Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Out on the snowy lanes of Leavenworth Street, there used to be a view that somehow, somewhere, Dave Heineman could beat Tom Osborne in the GOP Governor’s primary. Oh sure TO is the King, and he’s beloved, yadda, yadda; but there still seemed to be a shot for Dave H. if he just got the right message and attack and whatever else.

Well kids, not anymore.

I don’t care if good ol’ Tom stars in “Brokeback Mountain 2 -- Electric Boogaloo”. With the news about Warren Buffett essentially taking over the state government (Buffett shifting parties to vote for Osborne – OWH – 3/14/06), TO is going to make it ugly.

Now you can argue that Buffett’s job with Ahnold in Culleefohnea has been less than perfect. And you can argue that Buffett is a big supporter of Hillary. And you can argue that Buffett is pro-choice. Dudn’t matter. If you were going to list the Olympian gods of Nebraska, those two would be one and two, and we could fight for awhile about the order.

So right now I’d advise Dave to start stealing as many towels and match books with the Governor’s seal on them now, because the ride has come to an abrupt, screeching halt.

And one other thing: with the embarrassment of riches that he will have, if Tom Osborne goes negative on any of his opponents for the rest of the campaign, he’ll lose any and all respect he may have had here on Leavenworth Street. Tom, you’re leading Middle Tennessee St. 64 to 3: it’s time to put in the reserves.

Reader Note: We’ll be coming in the next few days with our odds for the 3rd District GOP Primary.

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Anonymous said...

You missed the boat on this one. The real story here is Osborne teaming up with Buffett, who is a pro-choice, donates to population control groups, is against eliminating the estate tax, and called for tax increases in California, in his largely failed "advisory" role for Arnie. I don't think NE GOP will look too kindly on this. Not to mention the transparency of having a well-know investor review the financial condition of the state goverment. There is no resemblance between state budgets and stocks. I think this will backfire on T.O. I expected more from him... and his association with the Democrat Buffett is now suspect.