Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Too Much Coffee

And don't you raise my taxes!

Don Walton recently wrote in the Lincoln Journal Star about the influence the 3rd District will have in the upcoming statewide GOP Primaries (Look west for GOP winners – LJS 2/27/06). His point: The 3rd has a higher GOP voter registration and they actually go to the polls. But Don also seems to believe that 3rd Districters don't go fer fancy teevee ads. They need to look that dadgum politician in the eye at the coffee shop before they decide who they'll vote fer.

Don't believe it.

Every day we hear more and more about how small cities and towns are part of the media revolution – they watch TV, listen to lots of talk radio, and surf the internet just like the city-mice. They can probably receive direct mail and phone calls too. But to get through to them we’re to understand that they have to meet the candidate at the diner? Please. People of the 3rd are as susceptible to a political ad as a South Omahan or East Lincolnite. Not to mention, there's a growing part of the 3rd who couldn't even find the local coffee shop. People in Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, North Platte and Scottsbluff aren't exactly living on the farm. And those coffee shops Don refers to are tiny in any case. (Though there’s no denying that a visit to the local paper is a good move.)

The candidates can't and won't say it, but you can hear it here on Leavenworth Street: Meeting tiny groups one on one in a modern statewide race is over-rated. Trying to shake the hand of every voter is simply not possible. If you don’t have a serious media presence you don’t appear credible and your message won’t get out.

(However, it should be added that Don Walton is read regularly on Leavenworth Street and his political insight is invaluable.)

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