No one really buys his “positive campaign” argument: It’s transparent and he looks disingenuous.
2) It makes him look like a big ninny: He’s running for the United States Senate – the “world’s greatest deliberative body”, yet he won’t deliberate with two young upstarts from Omaha? Geez.
3) Will the GOP voters ask, “If he can’t debate in his own primary, how can he beat Nelson?”

Because the S’Berger’s only benefit here can be to win the nomination. Which of course should be his first goal. Can’t face Earl B. Nelson if you don’t win the primary. But the primary voters also want to elect a winner, and if they realize that Stenny would get whipped in the general, then why go with him again?

Since here on Leavenworth Street we like to hear MORE arguments than less, we’ve got to give this political move on the part of the DS campaign the “thumbs down”. Trying to coast to the primary victory doesn’t cotton with Nebraska voters. This strategic move will go down as the reason The SS Stenberg sank.

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